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Virginia Auto Insurance Quotes For Teen Drivers

Being a teenager with a new Virginia driver’s license makes the young person feel that he or she has joined the ranks of adults and received a passport to freedom.   Use of a car implies social freedom, the ability to impress others just by cruising past, and the right to make important lifestyle choices.  Few teens think of their car as a weapon on wheels, but they should not.   More teens die and are injured in single vehicle collisions than other types of accidents.   Major causes are lack of sleep, failure to use seat belts, speed, risk taking, and alcohol use.

AutoInsuranceInVirginiaVirginia has a zero tolerance law regarding teens and alcohol use since the legal age for alcohol purchase and consumption is 21 years.   If a teen is tested for BAC (blood alcohol concentration) they may record up to .02 without penalty as that level can occur from the use of cold medications,   other dietary consumption, or general production of the test markers within the average teenage body.

However,   higher readings than .02 can cause the loss of license, arrest, possible jail time and huge fines.   Furthermore, most car insurance policies in Virginia exclude responsibility for payment of damages caused while the vehicle is being used in violation of the law.    Arrest for drunk driving by a teen would be a prime example of the violation which could be used by an insurance company to void coverage.

Teens may violate good sense and the rules of Virginia highways by putting too many persons into a vehicle, failing to use seatbelts, changing music,   using cell phones or writing text messages, eating, reading, grooming themselves or others, and wearing inappropriate or no shoes.   Each of these factors increases the danger.   Lack of sleep can amplify other problems and teens tend to function on the least amount of sleep they can manage. Another risk factor for teens is the persons with whom they associate.   Passengers who are drunk, high, or overly excited

Car insurance in Virginia should not be viewed as a burden or low priority expense.   As with many things in life, insurance costs you money for premiums with hopes that it would never be used – but if needed, you would certainly want the policy limits to be adequate and usable.    What would be the cost?   Of course, cost varies by driving history, the amount and type of insurance you wish to obtain, and your location.

Please put your zip code into the box at the top of this web page and you will see three or more competitive Virginia car insurance quotes from businesses approved to do business in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This simple act can provide information to assist you in making an informed choice.