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Top Tips To Obtain Cheap Auto Insurance In Virginia

How to find cheap car insurance in Virginia is the number one question for many people that are still struggling with the effects of the recession. Nowadays, the internet is full of people that offer different tips and recommendations how to lower your premiums, what to do, what to ask, what not to do, and all in order to find affordable auto insurance. However, eve so that most of the people have good intentions plenty of those advices are pretty lame and don’t make big difference. Here follow some of the most effective tips on how to get the lowest possible car insurance premiums in the state of Virginia.

CheapAutoInsuranceInVirginiaFirst of all you need to talk to your insurance agent about your driver’s record. Nothing affects more your premiums than what is written in that record. If you have some traffic violations or car accidents from your past he needs to tell you after which period they can be erased so they won’t affect your premiums any more. Your insurance agent should be able to tell you that. There is no reason for you to keep on paying for the mistakes you did as a young driver.  If you manage to stay out of troubles while on the road for certain period your record will be cleaned and your premiums will drop.

You also need to talk to your agent about your age and how it affects your premiums. Drivers over the age of 65 and under the age of 25 are likely to pay more than any other age group. Those senior drivers in average pay more because there is a bigger chance they to experience some health issue that impair their driving, while the younger under 25 age drivers pay for their lack of driver’s experience. The only positive thing is that they eligible for various discounts. For an example, the senior drivers over 25 can get a discount if they pass a defense driving course in VA. As far as the younger drivers they can get a discount if they maintain a good grade point average or/and if they pass some driving course as well. However, not every company can give them a discount for their driving course because they are not obligated by state law as with the older drivers. Regardless, of that plenty of insurers grant a discount to the drivers that can prove that they have passed such course.

Your marital status and your profession also affect your cheap car insurance premiums in VA as well. The insurance companies have statistics that prove that married people are less involved in car accidents than unmarried people. They strongly believe that marriage make people to behave more responsibly in life, on the roads included. The result of that thinking is lower premiums. Many companies also grant lower premiums to people that work as police officers, serve in the army, fire-fighters, emergency medical technicians and teachers. That is their way to show some social responsibility and get back something to the community.

In addition to all that you can get discount if your car has safety features, you don’t make frequent claims, you stay with one company for a longer period, and you pay your premiums in full.

But all won’t matter much if you don’t get multiple free quotes. All you need to do is to enter your zip on the top of this page and compare quotes. There is no reason to overpay your car insurance more than you need. Do that and you will see how low the car insurance in Virginia can help you.

An Overview Of Car Insurance Discounts Offered to Virginia Car Owners

Each insurer offers different types of auto insurance discounts. This is a short overview on some of the common discounts offered by most of the insurers in the state of Virginia.

There are plenty of car insurance companies in Virginia and each of them has its own discount policies. However, there are many common discounts at disposal to the car owners in Virginia. If your car insurance agent forgets to tell you about, you need to remind him to tell you more about. The more you know about the discounts the better your chances to obtain cheap car insurance in Virginia. Here follow few good recommendations on some of the potential discounts.

Most of the auto discounts are based on the driver and his behavior while driving. While not every driver can be eligible for every possible discount, there is some type of discount/discounts for which every driver can be considered as eligible. Clean driving record is one of the most influential factors that can help you obtain cheap car insurance. But it can also skyrocket your premiums as well, that is if is not as clean as you would like. The best thing to do is to ask your insurance agent for how long you need to keep out of troubles while on the road so you could achieve safe record. Vast majority of the insurance companies will erase your moving violations or accidents from your driver’s record after a certain period that is if in meantime you succeed to stay out of trouble. If you achieve that your insurance company will award you with great discounts and after a while you will pay the lowest possible premiums.

In addition to that, many insurers offer discounts to drivers that take defensive driver courses. While only some of the insurers offer discounts to any driver who takes a state – approved course, every insurance company is obligated by the Virginia state law to offer some sort of discount to any person aged 55 or over who has a valid certificate that have passes such course.  Also, many insurance companies offer discounts to first time drivers, especially teenagers, who pass such course before they have their driver’s license. When it comes to teenagers many insurance companies also grant them discounts if they manage to keep grade average point not lower than B or higher.

Many car owners are eligible for some sort of discount if they work in certain area that is part of public interest such as police officers, armed forces, teachers, fire fighters or emergency medical technicians. The insurance companies see this type of discount as a way for them to give back something to the community in some way, helping the people that have dangerous, stressful and often difficult professions. Plus if you need to buy more policies and your purchase from one company your discount shouldn’t be questioned. The only concern should be is how high the discount will be.

Even with all those discounts you won’t find the cheapest car insurance in Virginia if you don’t go online and compare quotes from multiple companies. If you want you can do that instantly, just enter your zip above on this page, and compare free quotes for top savings.

Top 10 questions for your car insurance agent

When it comes to laws about car insurance in Virginia, the first thing to remember is that car coverage is mandatory and anyone that does not comply with that can be penalized or fined. However, what is in your hands is how much you will pay for your car insurance and what type of coverage you will choose. Talking to your insurance agent is the best way to find out what’s best for you and what you need. But, before you talk to him you need to be prepared with good questions regarding your car insurance. The better your questions the more you will be confident that he will watch over your interests and not only the interests of the company in which he works. Here follow ten good questions that your insurance agent needs to answer before you buy or renew your car insurance policy.

10. What types of car insurance are you required to buy?

The agent needs to explain you what’s the minimum as well as the other types of coverage available. Based on what you hear you will need to choose the optimum coverage that suits your needs. The insurance policy must have the minimum limits of liability: $25.000 for injury or death of one person and $50.000 for two or more persons, and $20.000 for property damages. Any car insurance policy needs to include;

–              Bodily injury and property damage liability

–              Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage

9. How and does your credit score influence your premium?

Many insurance companies take in consideration the credit rating when they assess risk and make premiums. You need to ask your agent if his company takes that in consideration and how it affects your premium. In any case if you have a good credit rating you’ll be fine, otherwise you will need to think twice before you renew your insurance policy with that company.

8.  Does he charges you fees over and above his commission?

Some car insurance agents are allowed to charge their clients for services such as faxing, photocopying and mailing. You need to ask him if he keeps a schedule of fees. That way you can check if he is overcharging you for those services or you can call another agent and check that with him.

7. What if you opt for limited right to a lawsuit?

You can get a significant reduction on your premiums if you opt for that. Your agent needs to explain what limited right to a lawsuit is, the limitations of it and how it will affect your premiums.

6. How much discount you can get if you pay upfront in full?

Every insurance company offers different discounts if you opt to pay upfront in full for the year. You will surely get some discount the only thing is how big the discount will be. The discounts they offer vary from company to company.

5. How your traffic violations affect your premiums and when they will stop to be taken in consideration?

Most of us the drivers have at least one traffic violation that haunts our premiums and make them what they are. However, there is a time limit to every violation and your insurance agent knows that. Therefore talk to him and see what he tells you, it’s very likely that he will tell you when your old traffic violations will stop affecting your premiums.

4. Can you get a discount if you drive less than 7.500 miles per year?

Your agent needs to tell you that if you drive less than 7.500 miles per year you are automatically qualified for discount. The insurance companies largely base the premiums on how much time people spend on the roads and the highways. The more time you are on the road the bigger the chances for some sort of traffic accident and vice versa. How much discount they will grant you depends from their company policy?

3. How frequent claims affect the premiums?

This is very important because it can significantly raise your premiums. The more claims you make the higher your premium will go. Frequent claims equal to higher risk and higher risk equals to higher premiums, according to the insurance companies. It doesn’t have to be your fault for the accidents and yet you to end up with higher premiums. Your insurance agent needs to explain you how claims affect premiums.

2. Ask him to check your driver’s record if all the data are correct and updated?

Incorrect or out of date data’s can make your premium high. For an example, if in the past you parked your car on the street but now you have a garage you need to ask your agent to take that in consideration and update your policy with that. That alone can mean lower premiums, how much it varies from company to company.

1. Ask the insurance agent to give you a list of types of discounts that are offered to their clients?

Knowing all the types of discounts can help you focus on what to do to lower your premiums. Nowadays the insurance industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. As a result of that they offer plenty of advantages and discounts to their clients. The more you know about all the advantages the better as you can ask for different types of discounts. Your insurance agent should have the time and patience to explain you about the different types and what does it take to obtain them.

The most important question to ask your insurance agent is not on this list and that is if he is giving you the lowest possible offer. If you want to check that you need to compare quotes from different companies. If you have few minutes just enter your zip above on this page. That will help you compare your agent’s offer and the offer from other companies. There is no better, faster and more efficient way to find the cheapest car insurance in Virginia.

Various Types of Auto Insurance in Virginia

Auto insurance in Virginia covers a vast variety of circumstances to provide the driver with the mental peace. In addition to this, the auto insurance law of Virginia also compels a person to have insurance. Different requirements are set for different people. If you are liable to carry insurance, then it is better to be aware of the circumstances in which it will be effective; so that you can convert your legal obligation to a personal asset.

If you observe most of the policy coverage that are generally available these days, it is observed that there are six basic types of auto insurance coverage. There are planned on the basis of the most common types of road accidents. In addition to these, there might be some extraordinary circumstances in which you can get covered in your policy. It depends on you whether you choose minimum coverage or an extensive package. You can check whether you have gotten the right policy and rates by comparing it with the other auto insurance quotes in Virginia.

One needs to have the basic knowledge about the coverage so that they do not get “over-insured”. This might result in payment of higher premium; even though the probability of utilizing that clause of the policy in reality. Here are the general concepts reVArding the basic types of coverage of auto insurance in Virginia.

1. Liability coverage: every driver in Virginia is liable to get liability coverage of minimum 60,000 . This does not cover any damage done to you or your vehicle or any property under your name. If you ever have been in an accident in which you were found guilty of being at fault, then this covers the damage caused to the other person and his property. Most of the time, the minimum liability coverage is insufficient to completely compensate the other person’s damage. This provides the coverage whether you are driving your own car or somebody else’s car.

2. Property damage liability:  this is the extension to the liability coverage clause. This covers the damage done to the property of the third party in an automobile accident, in which you were found guilty of being responsible for it. The minimum state limit set by Virginia authorities for property damage is $25,000. You get insurance for a higher amount. A deductible might be a part of this. This protects you from any future damage that you might be sued for.

3. Comprehensive coverage: this covers different type’s circumstances that might result in your car getting damaged; other than normal circumstances in which the damage occurs due to collision with another car. These might include hurricanes to other natural disasters. This would also come into action if the vehicle gets stolen or have a collision with animals.

4. Collision coverage: the name is self-explanatory. This covers the damage incurred by you in collision with some other vehicle or stationary object. Some policies also provide coverage for damages after moving over some hole or turn upside down due to any reason. Their primary action is to pay for any repair cost incurred in bringing the vehicle in proper working condition. If the vehicle cannot be repaired, then the insurance providers provide the amount equal to the current value of your vehicle.

5. Gap insurance: it is observed that when a new car is bought it loses its value quickly. This insurance covers any damage incurred by the car during this period of rapid depreciation. This is also called lease insurance. This is important since the normal coverage only reimburses the amount equal to the current value of the car.

6. Rental insurance: this is a rare occurrence, since numerous policies would not cover you if you become a part of an accident while driving a rental car. Such policy covers clause relating to different types. This might provide personal as well as liability coverage. Although it does not cover provision of a rental vehicle when you car gets damaged.

7. Physical damage coverage: this includes comprehensive, collision and theft coverage. Virginia requires every person to carry a minimum amount of damage. This is effective when your car is under the process of repair but allows you to be prepared for future fatalities and auto issues, in general.

8. Uninsured driver coverage: if you get in an accident in which the other party is at fault but it does not have any insurance coverage to protect you; then covers the cost of any medical damage incurred by you or the people travelling with you.

9. Fire and theft coverage: In 2010, 68,220 stolen vehicles were reported in Virginia; with the value of $635,570,078. That is why it is smart to get theft and fire coverage in Virginia. The cause of fire might be varied, even if the fire occurred due to collision.

10. Bodily injury liability: If an accident caused by you results in any other person injured, then you can use this to compensate any damages that you might be sued for. This does not give any benefits to you or any other driver mentioned in your policy. This might include the injured person’s medical bill, rehabilitation and nay other therapies required. The minimum liability of Virginia authorities is $30,000.

11. Personal injury protection: It is also called medical payment insurance. It provides similar coverage like bodily injury liability. The main difference lies in the fact that it covers medical and health costs for you, in case of an accident. This can work in hand with your medical insurance. You might be lawfully liable to get this insurance. This is a great way to ensure extra protection.

Now that you have acquired the basic knowledge about the different types of coverage at your expense, it is time to find out that are you smartly insured or are being taken advantage of by your insurance provider. Just add your ZIP code in the box above, and within 3 minutes you would get all the information from different policy providers with regards to their cost.

What To Do if Pulled Over By Authority Officers for DWI in VA

When one mentions the Garden State, one of the first things that come to the mind of the average man is the Nets and the car insurance in Virginia. The high car insurance premiums are supported with some of the strictest DUI laws in the country. Thousands of people every year are stopped and questioned by the police whether they might be driving while intoxicated. Almost by default the police inquire about alcohol, especially if it’s late at night. Here is a quick guide on how to behave in such situation, your rights as well as your obligation as a citizen of the state of Virginia.

The smart thing to do if a police officer signals you to stop is to use your turn signal and carefully pull over on the side of the road. At that point you need to stay in your car, keep your hands visible to the officer and wait for the officer to approach your car. When the police officer approaches you act natural and do as you are told. It’s highly likely that he will ask you for your driver’s license, insurance card and registration. While you produce the documents the officer will observe you and see how you perform.

If and if it’s late night he will surely ask you whether you been drinking or not, simply say that you are claiming your fifth amendment rights if you have been drinking. Discussing where you were, what you did, with who you were or whether you were drinking at all won’t help you much. However, if the officer asks you to take a BAC test you need to know that you are obligated to do so by the Virginia state laws. If you refuse to take the test your driver’s license can be suspended for at least seven months, regardless if you were or were not under the influence of alcohol. The main point is not to refuse to take the test.

No matter how the test will turn out, you need to be cooperative with the police officer and don’t argue. Simply comply with whatever he or she says and listen to what he tells you to do so. You shouldn’t get out of your vehicle unless you are asked to do so. In case you are asked to step out of the vehicle you need to be careful not to trip or stumble when you get out. If the police officer asks you to do a field sobriety test such as put your finger to your nose or walk heel to toe. You can kindly refuse to do so because no law obligates you to take them. If you are arrested for Driving under influence the best thing to do is to call DUI attorney and let him take care of it. The best thing for you would be to be as quite as possible and practice the Fifth Amendment right. Once you are out you need to call your insurance agent and arrange a meeting where you can inform him about your new circumstances. There you can discuss how that affects your premiums and what to expect.

Considering your new situation, you can do one more thing, and that is to check online what insurers have to offer to people caught DUI. The fastest way to do that is if you enter your zip above on this page and get free quotes from some of the companies of best car insurance in Virginia that operate.

What to Do If You Were Caught of DUI in Virginia

So you had a few drinks, you were stopped by a police officer and your BAC was over 0.08%. That means that you have been driving under the influence, at least according the DUI Laws in Virginia. First of all don’t panic. The best thing to do is to be cooperative with the police officer and do as you are told to do so. Refusing to take the test, arguing with the police and denying that you are drunk won’t do you any good. You need to get over it as soon as possible and make sure that it is your first as well as the last time you do so. The point is that if you are first time offender, make sure that you stop there and not turn to second or multiple times offender. All that you can do at that point is pay your fine and stick to what the authorities have prepared for you.

Your next step should be to call and make an appointment with a DWI attorney. You need to find someone that is experienced in dealing with DWI cases and who is willing to take your case. If you are first time offender and your BAC wasn’t too high he can help you avoid a lot of troubles in terms revoking of your driver’s license as well as other to pay a smaller fine. A simple online search or a recommendation from a friend or family can direct you towards a reputable DWI attorney.

Once you do that your next move should be to make an appointment with your insurance agent. Regardless how your case will turn out on court, your DWI will find its place in your driver’s record and there is not much that can be done about it. What you can do is talk to your insurance agent how it will affect your premiums and more importantly for how long. Nowadays, there is an expiration date to everything, after certain period your DWI can be erased from your driver’s record and your premiums can be back to normal. That is if you behave well on the road and don’t do that again or you are the cause for some car accident.

Another thing to do is to erase your name from someone else’s car insurance policy, because you will raise his or her premiums as well. It’s highly likely that your name is on some of your family member’s car insurance coverage and the sooner you erase your name the less chances his or her premiums to grow.

Regardless your DWI in your driver’s record there is no reason why you shouldn’t regularly check for quotes from different insurance companies. Nowadays, that is pretty simple and doesn’t too much time or effort. Even at this same moment you can do that, all you need is to enter your zip above on this page and you can get multiple free quotes from great number of Virginia car insurance companies. Try it, it’s fast, it’s efficient and it won’t cost you a dime.

The Effects of Alcohol on Your Car Insurance Premium in Virginia

Large percentage of the people that pay high premiums on their car insurance in Virginia do so because they have been caught driving under the influence. Virginia not only that is known for its high car premiums but at the same time is known for its severe fines and penalties for drinking under the influence. Even if you are caught once driving while intoxicated in the state of Virginia your premiums will suffer the consequences of that for many years. Here follow an overview on the driving while intoxicated law in Virginia and how it can affect your car insurance premiums.

According to the DUI Laws in Virginia, a driver is guilty if his blood alcohol concentration is 0.08% or higher. However, there are two exceptions to that law. First for drivers under 21, the maximum allowed BAC is 0.01%. Second you can still be charged for DUI if you had alcohol your BAC is below the allowed limit, but you driving is negatively impacted. The police officer that will stop you is the one that can make that call. In any case the police officer makes a report that will find its place in your driver’s record.

If you are under 21 caught driving dui, the penalties are Participation in an alcohol and traffic safety education program, Loss or postponement of driving privileges for 30 to 90 days, 15 to 30 days of community service. The biggest penalty is one of the highest car insurance premiums.

AutoInsuranceInVirginiaIf you are over 21 and that is your first offense, you can expect: A fine of $250-$400, 3-month license suspension, a minimum of six hours a day for two consecutive days in an Intoxicated Driver Resource Center, Possible imprisonment for up to 30 days and an automobile insurance surcharge of $1,000 a year for 3 years. If it’s your second offense you can expect: a fine of $500-$1,000, possible -year license suspension, 248 consecutive hours detainment in a regional Intoxicated Driver Resource Center, possible imprisonment of at least 48 consecutive hours and up to 90 days, installation of an ignition interlock device for a period of 1 year to 3 years after license restoration and the cherry on your cake will be the automobile insurance surcharge of $1,000 a year for 3 years.

On the other hand, if you can’t get away from alcohol and is it’s your third offense you risk: A fine of $1,000, 10-year license suspension, detainment in an in-patient alcoholism treatment program, a fee to be paid to the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center dependent upon court sentence, installation of an ignition interlock device for a period of 1 year to 3 years after license restoration , imprisonment of 180 days and of course and automobile insurance surcharge of $1,500 a year for 3 years.

In case your driver’s license is not suspended or you are not doing time in prison you can still obtain car insurance and drive. However, you will be faced with one of the highest car insurance premiums. Nevertheless, there is a way to find the lowest from the highest car insurance insurance’s. All that you need to do is to enter your zip above on this page and you can compare the lowest Virginia car insurance. Try it now; it’s free and non-obligational.

Five Unwise Things for a Teenage Driver in Virginia to Raise His Premiums

There is a moment in almost every teenage driver when his dad calls him for a talk about his car insurance in Virginia. It is not like teenagers that live in the other states don’t have that problem, but teenagers in VA have a much bigger problem considering the insurance rates in this state. The talk is how they managed to raise their premiums so high? Many parents pay for their children’s rates and are stunned when the premiums arrive. Their inexperience and reckless is what brings them troubles with their car insurance. Here are some of the most common mistakes they do and that skyrocket their premiums. If you are teenage driver you will find what follows very helpful and you might even recognize yourself in some of the situations.

1.            Lending the car to friends

Even though at that point that might look like doing your friend a favor you need to avoid such situation as much as possible. In case your friend is involved in a car accident your car insurance premiums will suffer as well. Insurance companies don’t like when that happens and as a result increase policyholder’s premiums. Therefore, try to avoid borrowing your car if you want your premiums not to grow.

2.            Buying new fancy car

Having a great cool ride is every teenager’s dream. However, there is a downside to that. The insurance companies assign much higher premiums to new cars because they cost more to be repaired in case of an accident. Plus, if you add that the new car will be driven by an inexperienced teenager you get record high rates. Almost everyone that knows how insurance companies operate and think will recommend you to wait a year or two before you get your brand new car. Not only that you will get much lower premiums but you will become more experience in driving.

3.            Making frequent claims

Teenage drivers often make this mistake, making a claim for every little thing. The results are raised premiums by the end of the year.  They don’t know that often claims raise red flags with insurers, they see you as a risky customer and add higher premiums to you as a result of that. The solution to that is to pay for the small staff from your own pocket. On the short run might look like unnecessary and pointless but on the long run it’s a money saving move, in terms of lower car insurance premiums.

4.            Making modifications

The more you modify your vehicle the more you increase its value and with that your insurance premiums. You are obligated by your insurance contract to notify your insurer about any modification. If you fail to do so your policy can be revoked.  Therefore, either you don’t do that or you tell your insurer and expect higher premiums.

5.            DWI

This is the main reason why teenage drivers pay the highest premiums. Driving while intoxicated is the number one cause for many car accidents as well as for many record high car insurance premiums. The best advice is don’t drink and drive. Simple as that, it can mean a great deal for you in the future. Many adults regret that they did that when they were young drivers, many of them still pay high premiums.

Another thing that many teenagers don’t bother to do is to get free quotes for comparison even so they are constantly online doing their things. If you are a driver, teenage or not, and you want to find the cheapest car insurance in Virginia, enter your zip on the top of this page and see how much you can save. It’s fast and free. Try it now!

Five Lessons For Teen Drivers To Learn About Paying Low Car Insurance Premiums in Virginia

Most of the underage drivers don’t take car insurance in Virginia so seriously because mainly their parents are the ones that pay for it. Later when they start to pay their own insurance coverage they realize how much it costs and wonder how that can be. If you are a teenage driver and you don’t want to find yourself in such situation here follow five great tips from people that pay low car insurance premiums.

5. Alcohol is the worst enemy to car insurance premiums

This is probably the most important advice that you can get on how to keep your car insurance premiums low. If you are under 21, your BAC maximum limit is 0.01%. Everything beyond that and you can be charged with DUI. The DUI Laws in Virginia are pretty strict when it comes to under age drivers that drive under the influence. Even if you had only half a beer and the police officers doesn’t like how you drive and suspects that your motor sensors are affected you can still be charged with DUI. You can even be fined if you allow your drunken friend to drive instead of you. The fine and the suspension of your driver’s license is not the worst thing that can happen, but the effect on your car insurance. It will make it pretty high for a really long period.

4. Add an adult with clean driver’s record to your car insurance as a second driver

If you can keep away from alcohol you can do yourself a favor and add an adult driver with clean driver’s record to your car insurance policy as a second driver. The insurers will surely award you a discount on that account. Second driver for the insurers means that two people drive the car and that one of them is more trustworthy. For you that translates into a discount. Just make sure whoever you add as a second driver to have a clean driver’s record.

3. Drive less (keep it below 10.000 miles)

The insurance company’s logic is the less time you are driving the fewer chances for some sort of traffic accident. If you are underage driver you probably drive less than 10.000 miles which qualifies you for a discount. Anyway, when you are talking to the people that work in the insurance company you need to point that so they can take it in account when they make your premiums.

2. Take the defensive driving course

Anyone who passes the defensive driving course, underage drivers included, is eligible for a discount. That is if you pass the course at an educational center approved by the Virginia Motor Vehicles Commission. The insurance companies that work on the territory of Virginia are obligated by a state law to do so.

1. Get free quotes

This is recommendable for any age group of drivers and it can save you a lot of money. If you are teenage driver and you pay your coverage from your own allowance or from what you earn from your part time job, you will appreciate that very much. All you need to do is to go online and get free quotes from which you can later find the lowest. If you are interest you can do that right away, just enter your zip above on this page and you can get multiple free quotes from some of the cheapest car insurance companies in Virginia.

Facts and Stats for Driving While Intoxicated in Virginia

Almost every resident in VA associates DWI with car insurance in Virginia. No one speaks about the fines or the penalties that follow with it but the increase of the premiums. Also, rarely who speaks about the real dangers of it and what has happens to too many people every year, especially to the young drivers who are often part of many DWI accidents. The hardest thing is to capture the attention of the young drivers so they know the full weight on DWI. Simply talking to them often doesn’t bring too many results. However, if you are a young driver here is an interesting approach to the matter. The best advice you can get on driving while intoxicated is don’t do it. Each of the tips below is carefully selected to help teachers and parents who want to alert the young drivers to the dangers of DWI. Here follow some pretty interesting facts and statistics that can help them get the picture on what it really means to drive while intoxicated.

Alcohol related automobile accidents and different age groups

•             < 16 years old: 10.4%

•             16-24 years of age: 25.5%

•             25-44 years of age: 31.5%

•             45-64 years of age: 20.5%

•             > 64 years of age: 10.2%

Who is most at risk?

At all levels of BAC, there is a much greater risk for a young driver to be involved in some type of a crash than an older person. According to a statistic from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, among drivers that were involved in fatal crashes in 2009, more than one out of every three was between 21 and 25 years of age. That is around 34% of all age groups. That is a number that speaks a lot about young drivers and how serious they take DWI and DUI laws in Virginia.

More facts & stats on driving under influence

–              In any given day, in the United States only, 32 people die in motor vehicle accidents in which driver under the influence of alcohol was involved. That makes an average of one death on every 45 minutes.

–              50% to 75% of the drivers with suspended licenses as a result of DWI keep on driving regardless of that.

–              In average, every first time drunken driving offender has driven around eighty seven times prior to his or her arrest.

–              Every year, more than $51 billion is the average cost of alcohol-related crashes.

–              In 2008 11,773 people dies in car accidents in which a person that was driving under the influence of alcohol was involved.

If these statistics were not scary enough you need to take a look at the premiums that drivers caught driving while intoxicated pay. Everyone knows that Virginia car insurance rates are one of the highest in the country and if you add to that the DWI effect on them than you better be earning pretty well if you want to be able to afford your coverage. But, considering your circumstances caught DWI or not, it doesn’t mean that you can get the lowest possible rates. All you need to do is to get as much as possible free quotes. Just enter your zip above and you can compare quotes from great number of insurers.