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Auto Insurance Quotes In Virginia – Secure Your Drivers License

Most people in the United States have probably known someone who claimed to have a fake driver’s license.   Usually, the fake was obtained so that an underage person could purchase alcoholic beverages or gain admission to adult events.   However, with identity theft on the rise,   use of these fraudulent documents has become a nationwide concern.   The Commonwealth of Virginia has some of the most stringent laws regarding eligibility for driver’s licenses, maintaining insurance, and treatment of adult intoxicated offenders.   Not surprisingly, the production of the physical driver’s license and the procedures to prove the existence of state mandated minimum auto insurance coverage in Virginia have both been modernized to deter fraud.

Virginia now produces driver’s license cards which have state-of-the-art security features.   Some lettering is raised and can be felt by rubbing a finger across the surface.   Part of this lettering is black in color and part clear.   The cards are no longer old fashioned laminated cardboard or credit card like plastic.   The cards are created from a polycarbonate composite which is criss-crossed with fine lines, micro-lettering and other features which cannot be reproduced by general purpose printers or other card extruders.   The data is not printed on the surface of the card but is engraved by laser with overlapping characters and patterns.   In the past, one of the features which ‘permitted’ fraud was the fact that the photos were on the surface of the driver’s license and could be peeled away for replacement with someone else’s picture.    This is no longer possible with Virginia driver’s licenses since the new technology embeds the photos as part of the card itself.   To remove the picture the card would have to be incised.    In addition to the driver’s color picture, there is also a clear space inside the card so that a black and white image can be viewed from either the front or back in a holographic manner.

Virginia provides these high tech cards for children as well.   Child identification cards are available to children who have not reached the age years of 15 who can be officially identified by official documents such as a certified birth certificate or passport.   The cost is reasonable at $10.00 each and the card expires at the end of the child’s birthday month on each age divisible by 5.   A great deal can be said for having proper identification for your child (especially adopted children), but the important aspect of this discussion is that Virginia has made special efforts to protect the identification document itself.

Protecting the driver’s documentation of their state mandated insurance coverage has been a more difficult task.   The proof of coverage documents is issued by various insurance companies (often after internet purchase) and there is no consistency in the color, substance, or structure of the insurance cards.   Therefore, Virginia has verification procedures which are independent of the communication between the insurance company and the policy holder/vehicle owner.   By state law, insurance companies must electronically transmit information to Virginia when a policy is created, terminated or suspended.   Thus,   law enforcement personnel, Department of Motor Vehicle staff, and Courts can verify the status of insurance coverage without even speaking to the auto owner.   This may seem to have little bearing on defeating potential fraud when someone forges a proof of insurance card to carry in their vehicle.  The reality is that the physical card is no longer the best proof of automobile insurance coverage in Virginia.   Law enforcement agents might ask for the insurance card if there is a collision or checkpoint stop, but computer verification is available and would be used to confirm status.

Having state mandated insurance coverage is important for a variety of reasons – one of the most essential of which is that the Commonwealth of Virginia can verify that coverage when needed.    Being able to rely that the driver’s license cards and insurance documents are not faked is a valuable service provided by Virginia.

Everyone should carry appropriate insurance, particularly since it is mandatory and can be easily verified through Internet access by state authorities.   If you are uncertain that you have appropriate or cost effective insurance coverage, then please put your zip code into the box at the top of this page.   The costs of comparable coverage from several companies will be displayed.   Knowledgeable drivers make for safer drivers.   Use the above quote system to find the most advantageous coverage and be confident that you have the best, most cost effective Virginia car insurance policy for use in operating your vehicle.