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The Minimum and Other Coverage for Car Insurance in Virginia

Auto insurance is a very important thing no matter where you live. Auto insurance in Virginia is no different. It’s necessary in order to drive a vehicle, and there are a number of factors that it can cover. How do you decide what type of car insurance is best for you? What is the minimum coverage that you can have?

In Virginia, there are three things that must be included, at minimum, in an auto insurance plan. You must be covered in the case of bodily injury or death of one person to $25,000. The bodily injury or death of two or more persons must be covered at $50,000 by the plan, and property damage must be covered up to $20,000. These would be classified as types of Liability Insurance.  That is not the only requirement to watch for.

If you’re researching auto insurance online it is not impossible to find a number of good deals.  The large number of websites offering ways to undercut other company’s prices abound. Unfortunately, people do not always make sure to check the company is authorized to perform business in the state of Virginia. If they do not have this authorization, they may be considered an invalid insurance type.

Auto insurance in Virginia is not completely mandatory. By driving without it, you put yourself and your loved ones at risk in the case of an accident. In order to drive without car insurance, you must pay a $500 Uninsured Motor Vehicle Fee. This fee does not pay any insurance on the vehicle. By paying this fee, you are granted the ability to drive your vehicle at your own risk.

There is a long list of auto insurance coverage types to look at and consider. Liability Coverage, Property Damage Liability, Bodily Injury Liability, Comprehensive Coverage, Collision Coverage, Fire and Theft Coverage, Physical Damage Coverage, Personal Injury Protection, Underinsured Driver Coverage, Uninsured Driver Coverage, Gap Insurance, Rental Car Insurance, and Pay-Per-Mile Coverage are all different types to consider. You should fully research each type weighing it against your personal situation. For example, if you’re not purchasing a new car you’re unlikely to need Gap Insurance. It’s generally used by people who’ve taken a loan out to get a car and they want to protect themselves during the first few months of owning a new car, so they aren’t caught up in a loan mess if something happens to the car.

Auto insurance in Virginia isn’t something to blow off especially if you’re driving your family. Just because the state offers the option to opt to drive your vehicle uninsured, doesn’t mean it’s a wise decision. Every time you get behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle you take not only your own safety, but the safety of others into your hands. Many people don’t take that into consideration when they set up their insurance, or choose to ignore the importance of protection.  It only takes one accident to change lives, so remember to look at your options and try to plan accordingly.  Enter your zipe code above to compare policies in your local area with what you currently have.

How to Take Advantage of Comparing Quotes to Save You Money

If you’re living in Virginia, it is very crucial to have some insurance on your vehicle for many reasons. First of all it’s pretty apparent that the costs of having your own car fixed after an accident can be very costly and sometimes would cost too much to fix for the average person and their income. Auto Insurance in Virginia is also very important because laws in Virginia make it so that the person at fault in an accident is responsible for both vehicles damages when involved in a collision. This could lead to a lot of out of pocket expense for people that do not have any kind of Auto insurance in Virginia and could end up making it very hard on that person to pay for everything that has to be paid for when everything is totaled up from the wreck.

Another reason for purchasing Auto Insurance in Virginia is that you are required by law to carry some kind of insurance and if you’re not then you have to pay the uninsured motorist fee when getting your vehicles tags in Virginia. The costs for this are $500 dollars a year and still do not help you with any of the cost of your car or the other parties vehicle that is damaged in the accident. You will still responsible for all of the expenses of the accident when you have the uninsured motorist fee so it’s not a good idea to just go with that instead of looking into getting yourself some affordable insurance that will cover you in your time of need.

If you choose to not do either of these 2 things after acquiring your tags for your car and you let your insurance lapse or fail to pay your monthly fees for insurance the company will notify the department of motor vehicles and either your tags will be suspended or your license will be suspended which will then make you have to pay very pricey fees to get your car and your license reinstated and back legal for driving in the state of Virginia. The fees that are required to reinstate your vehicle are $145 plus the $500 for the uninsured motorist fee. It’s not hard to realize that this isn’t very cost efficient and isn’t the best way to go when considering insurance for your vehicles.

When trying to find insurance for your motor vehicle you can find exactly what you’re looking for very easily, you can call all the different companies and get quotes from them or you can go online and shop the internet for the kind of insurance that you’re looking for. You are required to carry a certain amount of coverage in your policy but you can also pay for a better coverage so that when something bad happens you are covered more thoroughly. You don’t have to do this and you can just go with the minimum and have everything you need to help with all the expenses of the accident. It’s very simple to find what will suit your needs when looking for Auto Insurance in Virginia.  Enter your zip code above to compare other polices to your existing one.

Cheap Rates for Virginia Auto Insurance that You Can Have

Every state in the United States has rules which govern the type of insurance required for owning a vehicle. Here, is some of the basic information regarding car insurance in Virginia.  Keep in mind that you will have to check, per the state you are living in, and follow those regulations for car insurance and registration.

The current average car insurance premium in Virginia is $1,255.77, less than the U.S. premium of $1,671.16.  However, within Virginia; two of its cities are highest of the state, Virginia Beach ($1,325.05) and Norfolk ($1,564.88). Also, if you own, or are expecting to own, the following vehicles in Virginia, look to pay even more as these happen to be the favorites of carjackers at the moment; 2005 Nissan Altima, 1999 Ford Taurus, 2009 Toyota Corolla, 1996 Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee, 1999 Ford Explorer, 1997 Ford F150 Pickup, 2009 Toyota Camry, 1996 Dodge Caravan, 1999 Honda Civic, and the 1996 Honda Accord.

Also, keep in mind that car insurance in Virginia changes rates on a monthly basis and this state does have minimum requirements for its car owners. They include, Bodily Harm Liability: $25,000/$50,000 Limit, Property Damage Liability $20,000 Limit, Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Harm: $25,000/$50,000 Limit, and Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Property Damage: $20,000 Limit.  These figures are just for liability coverage.  If you choose to use more coverage, the prices will vary per insurance company.

The above requirements are a must to protect the driver and passengers as well, but the drivers have the option of increasing the dollar amount of each of the standard requirements, and the option of adding additional coverage as the driver sees fit. Regardless of the insurance company, they will all follow the standard for coverage; it is just a matter of finding the insurance company with rates that meet the financial needs of the driver.

You will need to purchase insurance before you can register your car with the state, which is also mandatory upon driving.  Proof of insurance will be required, or you can pay a UMV fee of $500 annually.  This fee does not protect you in case of an accident.  You will be liable for any and all damage caused during an accident.  You may find yourself with bills you can’t afford.

There is also a Tort system, which is a specific protocol that each state adheres to involving a vehicle accident. This is something that each state has, and each system is different. For the state of Virginia, the protocol means someone has to take responsibility for causing the mishap and that person and their insurance company is accountable for all damages.

It is important to keep these factors in mind when choosing an insurance company and also making sure that the vehicle, driver, and passengers are all covered under every aspect required in the state of Virginia. Knowing up front what you need in order to have sufficient coverage will help save a lot of time, money and effort in the long run.  To save money and get a better policy, enter your zip code above for comparisons.

Effects of Not Having Enough Auto Insurance Coverage In Virginia

There are so many regulations on auto insurance in Virginia.  The state has some of the stricter auto insurance laws in the country.  Their population has steadily grown since 1980 and is now above 8 million.  Where, on the other hand, they also have fewer issues when it comes to driving the accidents that happen within driving.  In Virginia you must have insurance or pay the fee to be uninsured, this includes antique cars and automobiles as well.  You must be insured by a company able to do business within Virginia as well.  Virginia has made sure that their drivers have a safe and hospitable environment to enjoy their vehicle.

LowCostAutoInsuranceInVirginiaIn the last 10 years, the number of drivers in Virginia has increased by about 500,000 and their number of cars insured has increased by about 1.1 million.  Taking this in to consideration one would think that, of course, their number of accidents and auto related deaths has also increased.  That is most definitely not the case.  Their number of crashes has decreased across the board.  This in turn has decreased the number of auto related deaths and injuries by an impressive percentage.  Virginia’s number of crashes both, alcohol related and non-alcohol related, has dropped by about 30%.  This greats a growing domino effect where injuries and deaths also decreased.

Virginia has some basics that your insurance provider must meet one of these is that the provider has to be authorized to conduct business within Virginia.  The company must also provide electronic updates for any major changes in your insurance, such as a cancelation of insurance or a decrease in coverage.  If you drop your insurance you must take one of three actions; you must reinsure the vehicle, pay the fee for an uninsured vehicle, or surrender your licensing plates.  The fee for an uninsured vehicle is 500$ as well as needing to complete the necessary paper work.  There is also an option to self-insure your vehicle, and for that information you must contact the local DMV where the details are readily available.   Virginia’s State Corporation Commission (SCC) is present to help keep a balance between customer, business, state and stockholders.  They are also present to help protect their citizens, the business’s customers.  They are who approves a business to operate within Virginia.

In most states you are required to have at least liability insured on your vehicle, in Virginia you must have all of the following; bodily injury/death of one person to $25,000, bodily injury/death of two people $50,000, and property damage $20,000.  These are minimal and you are suggested to have greater coverage than the bare minimal.  You must then have the insurance verified.  There are sever items that you will need to do this, but none of them are unreasonable.  A license to operate, proof that you own the vehicle, proof on insurance and proof of registration within Virginia.

By this information, it is very reasonable that Virginia would offer a few more bells and whistles to keep their drivers safe.  An honest observation says that Virginia is one of the safest and strictest states to drive in.  By entering your zip code above, you can compare your auto insurance in Virginia to others in the local area.

Comparing Policy to Get the Best Rates for Virginia Car Insurance

Flashing lights suddenly pop up in your rearview mirror.  A quick glance down to your speedometer tells you that you were traveling above the speed limit.  Panic sets in as you slow your vehicle and pull over to park on the shoulder with your flashers blinking the message that you have just been stopped for a traffic citation.  You are new to the state of Virginia and have not had time to research state laws.  Maybe you will get lucky, and the police officer will have pity on you and let you go with just a warning.  Perhaps they will be stern and insist that you have broken the law and write you a ticket.  Regardless of the outcome, you do not want to be caught in this situation.

There are some steps you can take to avoid breaking state laws for auto insurance in Virginia.  The first thing you will need to do is register your car.  You will need to establish monetary responsibility in order to register your automobile, and ensure you are protected, in the event your vehicle is involved in a traffic mishap.  The way you form financial responsibility is to purchase liability insurance from a trustworthy carrier that is licensed to sell auto insurance in the state of Virginia.  Please note that the state of Virginia offers other options verses purchasing automobile insurance.

Cash, self-insuring, surety bonds or other securities can be used but not by private passenger automobiles. There is one other option available too.  You can pay a UMV fee, Uninsured Motor Vehicle, if you choose to register a car without insurance protection.  This is an annual fee due when you renew your registry.  The minimum fee for Uninsured Motor Vehicles is $500.  Be advised that this fee does not cover any damage incurred if you are in an accident.  Without the protection of insurance, you are liable for any and all costs for damage to your vehicle and the other vehicle involved in the incident.

When purchasing insurance you will need to be aware of the state of Virginia’s liability insurance necessities.  You are required to have at least $25,000 worth of coverage for bodily harm or the death of a single person, $50,000 for bodily harm or the death of two people or more, and $20,000 for any property damage.  It is always a good idea to take it a step further and research different insurance companies and the coverage they provide.  Added coverage may seem expensive and like it isn’t worth the hassle, but you will be glad you did your homework.

So if, there is a time when you get pulled over again for any kind of traffic violation, you will know you’ve upheld the state law of Virginia and be able to provide your proof of insurance.  Don’t let the law take your license and vehicle registration away due to your negligence.  Get those automobile insurance quotes and find the perfect policy that fits you.  Auto insurance in VA is the law.  To compare your current policy, please enter your zip code above for comparisons.

Car Insurance in VA in Keeping You and Your Family Safe

Car Insurance in VA is a definite necessity for anyone who owns a vehicle. Car insurance, by definition, is automobile insurance; an insurance that covers against loss due to theft or traffic accidents. Not having proper insurance will get you into a lot of trouble, a lot more trouble then you would be in for a normal crash with insurance. Having insurance will also lower your costs of repairs, which is always a plus, since some crashes completely ruin cars and would cost thousands of dollars for repairs.

Car Insurance in VA has certain requirements. To purchase license tags or decals for your car, you must verify that the vehicle has at least a minimum insurance requirement, or you will have to pay the driving while uninsured fee. Insurance requirements are not just needed for newer cars; they are also needed for classic vehicles. The insurance you choose must have a dealer with a license to be an insurance agency in the state of Virginia.

The minimum car insurance in Virginia require a bodily injury death of a person of 25 thousand dollars, bodily injury death of more than two people of 50 thousand dollars, and property damage of 20 thousand dollars. However, if you choose to pay the five hundred dollar uninsured motor vehicle fee, you do not receive any insurance and will drive while putting yourself at risk. This only allows you to drive your vehicle legally. As for self insurance and surety bonds, these are special insurance plans that are for business owners who operate motor vehicles for their place of business. If you need more information about this, you will need to visit the DMV office for more information and details.

The penalty for those who do not have car insurance nor have covered the uninsured penalty fee can have their driver’s license suspended.  They must also pay a five hundred dollar statutory fee, file a financial insurance responsibility certificate with the DMV for a period of years, and also pay a fee to have their license reinstated.

The DMV in Virginia closely watches insurance coverage through the IVP. Insurance providers automatically inform the DMV with electronic updates of insured information and vehicle description when they either cancel or add and write new coverage for their vehicles in Virginia.

As you can see, having car insurance in the state of Virginia is definitely an important factor in your every day driving life. You do not want to have to pay the extra fees that go along with driving without insurance. If you are absolutely against having car insurance, at least pay the five hundred dollar uninsured motor vehicle fee so you can drive legally.  Just remember that if you are ever in an accident and you are at fault then you are responsible for paying all costs and damages yourself.  This could be detrimental to you and your family, so think on it hard before choosing to opt out on car insurance in VA.   Enter your zip code above to find out if comparison quotes can save you money.

Getting Cheaper Car Insurance Policy fro Senior Drivers

Seniors car insurance in Virginia is amazingly inexpensive. Seniors Virginia car insurance is relatively cheap since older drivers pose less risk to Virginia insurers as they drive less and are more careful. Senior drivers enjoy discounted insurance offers than drivers of a younger age. In fact, senior Virginia drivers aged 65 years and above can enjoy great auto insurance discounts that may be high as 20%. However, this largely depends on the specific Virginia insurer as each insurance company has different insurance policies from another. With such surprisingly discounted insurance rates, this translates to great savings on Virginia auto insurance that can add up to hundreds of dollars in a year.

A common car insurance discount offered to Va senior drivers is the popular driving course known as “55 alive” which is available in various AARP local offices in Virginia. This driving course aims at impacting relevant knowledge to Virginia senior drivers on various issues such as road safety and helping them understand the features of the vehicles they drive. Naturally, drivers would be required to check the availability, details and the dates but in most cases, this car insurance discount may be as high as 10%. This means that taking the course is worthy every senior driver’s time and effort in order to enjoy the discounted Virginia car insurance prices. However, not every Virginia insurer will include the driving course discount in the policy but may offer other discounts of the same nature.

CheapCarInsuranceQuoteInVirginiaEssentially, the most challenging issue faced by senior drivers is risking the cancellation of their policy as a result of at-fault accidents or being convicted for violating moving rules. Despite the fact that insurance companies offer underwriting guidelines that are highly flexible, the companies tend to focus their attention mostly on senior drivers rather than young and middle aged drivers. In fact, if a senior driver has various at-fault car accidents in a period of three years, rates on his insurance policy are likely to be increased substantially. This is followed by loss of discounts and other accompanying insurance surcharges.

Another factor that plays a major role in Virginia senior drivers’ car insurance is the health of the senior driver. This determines whether the auto insurer will actually allow him to drive or not as well as the insurance rates likely to be charged on the policy. Senior drivers aged above 70 years are required by many insurance companies to provide a note from the doctor showing their driving fitness. Where the senior driver is not able to provide this, the insurer can exclude the driving privileges included in the policy.

Shopping for affordable Virginia auto insurance covers can be a bit challenging for the old drivers. However, by entering your zip code at the above provided space at the top of the page, you can easily compare senior driver’s insurance rates from the best and reputable Va insurers. You can view varying options and make online applications from large and big Virginia insurance companies that guarantee you very cheap car insurance quotes.

Va senior drivers can apply various methods and strategies to insulate themselves from the risk of having their policies cancelled.  Having a good driving record by avoiding moving violations and at-fault accidents can eliminate the risk of the policy being cancelled or being denied discounts on Virginia car insurance prices for senior drivers. Also, senior drivers can mitigate the risk by driving more cautiously and slower. Avoiding driving in locations that one is not familiar with is of great help to senior drivers which may help them enjoy great insurance discounts and offers.

Luxury Car Insurance Options You Can Avail

Luxury car insurance options are highly preferred by drivers who own luxury and expensive cars. Luxury Virginia car insurance options prevents the insurance price from tripling when you add the price of the vehicle. However, insurance premiums for highly expensive cars that are of ultra value are not as high as most car owners tend to think as few insurers offer highly competitive rates for luxury cars. Since not every Va insurance company specialize in offering insurance policies on ultra expensive cars, it’s important to shop for various quotes from different insurers so that you can make comparisons. You can start your search on big companies such as travelers and Geico.

There are various factors that determine the premiums you pay for insuring your luxury car. Naturally the major determinants are the model of your car, the value and the make of the car. For instance, luxury cars such as a Delorean may attract high insurance rates similar to payment of loan mortgages. Luckily, most people have lesser expensive cars that are not likely to attract such high rates. In Virginia, insurance prices on certain cars such as BMW 750Li, Mercedes SL63 AMG, SL65 AMG and S65 AMG are higher as these cars are regarded as some of the most expensive cars. However, insurance rates on such cars are prone to change year after year so it’s essential to conduct an intense search on the actual insurance payments for various luxury cars from time to time. Virginia car insurance cost for luxury cars can also influenced by changes made by the manufacturer on the given car model.

Price charged by Virginia insurers on luxury cars is also affected by the condition and the age of the car. Other factors that also play a part are such as the miles that the car has already covered, driving record of the principle car driver and how often the car owner uses the car. All these will determine how much insurance premiums the car owner pays for the car insurance. For expensive cars in Virginia, car insurers recommend that the car owners should have a garage that is well secured and if possible, it should be installed with modern security systems. Car owners who prefer to have their luxury cars housed in a different address should make this known to the insurance broker or the agent.

Owners of luxury cars should make sure that they select the right insurance coverage for their car. The most ideal comprehensive car insurance benefit is essentially the ‘’stated value” insurance benefit. However, this luxury insurance cover is essentially the most expensive type of insurance. Insurance deductible options allow luxury car owners to control their insurance premiums to a larger extent. Higher priced automobiles enable Virginia car owners to select deductibles that are higher unlike in other vehicles that are relatively low priced. However, insurance limit on liability is definitely similar as in other vehicles you own.

For instance, if your liability limit on bodily injuries states $250 000, this should apply on other extra cars that you may opt to buy. An insurance umbrella that offers extra protection for your homes, autos and boats should as well be considered. You can easily find competitive insurance rates on your luxury car by inserting your zip code at the box above and getting a quote that offers you value for your money and from a credible VA insurance company.

Before you purchase a luxury Virginia car insurance cover, it’s advisable to view the approximated insurance rates as determined by liability limits and deductibles. This also helps you determine how such a cover is likely to affect the prices of your other vehicles and see if it is advantageous to have all your cars insured by the same insurer. Bundling all your car insurance needs in one company may attract great discounts and other insurance incentives.

How To Keep Your Virginia Car Safe

To keep your Virginia car safe has many advantages than you can imagine. Keeping your Virginia car safe offers great advantages such as less Virginia car insurance cost which is the dream of every car owner in Va. Thus, keeping your vehicle safe makes sense in very many ways and on top of saving on your annual insurance payments, you also save live in the process.  With the ever changing economic times characterized by high insurance prices and other vehicle maintenance cost, keeping your vehicle safe would considerably trim down the high costs associated with owning a car in Virginia.

If you own a car alarm system, just use it. Most car owners in Virginia would be surprised to learn that many car insurers in VA offer insurance discounts to car owners for just having a reliable and effective alarm system. Depending on where you live and whether you have an active or passive alarm system, Virginia car insurance discounts for having an alarm system typically ranges between 2 to 10%. Having an alarm system in a higher-theft region would certainly generate a large car insurance discount. Also, having other anti-theft gadgets relatively reduces your insurance premium to your advantage. Installing all these security devices aimed at deterring car theft certainly makes your car much safer to your advantage. Considering the fact that theft claims in some Virginia areas are as high as thousands of dollars, this translates to great savings per year.

Wherever possible, Virginia insurers always advise car owners to park their cars in garages that are enclosed. This also has many benefits apart from attracting lower insurance rates for your car. It keeps your car safe from harmful elements such as snow, hail and rain. This certainly reduces the insured risk from occurring meaning that you pay lower insurance rates which more so applies in a new car. With this, you save more money especially on the comprehensive section of your cover that includes theft and fire coverage. Storing your vehicle in a secure garage also helps maintain the good appearance of your vehicle by ensuring that it does not appear “weathered” as your vehicle gets old. In case you might want to replace your car by selling it, the car will have a higher resale as well as a higher trade-in value if you opt to trade your vehicle for a newer vehicle.

Keeping your Virginia car safe also means that consider what is inside your car. Most car owners tend to be highly concerned with the outside appearance of their car and rarely pay attention to the car’s interior. In general situations, your car contents are comprehensively covered by homeowner’s insurance coverage although special limits and other deductibles still apply. Thus, various items like CDs, clothes, luggage etc…are typically insured and are not prone to depreciation. To enhance safety, such items should be kept in places that passersby can’t find them easily to lower the risk of them getting lost. For instance, ensuring that your car’s doors are always locked can be such a great idea. This consequently means low insurance payments for your car.

To keep your Virginia car safe also means that you carefully consider the type of car you are buying. According to recent studies done by Virginia National Insurance Crime Bureau, the most stolen vehicles in Va are 2010 Toyota Carmy, 1996 Toyota Accord, 2003 Ford Explorer, 2000 Dodge Caravan and 2000 Honda Civic. These cars attract high Virginia car insurance rates. In fact, the cost of buying replacement parts for these five cars might even be of a higher value than the vehicle itself. Before buying any of them, you should check their insurance rates by typing your zip code on the box at the top of the page and assessing how insurance rates differ between these types of vehicles in Virginia.

Why Drivers in Virginia Need Car Insurance

Sometimes you may hear people say that you don’t need car insurance in VA.  But while many drivers in Virginia do not have insurance, they need it just as much as any driver in any other state does.

If those drivers are in an accident they are just as liable and may be sued for damage just like insured drivers, but they have no insurance policy to pay the damages and so it must come right out of their own pockets.  So, if they are in an accident where two other people are injured and some property damage occurs, the resulting lawsuits could easily cost those drivers their savings, their vehicle, or in some cases perhaps even their home.

Of course, nobody expects to be in an accident.  The very nature of accidents is that they are unexpected and unforeseeable.  We all like to think that we drive carefully; that our vehicle is in a proper state of repair to be on the road, and that other drivers will be as careful as we are.  That can seem all fine and well until the day the car ahead of you on the road has a tire blow out and goes out of control, you can’t react fast enough to avoid hitting their vehicle and one or both of your vehicles are perhaps also hit by oncoming traffic from the other direction.  No matter how careful you may be, accidents can still happen.

If you have no Virginia car insurance and something like that happens, by the time you total up the cost for a lawyer, fines, time lost from work, repair or replacement of your own vehicle, your doctor bills, and then whatever amount you may be successfully by other drivers or property owners that are involved, it can add up to many times what a year’s worth of insurance premiums would have cost.

When you consider that the $500 fee for driving at your own risk without insurance would pay almost half of the average yearly insurance premium in Virginia, opting out on the insurance doesn’t seem like such a good deal.  The Commonwealth of Virginia is far from the most expensive place for auto insurance.  The average yearly premium there is about $1240, which is below the national average.  Even one minor accident could easily cost many times that.  It’s much better to be safe than sorry so get car insurance in VA today if you don’t already have it.

So while it is possible for drivers in Virginia to legally drive their vehicles without insurance so long as they are willing to pay $500 just for that rather questionable privilege, it may not be wise to actually do so.  Drivers in Virginia need protection in case of an accident just as much as any other driver, and for the same reasons.  When you consider that the $500 fee would cover a large part of a year’s worth of insurance premium, opting out on insurance can look a lot more like just throwing money away than saving any money in the long run.  To get a comparison of car insurance in VA policies, please enter your zip code above to find out how much money you can save.