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5 Effective Ways to Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium in Virginia

When it comes to car insurance in Virginia, there are a plenty of factors that can raise or lower your premiums over which you have zero control. Vast majority of the drivers out there think that they are number one drivers, but the thing is that most of us still feel the pain of being teenage drivers and having to pay more for the same car than our crazy friend who lives in our neighborhood. That’s the bad news; the good news is that there are still plenty of factors that influence your premium over which you have considerable control.

Here follow five factors that you have considerable control over which the insurance companies use to determine your premiums.

5. Take a defense driving course

LowCostAutoInsuranceInVirginiaAny insurance company operating on the territory of the state of Virginia is obligated to give you a discount if you provide a proof that you haves passed the defense driving course.

4. Stick with one insurance company

Loyalty is always rewarded when it comes to holding to one car insurance company for more years. The thing is they spend top dollars in advertisement and they know that. They also know that it costs much less to keep their customers than continuously investing in advertising. That is why they give great discounts to their loyal clients. If you stick with one company for a longer period you will be surprised how low your premium can be and it will be really hard for you to find a cheaper policy in case you decide to leave them because of some reason.

3. Pay upfront

Most of the insurers offer great discounts if you pay ahead upfront in full versus monthly payment plan. If you have the money this can save you a good amount of money. Even if you want to switch companies they are obligated to refund you the money for the days that you won’t be under their coverage.

2. Drive less

Almost any insurance company in Virginia will give you a discount if you lower your yearly mileage. For an example if you start using public transport more frequently you can reduce your yearly mileage and qualify for a discount. According to the insurers logic the less time you spend on the road there is a much smaller chance for some sort of traffic accident. It makes sense and if possible in your case you can take advantage of that.

1. Take care of your credit score

This is something that plenty of insurers use as a way to assess your risk when they make your premiums. However, most does not mean all. If you have a bad credit score check out if your insurer takes that in consideration. That cans serve you as a hint whether you need a new insurance company or you want to stick with the old one.

These are all good tips for lowering your premiums but if you truly want to pay the lowest possible premiums you need to get as many free quotes as possible. You can do that this very moment, all you need to do is to enter your zip above on this page and you will have free quotes from great companies of car insurance in Virginia.