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What Every Responsible Driver Should Know About Auto Insurance in VIrginia

Aggressive driving, in the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as other states in the United States,   can best be described as any situation where the driver of a vehicle allows emotions or competitiveness to overwhelm his or her ability to operate in a rational, trained manner. Examples of aggressive driving are:

  • Failure of a driver to maintain appropriate space ahead, beside or behind another vehicle.
  • Racing behavior.
  • Use of assertive language or gestures,
  • Contact or close attempt to make contact by swerving vehicle or exiting the vehicle to threaten or intimidated

Aggressive driving is a criminal act in Virginia with consequences including fines, license suspension and potential jail time. Apprehension of aggressive drivers is a high priority for law enforcement but the most significant concern to the public is preventing injury or damage due to this misbehavior. Aggressive drivers are being warned that they should not get behind the wheel of a car when angry or overly emotional. They should plan their trips and allow sufficient time to make their way without the stress of becoming lost or late.    The use of soothing music, comfortable clothing and relaxed conditions can all reduce the level of hostility which will defuse a situation.

The rest of the driving or pedestrian public must also be educated so that if an aggressive situation occurs it does not escalate to damage or injury. For example, these driving hints will help:

1.  Drive in the lane appropriate for your speed. Do not drive slowly in the high speed lane.

2. Allow space when changing lanes, passing, or otherwise altering the course of your vehicle.

3. Use turn signals.

4. Brighten or dim your headlights as needed but with courtesy to other drivers.

5. Do not text or use your cell phone while you are driving.

6. Keep music and other distractions to a minimum.

7. Do not allow your passengers to misbehave or ‘prank’ other drivers, pedestrians or vehicle passengers.

8. Do not throw or allow items to be thrown from your moving vehicle.

If your efforts are not successful in avoiding the aggressive driver, then do what you can to let them pass on by.  If conflict is imminent, pull off the roadway into a well lit, established commercial area – ideally a VA police department.  Most fast food restaurants or convenience stores will summon police assistance if there is a problem developing right at their doorway. Do not, however, leave your vehicle.

Apologize, even if you are not at fault.   Often the aggressive driver has merely imagined the problem and an apology may distract him or her from the potential challenge.   Remember that a brief moment of embarrassment is far better than having your vehicle forced into a ditch or being compelled to defend yourself in a fistfight.

Aggressive driving situations are excellent examples of why a competent and proficient driver in Virginia should have better coverage than the state minimum coverage levels.  If an aggressive driver side swipes your car, it may be a ‘hit and run’ situation or that driver may not have adequate insurance to pay for the damage caused to your car, yourself or your passengers. Maintaining Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist (UUM) coverage would compensate you in a situation such as this where you were not the cause of the damage but the other party (who was at fault) was unable or unwilling to pay for the damages.

Insurance should not be viewed as a burden or low priority expense. As with many things in life, insurance costs you money for premiums with hopes that it would never be used – but if needed, you would certainly want the policy limits to be adequate and usable.  What would be the cost?   Of course, cost varies by driving history, the amount and type of Virginia auto insurance you wish to obtain, and your location.    Please put your zip code into the box at the top of this web page and you will see three or more competitive quotes from businesses approved to do business in the Commonwealth of Virginia.    This simple act can provide information to assist you in making an informed choice.