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Car Seat Laws in Virginia that You Should Remember

Car seat laws in Virginia aim at protecting passengers and drivers when travelling in any car driven in Va. Virginia auto seat laws has positive impacts on Virginia car insurance rates. Car seat laws are of several types and are aimed at different persons. For instance, there is a safety program in Virginia that deals with child passenger. The program aims at educating Virginia public on how children can use car safety belts before attaining a certain age where they can comfortably use standard car seat belts. In a typical child, this should start at the age of 7 although other children can only be able to use safety belts when they are aged 10 years. State residents who obey car seat rules enjoy discounted insurance rates on their cars and trucks.

One of reasons why discounted insurance quotes exist for car owners complying with Virginia vehicle seat laws is that medical expenses in Virginia are relatively high in case of an accident. Car seat laws thus have the potential of considerably lowering the rates on various portions of the insurance policy for both underinsured and uninsured motorists coverage. In simple words, when everyone complies with Virginia vehicle seat laws, everyone stands to benefit.

Car seat regulations in Virginia direct use of restraint and safety devices for children younger than seven years of age. This law applies to every child residing in Virginia regardless of his/her weight. Safety seats must be fully approved by Virginia DOT and the rules should not only be adhered to by parents but any other persons as well such caregivers, friends and relatives. For a Virginia car that is 1968 or even newer, children aged more than 7 years should be firmly strapped onto the car seat by use of a safety car seatbelt.

Car seat law is basically a stand alone Virginia law violation where by residents can be penalized or ticketed for committing a seat law offense alone. For the law to take its course, violation of the law does not necessarily have to be linked with another Virginia law. In case the seats of the car face backwards, it should be placed on the car rear seats and simply not at the front. If a vehicle lacks a rear seat and side airbags are not present, front seat can as well be used.

Violation of Virginia vehicle seat laws attracts a fine of not less than $50. For car drivers convicted of violation the law on two counts, penalties can be as high as $500. Monies that are collected as fines for this violation are directed at a good cause in Virginia. For instance, Virginia authorities created a separate account where the fines were collected to help families and individuals with low income afford buying safety seats for their cars. Virginia vehicle owners are always advised to comply with the law due to the many benefits that compliance offers ranging from reduced Virginia car insurance rates to saving lives.

Owners of Virginia car insurance are aware that insurance claims on drivers complying with car seat laws are essentially fewer. Thus, they tend to offer competitive low quotes on this basis. To find out insurance rates you qualify for, simply type in your zip code at the top of this webpage. You will get a list of reputable Virginia car insurance companies where you can compare insurance prices to get the best and cheapest offer. Requesting these quotes is always free yet providing you with very useful information you can use to get an insurance cover that matches your current financial situation.