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What to Do When Your Car Insurance Lapses

Lapsing of Virginia car insurance policy is something that most drivers in Virginia would never wish to experience. Lapsing of your car insurance simply means that you cannot enjoy driving your favorite car unless your policy is reinstated. Actually, you must obtain a new insurance policy. A driver who is caught by Virginia authorities driving without valid car insurance policy is subject to heavy fines and severe penalties. This being the case, driving around in Virginia with a lapsed car insurance policy is actually not worthy taking a chance. Most drivers are always at a loss on what they should do when their car insurance lapses and this article aims to send some light on this trying scenario for Virginia drivers.

Actually, car insurance policy in Virginia is designed to lapse after sometime depending on the insurance agreement. When this happens, the best solution is to contact your last car insurance firm that insured your car. Reinstatement process of lapsed car insurance policy is relatively simple depending on the nature of the lapse of your auto insurance policy. For instance, if the lapse of your car insurance policy is short, meaning that its not more than 2-4 days, policy reinstatement is simple with little or no complications. However, in cases where the lapse is more than the above stated duration, chances are that your insurance policy will not be reinstated instantly. In this case, searching for a new carrier offering low priced Virginia car insurance quotes is highly recommended.

If you prefer to buy a new Virginia car insurance policy, having a prior coverage for the past 12 months can attract great reductions and discounts on your new car insurance. To enjoy this and other benefits associated with having a valid insurance cover at the time your insurance lapses, you will be required to have relevant information about your prior insurance coverage such as a billing statement or your policy number and perhaps an evidence of your last insurance declaration. You will need to contact Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles to get a driving record which may be asked for by the insurance firm in case you are targeting discounted car insurance quotes. Since car insurers in Virginia treats drivers who are uninsured in a different manner, comparing a few quotes from different offers is important. This not only helps you get the lowest car insurance rates but also the best insurance for your car.

When your car insurance is in a lapsed status, it’s worthy to remember that your car is not covered by any insurance required by the state of Virginia. This means that you are not required to drive your car until your insurance is restored. The best way to shop for a new quote is viewing various Virginia car insurance offers over the internet. This way, you are guaranteed of securing a new cover when at the comfort of your home. Online insurance companies only requires a few details such as VIN number and your license number and thereafter provides you with a new car insurance cover instantly. Driving when your insurance cover has lapsed can lead to suspension of your license registration and negatively affect your driving record not forgetting the high fines applicable. In addition, if you suffer an accident when your car insurance has elapsed, it may be very challenging to pay back bodily injuries or any vehicle damage from your own savings.

Essentially, application for a new car insurance policy can be rather frustrating and time consuming for busy Virginia drivers. Everyone has valuable ways of spending their precious time and reinstatement process should be as simple as possible. This is where a great insurance website comes in by helping you shop for the best insurance quotes in Virginia offered by the most reputable insurance companies. You can easily request for free insurance quote by simply typing your zip code at the space provided at the top of the page and in a short span of time, you can view the lowest Virginia insurance rates and payments to make your car insured again.

Although it’s highly recommended that you establish a good relationship with your insurer and retain him when reinstating your insurance policy, some scenarios may require you to consider being covered by another car insurer in Virginia. A lapsed Virginia car insurance may provide you with a lucrative opportunity of finding lower insurance rates. However, each scenario of lapsed car insurance is different from the other and requires comparison of different rates and other benefits not available in your prior insurance coverage. You should also make wise insurance decisions such as on lowering your insurance premium and change in your insurance limits on property damage and bodily injuries.