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Top 5 Car Insurance Factors that Affect Your Premiums Which You Cannot Control

Anyone’s car insurance is affected by two sets of factors; ones that you can influence and ones that you cannot control. This is about the ones that you cannot control.

Car insurance in Virginia or in any other state is influenced by many factors. How high or low your car insurance premiums will be is something that you can control only to a certain point. There are some unchangeable auto insurance factors that will affect your premiums regardless of your actions. Here is a list of the unchangeable factors that affect your car insurance coverage:

Your age

Teenagers pay the highest car insurance premiums and there is nothing to do about it. The insurance companies justify that with the statistics that say that people under the age of 25 are more likely to be involved into accident than people older than 25. Also, there is a statistic that says people between ages of fifty and sixty five have the smallest chance to get into some sort of traffic accident. It’s more than obvious that you can’t do anything about that, apart from to live long enough to get low rates.

Your gender

Almost unbelievable but according to the statistics women are safer drivers than men. As a result of that they get lower rates. Therefore if you are a man you will have to live with that, unless you want to change your gender because of the lower car insurance premiums.

Your marital status

There is a small ultimatum here: Get married or pay high car insurance premiums! It might look like a changeable factors but the truth is that hardly who gets married or divorced because of his/her car insurance premium. Car insurance companies see marriage as a sign of stability and as a result of that point of view they give lower premiums to married people.  Therefore if you are still not married you got one more reason to start looking for the love of your life.

Car theft in your area

This is only changeable only if you are the mayor of the city or a superhero that can fight crime, otherwise it falls into the unchangeable factors. Car insurance companies always take the crime rates in your area as a risk factor. Probably you can move into a neighborhood with less crime but then whoever did that because of the car insurance premiums. The only thing that you can change is your next address if you ever move and hope that the crime rate won’t rise over there as well.

Your bad luck

Let’s assume that you are one of those people that are always on the wrong place in the wrong time and as a result your car is often hit or damaged. And because of that you make frequent claims, which is pretty logical. Insurance companies don’t like that even so that every single time is someone else’s fault. The consequence of your bad luck will be increased premiums and there is not much you can do about that, it’s not like you can change your luck overnight. You can try to pay from your own pocket for the smaller damages, but for how long? And what’s the point of that if you are already insured.

Regardless of all that there is one simple thing that you can do and that can make a great difference for your car insurance premiums. Simply enter your zip code in on this page and you can get a great number of free quotes from plenty of companies that offer Car insurance in Virginia.

Everything Every Driver in Virginia Has to Know About Car Insurance

Most people do not know much about Virginia car insurance or about the laws that relate to that. Not to mention what are their rights in relation to those laws and what the insurance companies have the right to do and what not to do. As a result of that insurance companies sometimes take advantage of that ignorance and do as it suits them. If you don’t want to be a victim of your own ignorance here are some of the most important things that every driver in Virginia should be aware of. Knowing a thing or two not only will help you to deal with insurance companies but at the same time will help you to find cheap insurance coverage.

First of all you have the right to cancel and buy a new coverage at any time it suits you and at the same time to ask for foundation. The insurer is obligated by the car insurance laws to comply with that. The insurance companies often forgot to mention that because they don’t like such deals. This can come handy if you find a better and cheaper coverage and you want to get rid of your old insurer. If that is the case you have every right to do so and no insurer has the right to legally do something about it.

Ask your agent about his fees. Some insurers allow their agents to charge their clients with additional fees for services like faxing, mailing, photocopying. The agent must give you a schedule of fees in his office. If you think that he is overcharging you than you probably need to look for another insurance agent. However, before you do that it is for the best if you check other agents’ fees as well. That way you can be 100% sure that your agent is overcharging you or not. In addition to that you can also check if the insurance company has some additional fees that are not included in the annual premium for which you are not aware of that can increase the sum that you need to pay.

Many drivers are often turned down by many insurers just because they had some car accident or traffic violation.  However, that does not mean that you won’t find one that will accept you as a client. The reason for that is because many companies with low premiums have underwriting standards. If you keep on trying you will eventually find one. It’s highly likely that some of the companies that have higher premiums will have you as their client. In case you still can’t find any company to make you a car insurance policy you can ask for a policy from the Virginia Automobile Insurance Plan. Any licensed insurance agent that works on the territory of the state of Virginia can ask in your name for such policy. This policy should be your last resort because it costs much more than the ones made from the private companies.

When you go to an insurance agent you are not obligated to tell him if you have some traffic violation or car accident that is really old. According to an act in 1974 you have the right not to mention that, that is if a long period of time has passed since then. There is no reason why not to take advantage of that act, especially if you have some traffic violation that you did as a teenager. There is no reason why to pay now for your teenage mistakes. That can help you keep your premiums to a more reasonable level. On the other hand if the insurance agent knows about it you better be prepared for high premiums.

Limited right to a lawsuit does not mean no right to a lawsuit. Most of the people understand the word limited as no right even so it means that there are cases when you can sue the party that caused the accident. Limited right to a lawsuit means that you can sue someone only in some of the following cases: loss of body part, loss of fetus, significant scarring, significant disfigurement, permanent injury or death.

Every insurer is obligated to award you a discount if you have passed the defensive driving course. All you need to do is to provide a written proof that you have passed the course and you can have lower premiums. Also, the Virginia law says that every person of 55 years of age or older that passes the motor vehicle accident prevention course automatically should be given a reduction in premiums. How much the reduction will be is determined by each insurer. Once you pass the course you can have reduced premiums in the next three years. Therefore, knowing that you need to ask around if you want to know which insurance company in the state of Virginia gives the biggest reductions.

Frequent claims can skyrocket your premiums as well even if it’s not your fault for the accident. They won’t speak about that openly but that’s exactly what they will do. They will look to you as an increased risk and you can say good bye to your low premiums. The fact that you have clean driving record, that it’s not your fault for the accident, that your car is equipped with the latest safety features, that you passed the defensive driving course won’t do you much good. Your premiums will be still pretty high compared prior to your claims. The best way to deal with that is not to make claims for every little thing. If you want to keep your premiums low you need to pay for some smaller damages from your own pocket.

One more thing that most insurance companies rarely tell their clients is that they can get free quotes from a great number of companies and that it can be easily done. If you are truly interesting in finding the cheapest car insurance in Virginia just enter your zip above on this page and wait a while. For only short period you will be able to choose from great deal of offers from some of the best insurers in the state.

All You Need to Know About Car Insurance in Virginia

Auto insurance in Virginia is pretty much the same as in most states. Regardless, the better you know it the better your chances to get low premiums. That and few tips how to get affordable car insurance are described in here.

The auto insurance laws in Virginia are pretty much the same as in any other state with few differences. As in other states the better you understand them and know, the better your chances to get lower premiums. How much you pay for your car insurance depends on several various factors that can be divided in two categories. One category is made of factors that you can’t influence in some way and other is of factors can be influenced by you and your choices. How you will use that it depends from you and your ability to adjust to those circumstances. Here follow few practical advices and explanation on how staff works and are done in the world of car insurance in Virginia.

Know car insurance in Virginia

Do you know what your auto insurance actually covers? Even so you buy a single policy covering one specific vehicle, a number of components add up and make the full cost. Every driver on the roads and highways in Virginia is required to have at least minimum coverage which is: Bodily injury/death of one person $25.000 or $50.000 for two or more persons. In addition to that the insurance policy needs to cover property damage up to $20.000.

What affects your car coverage the most?

Car insurance is affected by various factors from which some are based on your actions while others are fixed and there is nothing you can do about. For an example your age is something that you can’t change. If you are a teenage driver you will pay high premiums. Why? Well,  Not because you are a bad driver but because you are a teen driver and all teens are categorized as risky drivers, no place for exceptions. Or another good example is your marital status. Once again you might have the perfect driver’s record but if you are unmarried you will pay higher premiums as oppose of if you were married. The only thing that you can do is to get on your knees, propose to your girlfriend and hope that she will say yes for your car insurance sake if not for other reason. The factors that influence the car coverage premiums are: driver’s record, age, where you live, past traffic violations, credit rating, model and type of your vehicle, marital status, etc.

How to find affordable car insurance in Virginia?

You look for affordable auto insurance in Virginia as same as you do in any other state, you go online. Nowadays, you need an internet connection, PC or even smartphone, few minutes of your time and you can find the cheapest car insurance in the state. You can instantly get a great number of free quotes from plenty of car insurance companies. If you want you can do that right now, all you need to do is to enter your zip above on this page and you will find the most affordable auto insurance coverage in the state of Virginia. It’s fast, efficient and easy.

Top 10 Factors that Can Increase Your Car Insurance Premiums in Virginia

How much you pay for your car insurance in Virginia is affected by all sorts of factors. However, each factors caries different weight and affects your premium differently. While some insurance companies rely on one set of factors, others rely on another set of factors. That is something that largely depends on the company policy and what the strategy that the particular insurer has. Here are some of the most common factors that almost any insurer considers when your premiums are made.

10. Age

Age can strongly affect your premium. For an example teenage and older people in average pay the highest rates regardless their individual driving skills. Just because you will fall in that category you will pay high premiums. On the other hand middle aged drivers with clean driver’s record pay the lowest premiums.

9. Marital status.

Married people are considered to be more responsible drivers and as a result of that they are given lower premiums. Single people on the other hand are so to speak penalized by the insurance companies for not being married and are given higher rates. The solution is more than obvious: get married.

8.  Safety features

The existence of alarm system, automatic seatbelts, airbag, ABS and/or other safety equipment automatically qualifies you for discount. On the other hand if you have no safety feature in your vehicle you will pay higher premiums. This is pretty important to every car insurer and strongly affects the premiums.

7. You do badly at school

You are full time student but you have a low average. Too bad because if you had an average B or higher your premium would be much lower. Your driving abilities won’t help you as your performance at school. Once again the solution is pretty obvious; hit the books if you want to pay lower premiums. Most of the insurers see the high average as a sign of responsibility and that is why they take that step.

6. Mileage

According the logic of the insurance companies the more time you spend on the road the better your chances to be involved in some sort of traffic accident. As a result of that they award you with higher premiums regardless if you were or were not involved in any traffic accident. On the other hand if you drive less than 7.500 miles per year you need to notify your insurance agent about it. That qualifies you for discount. How much the discount will be it depends of the company policy and how they calculate risk? Therefore if you need to decrease your mileage consider public transportation, biking and walking as alternative means of transport.

5. Defensive driving course

Many people don’t bother to take the defensive driving course even so that it’s pretty easy one and doesn’t take too much time. Every insurer in Virginia will grant you a discount if you provide a proof that you have passed the course. The car insurance companies are obligated by law to give you a discount if you show them your certificate that you have passed the course.

4. Expensive vehicle

Things are pretty simple in this department, the more expensive or newer your vehicle is the higher your premium. The reason why is so is because if you are involved in an accident the vehicle will cost much more to repair than some used or less expensive vehicle. If you intend to buy an expensive vehicle you better be prepared for high premiums because they will be waiting for you and there isn’t much to do about it. This is pretty much the same with any insurance company in the world, not only in Virginia.

3. Credit rating

The credit rating is considered as one of the most unfair and at the same time the most controversial factors that are taken in consideration when the insurer is making your premiums. According to the insurers the lower your credits score the higher risk you are and with it your chances to be involved in some sort of traffic incident are much higher. However, there are some insurance companies that don’t take this in consideration. So, if you have a bad credit score you need to look for insurers that don’t take that in consideration. There might be not many left but if you look harder you will surely find one. On the other hand if your credit score is good you can relax and worry less about your premiums.

2. Traffic violations and accidents

Past car accidents and other traffic violations can make your premiums reach to the sky. Nothing speaks more to an insurance agent than your past sins on the road. There is nothing that you can do about it if they are written in your driver’s record. On the other hand if long time has passed from the time you can opt not to tell your insurance agent. There is an act from 1974 that gives you the right to do so. If your insurance agent knew about that your new one does not have to and you have the law on your side not to tell him that.

1. Driver’s record

This is the most important factor. This is where all of your past as a driver is gathered. Every insurance agent bases large percentage of his assessment on what is written in that record and your premiums with that are largely affected. The cleaner it is the lower your premium will be and vice versa.

In addition to all that was already said about car insurance in Virginia

and how it works, there is one more thing to have in mind if you want to find the best deal. That is to ask for quotes from as much as possible car insurers. If you want to do that right away just enter your zip above on this page and you can have your free quotes. No factor can influence more your premium than using this online tool to get free car insurance quotes in the state of Virginia.

5 Effective Ways to Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium in Virginia

When it comes to car insurance in Virginia, there are a plenty of factors that can raise or lower your premiums over which you have zero control. Vast majority of the drivers out there think that they are number one drivers, but the thing is that most of us still feel the pain of being teenage drivers and having to pay more for the same car than our crazy friend who lives in our neighborhood. That’s the bad news; the good news is that there are still plenty of factors that influence your premium over which you have considerable control.

Here follow five factors that you have considerable control over which the insurance companies use to determine your premiums.

5. Take a defense driving course

LowCostAutoInsuranceInVirginiaAny insurance company operating on the territory of the state of Virginia is obligated to give you a discount if you provide a proof that you haves passed the defense driving course.

4. Stick with one insurance company

Loyalty is always rewarded when it comes to holding to one car insurance company for more years. The thing is they spend top dollars in advertisement and they know that. They also know that it costs much less to keep their customers than continuously investing in advertising. That is why they give great discounts to their loyal clients. If you stick with one company for a longer period you will be surprised how low your premium can be and it will be really hard for you to find a cheaper policy in case you decide to leave them because of some reason.

3. Pay upfront

Most of the insurers offer great discounts if you pay ahead upfront in full versus monthly payment plan. If you have the money this can save you a good amount of money. Even if you want to switch companies they are obligated to refund you the money for the days that you won’t be under their coverage.

2. Drive less

Almost any insurance company in Virginia will give you a discount if you lower your yearly mileage. For an example if you start using public transport more frequently you can reduce your yearly mileage and qualify for a discount. According to the insurers logic the less time you spend on the road there is a much smaller chance for some sort of traffic accident. It makes sense and if possible in your case you can take advantage of that.

1. Take care of your credit score

This is something that plenty of insurers use as a way to assess your risk when they make your premiums. However, most does not mean all. If you have a bad credit score check out if your insurer takes that in consideration. That cans serve you as a hint whether you need a new insurance company or you want to stick with the old one.

These are all good tips for lowering your premiums but if you truly want to pay the lowest possible premiums you need to get as many free quotes as possible. You can do that this very moment, all you need to do is to enter your zip above on this page and you will have free quotes from great companies of car insurance in Virginia.

Top Five Factors That Can Increase Your Virginia Car Insurance Premiums

Virginia car insurance premiums can be raised by different factors. Some of those factors can strongly influence the premiums while others not so much. In addition to that some insurers take in consideration some particular factors more while others not so much. However, there are some common factors that influence your premiums regardless with which insurance company you are. Here follow some of the most influential factors that can make anyone’s premiums really high and stay high for a really long period. If you want to keep your premiums at some more acceptable level you need to make sure that your car coverage is not affected by the factors mentioned below.

5. DUI

Not many things can skyrocket someone’s car insurance premiums if caught while driving under the influence. The Virginia law sees 0.08% of alcohol in your blood as driving under influence, while for teens that percentage is zero. Therefore, if you don’t want to pay thousands of dollars more on your car insurance stay away from alcohol every time when you are out with your car. Not to mention the fines and the Virginia law on drivers that are caught DUI multiple times. If that happens your car insurance premiums are the last thing that you need to worry about.

4. Frequent claims

Frequent claims raise plenty of red flags for many insurance companies even if most of the time is not your fault. Actually, it doesn’t matter if every time you make a claim it’s someone else’s fault, your premiums are the ones that will get hurt. The only solution to this is if you try to pay from some of the smaller damages from your own pocket. That way you will avoid making frequent claims and with that increased premiums. Not a popular move, but an effective one

3. Past convictions

Past convictions can keep your car insurance premiums in Virginia high for a really long period. However, there is a catch that not everyone knows about. If a long period has passed you are not obligated to tell your new agent about the past convictions. There is an act from 1974 that legitimize that. This can save you a good deal of your hard earned money.

2. Bad credit score

For some time how you do on your bank account affects your car insurance premiums. You need to make sure that your credit score is good if you want to keep your premiums low. However, the state of Virginia has prohibited to insurance companies that operate on its territory to refuse giving coverage to people with bad credit score. The answer to that too many insurance companies is high premiums to people with bad or poor credit score. If you can’t do anything about your credit score the only solution to that is to look for company that does not use credit score to make your premiums.

1. You fail to get quotes from other insurers

This is not related to any law in Virginia, but more with the common sense of the drivers in this State. Getting quotes from multiple insurers can be done easily and vastly, all you need is a computer an internet connection and few minutes of your time. Even at this very moment if you enter your zip above on this page to compare free quotes and see how much you can save on your car insurance in Virginia.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Virginia Car Insurance Premium

Car insurance can be expensive and car owners will do all to ensure they get the least possible price at the best quality. That is why they like Virginia cheap car insurance. There are a number of ways through which car owners can benefit from lower insurance prices. To be able to access these benefits, the car owner should ensure they have given all the necessary information to their insurer.

There are many ways to help cut cost when it comes to car insurance premiums. For a start, make sure you ask your prospective insurer all the right and relevant questions.  For example, you could ask if the company pays dividends so you could recover some of your premium. Dividends can amount to about 10% of your annual premium which is quite a saving. However it is not a guarantee that dividends will be paid. Insurance agents are allowed to charge for services like faxing, mailing and photocopying. They must however have the written consent of the insured party. Remember to ask if this applies to your premium so you can crosscheck with other service providers.

Always remember that insurance companies will not tell you anything if not required by law. Some of them charge a renewal fee that is not part of the total premium. Make it your duty to ask if such applies to the quotation you receive. Such hidden charges can cost a seeming cheap quote to end up being expensive in the long when this is not the aim of Virginia cheap car insurance. Senior citizens 55 years of age over are liable to a deduction in premium if they have completed a course like defensive driving that is approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles in Virginia. This is a requirement of Virginia law. This reduction in premium is valid for three years following when the course was taken. The law also allows insurance companies to make deduction based only on age.

If any of the following applies to you, you may be entitled to a reduce premium. Your car has an anti-theft device, automatic seatbelts and possibly airbags. You have had no record of traffic violations or accidents, you are a B grade and above student or your car is used only for leisure. These and many more will help qualify you for lower VA car insurance premium. However always remember that the first thing to do is to give all truthful information about your driving history. Next, know that you may have to remind the insurance company that you qualify for a reduction in premium under one of the categories. The insurance company may never offer this to you on a platter of gold if you don’t ask. Many people have lost the opportunity of enjoying lower premiums simply because they didn’t ask.

Anytime you search for Virginia cheap car insurance, lookout for those which have a reputation with most users. If possible ask around from other people. You may be at a loss of finding the right company to fit your price and needs. Not to worry, simply insert your zip code in the box above and in less than a minute you will be comparing quotes from at least three insurance service providers in your area.

Why You Need More Than Minimal Coverage For Virginia Cheap Car Insurance

No one knows what the future holds, not even the insurance companies which decide to take the risk on cars. Car owners are often faced with the problem of the amount of insurance to take. When buying insurance, there are some things to note. You will need more insurance depending on how much you intend to protect. There small losses that may not require an insurance cover. Most importantly with Virginia cheap car insurance, you can discuss your insurance needs with an agent.

VirginiaCheapCarInsuranceApart from the liability coverage required by the state of Virginia law, car owners should consider buying additional coverage. This additional coverage will depend on what you think you might lose in the case of an incident or accident. There are more and more cases of up to $100.000 settlements. If you are covered for only $50.000, you will have to personally cover the remaining $50.000. Most insurance companies offer liability for injuries to bodies ranging from $50.000 to $300.000. Although this might come at a modest cost, it may be a saving grace one day. The cost of cars have gone up and so the cost of repairing them. Although the law requires a minimum of $20.000 for damage coverage, you could get additional coverage at a reasonable price. Additional damage coverage ranges between $25.000 and $50.000.

Having the minimal required coverage could be enough but what happens if you are hit by a driver who is uninsured or a hit and run driver or a driver who is underinsured? You can never be sure whether a person with whom you are involved in an accident has adequate insurance cover but buying additional uninsured and underinsured coverage will ensure you don’t have to worry about finances if such an incident occurs. Unless the car owner requests for a lower amount, additional uninsured and underinsured coverage is usually equal to the amount of the liability coverage.

A Virginia cheap car insurance is good but be aware that liability coverage covers only damages to other people and not yourself. This means that if you were to get in and accident where your car is damaged, under liability coverage, you will have to personally cover the loss. An uninsured and under insured policy will cover damages to your car only if those damages were caused by another driver. To ensure that you can pay for your own losses, optional policies like collision, comprehensive, medical expenses and income benefits are important.

Comprehensive and collision policies will pay for the cost of your car is completely damage or stolen. Nevertheless the insurance will only pay the current cost of cars of similar make and year. A deductible is the amount the car owner agrees to pay for auto repairs or replacement before the insurer takes over. Those who take deductibles might benefit from lower premiums which will be based on the amount of deductibles agreed upon. Medical expense coverage will ensure that the cost of medical expense incurred due to injury to you or any car occupants or even funeral expenses are borne by the insurance company. There are many Virginia auto insurance companies but to get the best, put your zip code in the box above and click compare.

How Uninsured Cars in Can Cost You More in Virginia

Many people are happy when they come in possession of a car. Most times, this joy wanes when it comes to paying for car insurance. Even though people may not realize, there are many reasons why a car owner should be covered by insurance. The cost of involving in an accident can be too high but with a Virginia cheap car insurance, a car owner should not really bother.

No matter how careful a driver you are, sometimes you may still find yourself in an accident. You may find yourself facing a lawsuit and paying medical bills for the other person. You may even have to repair the other person’s car. There may be dire consequences if the car you are using is not insured. This will mean that you have to bear all the cost that may arise because of a lawsuit and taking care of the injuries inflicted on any persons. If you don’t have any ready cash, you may find your valuables like your house or other assets being seized by the appropriate authorities to pay for the cost of the damages. This will not have been the case if you were covered by a Virginia cheap car insurance. All these costs would have been borne by the insurance company.

Many automobile owners do not really see why they should get VA car insurance until they get into an accident. It is required that your vehicle is covered on even before you think of driving it for the first time. It is possible to purchase a license plate before you even buy a car but this will mean require that you have insurance cover from an insurance company. Note however that before you can get a license plate, you will have to comply with the commonwealth of Virginia’s financial responsibility law as required by the Department of Vehicles. It doesn’t matter if you will not be using your car immediately. Get a Virginia cheap car insurance to ensure you are protected from damage to your car or may be theft. Car owners should pay more attention to their insurance coverage especially when they buy additional vehicles or maybe trade vehicles. This transaction will lead to certain of your insurance coverage to be extended for a while.

It is your duty to contact the insurance company and make sure you have the right cover at all times. Again, do not wait until your auto insurance policy in VA expires before you start searching for a new one. Start early enough so you can check the best prices available. Sometimes you might feel you are not getting the best from your present insurer and thinking of making a change. Before you make a change, be aware that the commonwealth of Virginia’s law allows and insurer to cancel a new policy within the first sixty days. This could mean you are left without a policy if you had already cancelled your previous policy. To avoid such embarrassing situations, always give a full driving history to the insurance company. To get the best of Virginia cheap car insurance, enter your zip code above and click compare. You will be sure to find something among the free quotes.

Tips on How to Keep Your Virginia Car Safe

To keep your Virginia car safe has many advantages than you can imagine. Keeping your Virginia car safe offers great advantages such as less Virginia car insurance cost which is the dream of every car owner in Va. Thus, keeping your vehicle safe makes sense in very many ways and on top of saving on your annual insurance payments, you also save live in the process.  With the ever changing economic times characterized by high insurance prices and other vehicle maintenance cost, keeping your vehicle safe would considerably trim down the high costs associated with owning a car in Virginia.

If you own a car alarm system, just use it. Most car owners in Virginia would be surprised to learn that many car insurers in Va offer insurance discounts to car owners for just having a reliable and effective alarm system. Depending on where you live and whether you have an active or passive alarm system, Virginia car insurance discounts for having an alarm system typically ranges between 2 to 10%. Having an alarm system in a higher-theft region would certainly generate a large car insurance discount. Also, having other anti-theft gadgets relatively reduces your insurance premium to your advantage. Installing all these security devices aimed at deterring car theft certainly makes your car much safer to your advantage. Considering the fact that theft claims in some Virginia areas are as high as thousands of dollars, this translates to great savings per year.

Wherever possible, Virginia insurers always advise car owners to park their cars in garages that are enclosed. This also has many benefits apart from attracting lower insurance rates for your car. It keeps your car safe from harmful elements such as snow, hail and rain. This certainly reduces the insured risk from occurring meaning that you pay lower insurance rates which more so applies in a new car. With this, you save more money especially on the comprehensive section of your cover that includes theft and fire coverage. Storing your vehicle in a secure garage also helps maintain the good appearance of your vehicle by ensuring that it does not appear “weathered” as your vehicle gets old. In case you might want to replace your car by selling it, the car will have a higher resale as well as a higher trade-in value if you opt to trade your vehicle for a newer vehicle.

Keeping your Virginia car safe also means that consider what is inside your car. Most car owners tend to be highly concerned with the outside appearance of their car and rarely pay attention to the car’s interior. In general situations, your car contents are comprehensively covered by homeowner’s insurance coverage although special limits and other deductibles still apply. Thus, various items like CDs, clothes, luggage etc…are typically insured and are not prone to depreciation. To enhance safety, such items should be kept in places that passersby can’t find them easily to lower the risk of them getting lost. For instance, ensuring that your car’s doors are always locked can be such a great idea. This consequently means low insurance payments for your car.

To keep your Virginia car safe also means that you carefully consider the type of car you are buying. According to recent studies done by Virginia National Insurance Crime Bureau, the most stolen vehicles in Va are 2010 Toyota Carmy, 1996 Toyota Accord, 2003 Ford Explorer, 2000 Dodge Caravan and 2000 Honda Civic. These cars attract high Virginia car insurance rates. In fact, the cost of buying replacement parts for these five cars might even be of a higher value than the vehicle itself. Before buying any of them, you should check their insurance rates by typing your zip code on the box at the top of the page and assessing how insurance rates differ between these types of vehicles in Virginia.