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What You Need To Understand First Before Purchasing Virginia Car Insurance

One need to understand his needs as well as what’s offered before make a buying. The better you comprehend what’s there the better deal you can make. Here is a short overview on how to buy car insurance and the most important things to understand before you obtain one.

When it comes to auto insurance in Virginia the first thing to remember is that it’s obligatory for every driver in the state. Second that Virginia has the fourth most expensive car coverage in the state and third that there are ways to make it more affordable. There is not much to be done about the first two things but the third point is where you need to focus, that is how to get the best deal on your car coverage. As with any other product or service one needs to understand and have a clear understanding on few things before even considering going to an insurer. He must be aware: how much coverage he needs, what’s his budget, what are his rights, which discounts are at his disposal, what affects his premium and where to find the best deals.

Understand how much coverage you need

How much coverage I need is the question that you need to ask yourself before you do anything else. Each person has different needs, drives different vehicle, drives different routes and mileage, lives in particular area, etc. According to the Virginia laws you need to have at least basic coverage if you want to drive legally. The basic coverage can cover only:

–              Property damage liability ($5.000 per person, per accident)

–              Persona iVAury protection ($15.000 per person, per accident and up to $250.000 per more than one person, per accident for certain iVAuries)

In addition to that the basic policy comes with limited right to a lawsuit meaning that you can only sue in cases such as: loss of body part, loss of fetus, permanent iVAury, significant disfigurement, significant scaring and death.

Understand the type of discounts

The car insurance industry is one of the most competitive ones and that’s a well – known fact. As a result of that the insurers constantly introduce new discounts in order to attract more clients. According to the insurance laws every insurer needs to provide a list of all discounts that they give plus those that are obligated to give. That is if you ask them to do so. For an example, the state of Virginia has a law that says anyone that passes the defensive driving course is eligible for a discount.

Understand what affect your premiums

Once again if you ask your insurance agent what affects your premiums he has an obligation to answer that and explain you everything regarding that. That should help you make a plan how to lower them if possible.

Understand where to find the best deals

There is no law or some rule that says that you need to look for the cheapest car insurance in town. This largely depends on you and how much you want to find a great deal. Doing this would take much less time than anything else already mentioned so far. All you need to do is to enter your zip above on this page and compare some of the lowest car insurance rates in the state of Virginia. It’s fast, non-obligatory and free. Try it now!

Rights And Obligations Of Car Drivers And Insurers In Virginia

Most people try to do everything in their power to keep their car insurance premiums low. However, almost all of them don’t know what affects their premiums the most. Here is a list of top 10 factors that influence their premiums.

Virginia car insurance rates are one of the highest in the country and that’s a fact. Another fact is that anyone that knows few things how car insurance companies work can lower his premiums below the state average. In addition to that one needs to know his rights and responsibilities regarding the auto insurance. Knowing your rights can help you lower your premiums the same way as knowing how car insurance works. The better you know them the less you can rely on what the insurance agent will tell you and more on your own conclusions and reasoning. Here are some of the basic rights that you have regarding car insurance in Virginia.

Right to buy car coverage

Anyone who applies for car coverage in Virginia cannot be denied to obtain one because of ethnicity, race or gender. As long as you are considered “eligible person” an insurer cannot deny you coverage. “Eligible person” is considered anyone who has less than seven insurance eligibility points on her or his driver’s record. In case you are denied coverage the insurer needs to state the reason for doing so. Most of the car drivers that are denied car coverage are denied because: they are not “eligible person” (number of points on the record), the insurer works only with special categories of car drivers such as farmers, military, teachers, police officers, etc., the insurer is prohibited to stop writing new policies by the department of motor vehicles, the insurer has underwriting guidelines approved by the state.

Right to change or cancel your car coverage

The drivers in Virginia have the right to shop for cheaper car coverage in VA at any time they want, not just when they need to renew their policy. In case you find much better price you have the right to cancel your policy and ask for a refund of your unused premium. All you need to do is to bring a proof of your new insurance to your old insurer. However, even there are no penalties for doing so most of the drivers avoid doing so. The drivers avoid doing so because that can affect their future premiums, they may become higher just because of that.

Right to choose

Every insurer that is licensed on the territory of Virginia has a legal obligation to inform you of your car insurance options when you apply for a new policy or at any other time when requested by you regardless if you have or have not purchased car coverage. The insurer have obligation to fully inform you how each of your choices affects your premiums and how you can benefit from all that in case of an accident. He must respect and not deny your right to be fully informed about anything regarding your car insurance; asking about additional options is included in that right.

Right to a timely response

When you apply for car coverage the insurer needs to response to your application or appointment request within five business days. Any voluntary insurance company in the state of Virginia is obligated to do so by the current regulations.  However, in case your application is not complete with all the pertinent information the insurer is not obligated to follow those regulations. That is if your application misses verification of any previous coverage or a copy of your driver’s record from the Virginia Motor Vehicle Commission.

Right to fair and prompt handling of claims

You have full right to ask about any payments which are made too others by your VA auto insurance compan and charged to your coverage. Also if you file a claim, the claim should be handled fairly and promptly. In case your claim has been denied, your insurance company must send you a written explanation why your claim was denied. The insurance company is obligated by state laws to do so.

Right to a notice of cancelation

In some pretty specific circumstances an insurance company has the right to cancel your coverage, the term used for that is mid-term cancelation. This happens when the insurance company discovers a fraud or when the policyholder fails to pay his premiums. In case you fail to pay your premiums the insurance company is obligated by law to send you a 15 days warning notice before they cancel your coverage. In cases other than that, a 20 day warning notice is obligatory.

The right to appeal

In case you want to make an appeal because your coverage was non-renewed or canceled, the appeal must be sent to the Virginia Department of Banking and Insurance. However, they don’t guarantee that they will reinstate your policy, so it’s highly recommendable you shop for alternative solutions. The important thing is that you have a place for an appeal if you feel you are treated unfairly by your insurance company. If you have all the facts and evidence that prove that you are right the department will protect you and your rights.

Right to a discount if you pass the defensive driving course

Any driver in Virginia that passes a defensive driving course approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles has the right to a discount. The state law obligates the insurance companies to give discounts to everyone that can prove that have passed the course. You would want to find state approved school near you where you can take the defensive driving.

You have the right to multiple free quotes

This is not defined by a state law, but it is something that is given as an option to every driver in Virginia. All that is needed is few minutes from your time to enter your zip above on this page and you can quickly run a free auto insurance price check. That is the most effective as well as fastest way to find cheap car insurance company that operates in the state of Virginia. Enter your zip and give it a chance.

Guide For Teenage Drivers On How To Obtain Cheap Auto Insurance in Virginia

Virginia car insurance was a long time nightmare for teenage drivers who were faced with some of the highest premiums in the country. However, nowadays that is not as big as in the past and most of the teenage drivers with few smart movies can obtain relatively cheap car insurance rates. The premiums won’t be as low as the experience drivers have, but pretty decent considering that teens are the riskiest age group. Most teens can save if they stick to few simple rules and try to stay out of troubles on the road. Here are the best ways for teenage drivers to decrease their premiums to the lowest possible level.

The first and most important advice that a teen driver can get is to stay out of troubles on the road. Teenagers love to party and that is a known fact, as it is known that at that period they experience alcohol for the first time among many things. The thing is that many teenagers go to those parties driving, showing up with style as they like to point out. Not that there is something wrong with that but good percentage of those teenagers at the end of the party while driving home, often driving under the influence end up as a statistical number. Those are the same statistics that insurers use to prove that teenage drivers deserve the high premiums. The Virginia law for teenage drivers has zero tolerance for dui driving. If caught under the influence you can make your premiums to stay high for a really long period. Aside, that here are few good ways to lower your premiums if you are a teenage driver:

–              The defensive driving course is something that is highly recommendable for teenage drivers. Any insurer that operates in VA is obligated to give a discount to any driver, teens included, that can prove that have passed at a state approved educational center.

–              Teenagers with grade average B or higher often get discounts. Many car insurers in VA see this as a sign of stability and award the teens with a discount on their car insurance premiums.

–              Adding an experienced driver to the policy as a second driver with clean record can further more decrease the premiums.

–              Most teenage drivers in average drive less than 10.000 miles per year. Tell that to your insurance agent and he will surely approve you a discount.

–              If you have some safety features installed in your car you need to point out that to your insurance agent and he can give you a discount on that as well.

–              If you have an alarm system you qualify for a discount also. It won’t be a discount but if you are a teenager every dollar counts.

–              Getting free quotes from multiple insurance companies is something that can mean a great deal for your car insurance premiums. All that you need to do is to enter your zip above on this same page and you can compare multiple free quotes. There is no better and faster way to find cheap Virginia car insurance.

What You Need To Know About the Policyholder And The Insurer’s Rights in Virginia

The Virginia auto insurance laws are not as complex as one would think. They are there to protect any party from fraud and to make sure that contracts are respected and fulfilled. Both policy holders as well as insurer’s have certain rights but at the same time, have certain obligations as well. Here is a short overview on those rights and obligations given by the state of Virginia. Following them can bring from low premiums to sever fines and penalties.

– The first thing that you are obligated to do as a policyholder is to correctly fill your application form. Failing to do so and the insurance company have the right to revoke your policy and not pay you if you make a claim.

– In case your car coverage is canceled, the insurance company is obligated by law to send you a 15 day warning notice. That is if you fail to pay your premiums on time, otherwise the notice needs to be for 20 days.

– You are obligated to notify your insurer if some of your circumstances in your policy are changes such as you moved to a new address, you made some modifications on your car, etc. Failing to do so can cause the VA car insurance policy to be revoked.

– If you ask your insurer he needs to tell you about everything that affects your premiums, how they calculate your premiums, their discounts and any information about your coverage in general. You have the right to ask and they have the obligation to tell you everything they know.

– The insurance company is obligated by law to award you with a discount if you pass a defense driving course approved by the Virginia Motor Vehicles Commission.

– You are not obligated to tell your insurance agent about your old traffic violations and car accidents after a certain period. There is an act from 1974 that says that you can do so.

– No auto insurer that operates on the territory of Virginia can refuse selling you a car policy because of your ethnicity, gender or race.

– The policyholder has the right to change or cancel his policy at any given moment. Regardless your motivation to do so, you can do that only by providing proof of your new policy to your old insurer. The old insurer is obligated to refund you for your unused premium.

– The insurer is obligated to respond to your application or meeting request within five days.

– The policy holder has the right to ask if payments were made to other parties from his coverage. The insurer is obligated to respond to that and inform you correctly.

– The car owners in Virginia have the right to get free quotes for comparison. Even though that this is not regulated by any law but it does not mean that it should not be done. On the contrary, that is the best way to find affordable car insurance in Virginia.

Tips For Drivers To Have Auto Insurance In VA With Low Premiums

Virginia car insurance rates are amongst the highest in the country. Even so, that doesn’t mean that they can be lowered below the state average. There are plenty of car owners that pay really low premiums only by following several basic principles that can be applied by almost everyone. Here are some of those principles that can help you lower your car insurance premiums. These principles are not based on someone that only interprets laws and write about them but on the real-life experience of drivers that pay low premiums.

First of all, you need to take a moment and think how much coverage you need. The better you understand your needs, the better and cheaper coverage you can choose. If you need to, you can do a small research online and see what’s offered and what type of coverage suits you the most. The web site of the Virginia Department of Banking and Insurance is a good place to start. The web site is regularly updated and contains correct information on every aspect of car insurance in Virginia. They have info on the types of policies, every car insurance law in the state, consumer guides and other valuable information.

Once you get to know what you need your next step should be to call and talk to an insurance agent. The insurance agent are obligated to respond to your inquiry as well as your questions regardless if you have a policy with them or you are just asking for information. The insurance agent needs to tell you about all your rights and everything that affects your premiums. That is if you ask him to do so, otherwise he can make your policy, you will sign it and you are done.

Before you start calling VA car insurance agents, you need to make a small research in that direction as well. You need to make sure that you are in the hands of a reputable insurer. Nowadays, there are plenty of insurers and it might be bit overwhelming when searching for the best on the market. The best way to find few good ones is if you talk to some of your friends or family to recommend you a good one. That way not only that they will give you few good names of reputable insurers but at the same time they will give you the names of few from which you will need to stay away. There are as much as bad as there are good insurers.

Your next step is probably the easiest and can help you find not only the best but the cheapest car insurance company in Virginia. You should go online and look for free quotes from multiple companies. That is something that can be done even here, just enter your zip above and you can compare quotes from a great number of companies. It’s easy and fast. There is no reason why not to take advantage of that.

What Every Teen Drivers Should Know About Auto Insurance Quotesin Virginia

Being a teenager with a new Virginia driver’s license makes young person feel that he or she has joined the ranks of adults and received a passport to freedom. Use of a car implies social freedom, the ability to impress others just by cruising past and the right to make important lifestyle choices. Few teens think of their car as a weapon on wheels, but they should. More teens die and are injured in single vehicle collisions than other types of accidents. Major causes are lack of sleep, failure to use seat belts, speed, risk taking, and alcohol use.

Virginia has a zero tolerance law regarding teens and alcohol use since the legal age for alcohol purchase and consumption is 21 years. If a teen is tested for BAC (blood alcohol concentration) they may record up to .02 without penalty as that level can occur from use of cold medications, other dietary consumption, or general production of the test markers within the average teenage body. However, higher readings than .02 can cause the loss of license, arrest, possible jail time and huge fines. Further, most Virginia car insurance policies exclude responsibility for payment of damages caused while the vehicle is being used in violation of the law. Arrest for drunk driving by a teen would be a prime example of the violation which could be used by an insurance company to void coverage.

Teens may violate good sense and the rules of Virginia highways by putting too many persons into a vehicle, failing to use seatbelts, changing music, using cell phones or writing text messages, eating, reading, grooming themselves or others, and wearing inappropriate or no shoes. Each of these factors increases the danger. Lack of sleep can amplify other problems and teens tend to function on the least amount of sleep they can manage. Another risk factor for teens is the persons with whom they associate. Passengers who are drunk, high, or overly excited

With VA car insurance, the risk of the damages can be lessen because people with the auto insurance will get a good amount in case of any accident or any damage. If you want to know about the cost or any other information, please enter your zip code into the top boxes of our web page and you will get good competitive quotes.

Driver’s License’s Importance In A Virginia Auto Insurance Company

Most people in the United States have probably known someone who claimed to have a fake driver’s license. Usually, the fake was obtained so that an underage person could purchase alcoholic beverages or gain admission to adult events. However, with identity theft on the rise, the use of these fraudulent documents has become a nationwide concern. The Commonwealth of Virginia has some of the most stringent laws regarding eligibility for driver’s licenses, maintaining insurance and treatment of adult intoxicated offenders. Not surprisingly, the production of the physical drivers license and the procedures to prove the existence of state mandated minimum auto insurance coverage in VA have both been  modernized to deter fraud.

Virginia now produces driver’s license cards which have state-of-the-art security features. Some lettering is raised and can be felt by rubbing a finger across the surface. Part of this lettering is black in color and part clear. The cards are no longer old fashioned laminated cardboard or credit card like plastic. The cards are created from a polycarbonate composite which is criss-crossed with fine lines, micro-lettering and other features which cannot be reproduced by general purpose printers or other card extruders. The data is not printed on the surface of the card but is engraved by laser with overlapping characters and patterns. In the past, one of the features which ‘permitted’ fraud was the fact that the photos were on the surface of the driver’s license and could be peeled away for replacement with someone else’s picture. This is no longer possible with Virginia driver’s licenses since the new technology embeds the photos as part of the card itself. To remove the picture the card would have to be incised. In addition to the driver’s color picture, there is also a clear space inside the card so that a black and white image can be viewed from either the front or back in a holographic manner.

Virginia provides these high tech cards for children as well. Child identification cards are available to children who have not reached the age years of 15 who can be officially identified by official documents such as a certified birth certificate or passport. The cost is reasonable at $10.00 each and the card expires at the end of the child’s birthday month on each age divisible by 5. A great deal can be said for having proper identification for your child (especially adopted children), but the important aspect of this discussion is that Virginia has made special efforts to protect the identification document itself.

Protecting the driver’s documentation of Virginia car insurance coverage has been a more difficult task.   The proof of coverage documents is issued by various insurance companies (often after internet purchase) and there is no consistency in the color, substance or structure of the insurance cards.   Therefore, Virginia has verification procedures which are independent of the communication between the insurance company and the policy holder/vehicle owner. By state law, insurance companies must electronically transmit information to Virginia when a policy is created, terminated or suspended. Thus,   law enforcement personnel, Department of Motor Vehicle staff, and Courts can verify the status of insurance coverage without even speaking to the auto owner. This may seem to have little bearing on defeating potential fraud when someone forges a proof of insurance card to carry in their vehicle. The reality is that the physical card is no longer the best proof of automobile insurance coverage. Law enforcement agents might ask for the insurance card if there is a collision or checkpoint stop, but computer verification is available and would be used to confirm status.

Having state mandated insurance coverage is important for a variety of reasons – one of the most essential of which is that the Commonwealth of Virginia can verify that car insurance coverage in VA when needed. Being able to rely that the driver’s license cards and insurance documents are not faked is a valuable service provided by Virginia.

Everyone should carry appropriate insurance, particularly since it is mandatory and can be easily verified through Internet access by state authorities.  If you are uncertain that you have appropriate or cost effective auto insurance coverage in VA, then please put your zip code into the box at the top of this page. The costs of comparable coverage from several companies will be displayed. Knowledgeable drivers make for safer drivers. Use the above quote system to find the most advantageous coverage and be confident that you have the best, most cost effective insurance policy for use in operating your vehicle in Virginia.

Virginia Driving Laws That Everyone Must be Aware Of

You hop into your car, start the engine, and back out of the driveway – forgetting several things:

1. Virginia law requires the use of your seatbelt

2. Virginia law requires that front seat passengers over the age of 18 use seatbelts  and it is also required of all persons under the age of 18 regardless of position in the car

3. Children and infants must be in approved safety seats

Are there valid reasons for not wearing seatbelts?   No, but these are some of the ones which are routinely heard:

* The belt is not comfortable. However, if the shoulder harness is worn across the chest (not under the arm or behind the torso) it should be adjusted properly.

* My clothing gets wrinkled. Well that is unfortunate but not a good reason to risk being ejected from the car during a crash.

* I have airbags. But airbags are made to be used in tandem with seatbelts and have a different function.

* If there is a crash or the car goes into the water I will not be able to get out. Less than one in two hundred major crashes do a VA vehicle goes underwater. If you cannot get out of the seatbelt, you probably will not be able to open your door either.  However, there are multipurpose tools available which will cut seatbelts and provide other emergency use.

* I may be pregnant. The seatbelt should be worn across the hips, not over the abdomen. There is no risk to the baby.

* I’m only going on a short trip or at a very slow speed. As mentioned, most crashes occur near home and the speed is not relevant. You may be going slowly but the other driver involved in a collision may not be at a safe speed and his impact velocity will overcome all of your pre-conceptions about driving slowly.

If your seatbelt is not functioning properly, go to your dealer. Nationally, all manufacturers are required to provide lifetime repair or replacement of seatbelts (but not necessarily the anchors and mounts).   Have it replaced when the belt is not functioning property – it will save you injuries if needed in an accident and possible fines if you are cited for failure to use.

Failure to use seatbelts is another of those violations of the driving law in Virginia which may impact on the insurance coverage you have available in the event of an accident. Many policies exclude damages incurred while operating the vehicle in violation of law. Seatbelts may seem like a small issue but depending on the insurance company, use of the belt may make the difference between having that spinal injury treated to the full extent of the medical coverage and just having emergency services covered.

Obtaining proper insurance is more than merely selecting Virginia state minimum coverage. Use the checkbox at the top of the page and determine some comparative quotes from companies who are licensed to provide auto insurance in Virginia. Learning the rules about insurance, about seatbelt use and general, driving issues can be life saving and prevent life-long economic loss.

Getting the Best Deal Out of Your Auto Insurance Rates in Virginia

Insurance rates are known to vary significantly from company to company and there is a very real possibility that you will be able to save hundreds of dollars just taking some time out to shop around in different places. The arrival of the Internet has made things very easy for potential insurance consumers since they can easily look around for different companies and check their rates before purchasing the insurance that best suits their requirements. Indeed, shopping for insurance cannot get easier than this. Insurance comparison websites are very popular these days with shoppers since they can get price quotes from different companies and perform a quick comparison. You will notice that the premium rates of most companies vary depending on different factors. Getting rates from the top rates insurance companies will give you an idea of the insurance rates in the market and what kind of coverage you will need. After comparing the different coverage plans and quotes from the best companies, you can choose accordingly.

However, you should not forego the advice you will receive from insurance agents and insurance brokers for getting the best auto insurance in Virginia. There are hundreds of insurance agents who can guide you in a better way and tell you what kind of insurance coverage best suits your needs. Big insurance companies in Virginia also have customer representatives that will work around the clock to give you the best advice and answers to all your queries and concerns. There are also live chat features in some insurance company websites.

Just like all other states of the country, there are some minimum auto insurance liability requirements that must be fulfilled to meet the state liability requirements. Virginia requires you to get minimum coverage of 25,000$ for injury or death of one person, 50,000$ for injury or death of more than two persons and 20,000$ for property damage coverage. These minimum requirements are mandatory according to the state laws for auto insurance in Virginia and drivers who violate these rules are liable to pay heavy fines and other penalties. You should keep in mind that these are only the minimum requirements for auto insurance and in reality you will need much more coverage than this to guarantee that your insurance coverage is enough to cover the damages for the accident.

There are different things you can do to lower your costs for auto insurance in Texas. You should consider dropping collision and comprehensive car insurance coverage from your plan if your car’s age is more than five years. Setting a high deductible is also a good way of reducing car insurance costs in Virginia since a higher deductible amount means a lower premium rate.

To get the best prices for auto insurance in Virginia, simply enter your ZIP code on the top of our page and get the best price comparison quotes from the top three leading companies that match your requirements. This might be your best shot of saving hundreds of dollars on auto insurance.

Easy Way of Getting Car Insurance in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Car insurance is a big issue and a required one for most people.  If you live in Virginia, getting car insurance in VA can be as easy as just logging on the net and entering information.  The state of Virginia has some minimum requirements for car insurance such as Bodily injury or death of one person for $25k, Bodily injury or death of two or more persons for $50k, and Property damage for $20k. If you would like to drive while being uninsured, you must pay a five hundred dollar fee to the DMV which will allow for you to drive an uninsured vehicle and expires with your registration and must be paid at renewal. As you all know, insurance is essential in case you get into a car accident or something else happens to your car.

Owning a car in different states means different rules and different laws in the state you are insured. If you own a car and are currently living in the state of Virginia, you must always have proof of insurance or DMV at all times. If you are caught without either of these, your vehicle and registration for driving may be suspended for a very long time. To regain your registration again, you will be required to pay the five hundred dollar DMV fee and file for a Financial Insurance Responsibility Certificate with the DMV for a three year period. You may also have to pay a reinstatement fee before the suspension over your vehicle’s registration can be lifted from your history. This is why you should always keep your insurance proof inside your car’s glove compartment. You are also allowed to exclude a single member of the household from your insurance policy or the insurance company may be allowed to exclude the driver themselves if they know about a driver’s bad driving history and high risks.  You must always read and understand all of the rules of an insurance policy before you put your pen to the paper and sign it.

There are many exclusions and exceptions, and you don’t want to get yourself into trouble later.  In Virginia, there are also rules regarding insurance lapses. When your insurance lapses the registration period, you must reinsure your vehicle as quickly as possible. If not, you can either pay the 500 dollar fee or you can surrender your license plates. You must not try to get away with not paying. The Virginia DMV has access to your insurance coverage status with their Insurance Verification Program.

The insurance companies all provide the DMV with electronic updates on the insured as well as a description of the vehicle that they own if their insurance has lapsed or been cancelled.  When you register your vehicle you are required to continuously pay your insurance month by month and cover your financial responsibility. If you do not pay, your driver’s license and registration can be confiscated as well as your license plates. A 500 dollar fee may also apply. As you can see, you need car insurance to keep you safe, healthy and so that you don’t suffer any consequences. Listed above, are some of the Insurance laws and policies about car insurance in Virginia.  Enter your zip code above to compare other policies to your current one.