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Top Five Factors That Can Increase Your Virginia Car Insurance Premiums

Virginia car insurance premiums can be raised by different factors. Some of those factors can strongly influence the premiums while others not so much. In addition to that some insurers take in consideration some particular factors more while others not so much. However, there are some common factors that influence your premiums regardless with which insurance company you are. Here follow some of the most influential factors that can make anyone’s premiums really high and stay high for a really long period. If you want to keep your premiums at some more acceptable level you need to make sure that your car coverage is not affected by the factors mentioned below.

5. DUI

Not many things can skyrocket someone’s car insurance premiums if caught while driving under the influence. The Virginia law sees 0.08% of alcohol in your blood as driving under influence, while for teens that percentage is zero. Therefore, if you don’t want to pay thousands of dollars more on your car insurance stay away from alcohol every time when you are out with your car. Not to mention the fines and the Virginia law on drivers that are caught DUI multiple times. If that happens your car insurance premiums are the last thing that you need to worry about.

4. Frequent claims

Frequent claims raise plenty of red flags for many insurance companies even if most of the time is not your fault. Actually, it doesn’t matter if every time you make a claim it’s someone else’s fault, your premiums are the ones that will get hurt. The only solution to this is if you try to pay from some of the smaller damages from your own pocket. That way you will avoid making frequent claims and with that increased premiums. Not a popular move, but an effective one

3. Past convictions

Past convictions can keep your car insurance premiums in Virginia high for a really long period. However, there is a catch that not everyone knows about. If a long period has passed you are not obligated to tell your new agent about the past convictions. There is an act from 1974 that legitimize that. This can save you a good deal of your hard earned money.

2. Bad credit score

For some time how you do on your bank account affects your car insurance premiums. You need to make sure that your credit score is good if you want to keep your premiums low. However, the state of Virginia has prohibited to insurance companies that operate on its territory to refuse giving coverage to people with bad credit score. The answer to that too many insurance companies is high premiums to people with bad or poor credit score. If you can’t do anything about your credit score the only solution to that is to look for company that does not use credit score to make your premiums.

1. You fail to get quotes from other insurers

This is not related to any law in Virginia, but more with the common sense of the drivers in this State. Getting quotes from multiple insurers can be done easily and vastly, all you need is a computer an internet connection and few minutes of your time. Even at this very moment if you enter your zip above on this page to compare free quotes and see how much you can save on your car insurance in Virginia.