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Top 5 Ways For Teenagers To Lower Their Auto Insurance Premium

In terms of Virginia car insurance, there are a plethora of factors that have the ability to both increase and decrease the premiums that you have to pay. A plethora of the drivers out there these days tend to think that they are number one drivers, but the thing is that most of us still feel the pain of being teenage drivers and having to pay more for the same car than our crazy friend who lives in our neighborhood. The bad news aside, there are a variety of options that are going to play a major role in influencing the premium that you would have to pay. A few of them in general are:

1. Defense driving courses

The best part about taking defense driving courses is that it would be necessary by law for insurance companies to give you a discount. However, it would be necessary for you to prove that you have actually completed the course.

2. Don’t pick up way too many insurance companies

Loyalty is always rewarded when it comes to holding to one car insurance company for more years. The fact of the matter is that they spend top dollars in advertisement and they know that. They also know that it costs much less to keep their customers than continuously investing in advertising. That is why they give great discounts to their loyal clients. If you stick with one company for a longer period you will be surprised how low your VA car insurance premium can be and it will be really hard for you to find a cheaper policy in case you decide to leave them because of some reason.

3. Making upfront payments

If you truly wish to acquire some of the best discounts by top notch providers, it is best for you to make upfront payments, instead of opting to pay on a monthly basis. If you have the money this can save you a good amount of money. Even if you want to switch companies they are obligated to refund you the money for the days that you won’t be under their coverage.

4. Decrease your mileage

A major impact is made over your premiums by the yearly mileage that you get to cover. The best part is that if you reduce it, any auto insurance company in Virginia would be willing to give you a discount for it. For an example if you start using public transport more frequently you can reduce your yearly mileage and qualify for a discount. According to the insurers logic the less time you spend on the road there is a much smaller chance for some sort of traffic accident. It makes sense and if possible in your case you can take advantage of that.

5. Give ample consideration to your credit score

Credit scores are generally taken in to consideration by insurers in order to assess how risky your case really is. For this reason, it is extremely important for you to make sure that you keep a strict eye on your credit score so that you are not required to pay huge amounts in terms of your car insurance premiums.

Mentioned above are some amazing tips that would make it extremely easy for you to cut down the premiums that you have to pay. However, if you truly want to pay the lowest possible premiums you need to get as many free quotes as possible. You can do that this very moment, all you need to do is to enter your zip above on this page and you will have free quotes from a great number of vehicle insurance companies in Virginia.

Why Drivers in Virginia Need Car Insurance

Sometimes you may hear people say that you don’t need car insurance in VA.  But while many drivers in Virginia do not have insurance, they need it just as much as any driver in any other state does.

If those drivers are in an accident they are just as liable and may be sued for damage just like insured drivers, but they have no insurance policy to pay the damages and so it must come right out of their own pockets.  So, if they are in an accident where two other people are injured and some property damage occurs, the resulting lawsuits could easily cost those drivers their savings, their vehicle, or in some cases perhaps even their home.

Of course, nobody expects to be in an accident.  The very nature of accidents is that they are unexpected and unforeseeable.  We all like to think that we drive carefully; that our vehicle is in a proper state of repair to be on the road, and that other drivers will be as careful as we are.  That can seem all fine and well until the day the car ahead of you on the road has a tire blow out and goes out of control, you can’t react fast enough to avoid hitting their vehicle and one or both of your vehicles are perhaps also hit by oncoming traffic from the other direction.  No matter how careful you may be, accidents can still happen.

If you have no Virginia car insurance and something like that happens, by the time you total up the cost for a lawyer, fines, time lost from work, repair or replacement of your own vehicle, your doctor bills, and then whatever amount you may be successfully by other drivers or property owners that are involved, it can add up to many times what a year’s worth of insurance premiums would have cost.

When you consider that the $500 fee for driving at your own risk without insurance would pay almost half of the average yearly insurance premium in Virginia, opting out on the insurance doesn’t seem like such a good deal.  The Commonwealth of Virginia is far from the most expensive place for auto insurance.  The average yearly premium there is about $1240, which is below the national average.  Even one minor accident could easily cost many times that.  It’s much better to be safe than sorry so get car insurance in VA today if you don’t already have it.

So while it is possible for drivers in Virginia to legally drive their vehicles without insurance so long as they are willing to pay $500 just for that rather questionable privilege, it may not be wise to actually do so.  Drivers in Virginia need protection in case of an accident just as much as any other driver, and for the same reasons.  When you consider that the $500 fee would cover a large part of a year’s worth of insurance premium, opting out on insurance can look a lot more like just throwing money away than saving any money in the long run.  To get a comparison of car insurance in VA policies, please enter your zip code above to find out how much money you can save.

The Importance Of Acquiring Car Insurance in Virginia

Car Insurance in VA is a definite necessity for anyone who owns a vehicle. Car insurance, by definition, is automobile insurance; an insurance that covers against loss due to theft or traffic accidents. Not having proper insurance will get you into a lot of trouble, a lot more trouble than you would be in for a normal crash with insurance. Having insurance will also lower your costs of repairs, which is always a plus, since some crashes completely ruin cars and would cost thousands of dollars for repairs.

Car Insurance in VA has certain requirements. To purchase license tags or decals for your car, you must verify that the vehicle has at least a minimum insurance requirement, or you will have to pay the driving while uninsured fee. Insurance requirements are not just needed for newer cars; they are also needed for classic vehicles. The insurance you choose must have a dealer with a license to be an insurance agency in the state of Virginia.

The minimum car insurance in Virginia require a bodily injury death of a person of 25 thousand dollars, bodily injury death of more than two people of 50 thousand dollars, and property damage of 20 thousand dollars. However, if you choose to pay the five hundred dollar uninsured motor vehicle fee, you do not receive any insurance and will drive while putting yourself at risk. This only allows you to drive your vehicle legally. As for self insurance and surety bonds, these are special insurance plans that are for business owners who operate motor vehicles for their place of business. If you need more information about this, you will need to visit the DMV office for more information and details.

The penalty for those who do not have car insurance nor have covered the uninsured penalty fee can have their driver’s license suspended.  They must also pay a five hundred dollar statutory fee, file a financial insurance responsibility certificate with the DMV for a period of years, and also pay a fee to have their license reinstated.

The DMV in Virginia closely watches insurance coverage through the IVP. Insurance providers automatically inform the DMV with electronic updates of insured information and vehicle description when they either cancel or add and write new coverage for their vehicles in Virginia.

As you can see, having car insurance in the state of Virginia is definitely an important factor in your every day driving life. You do not want to have to pay the extra fees that go along with driving without insurance. If you are absolutely against having car insurance, at least pay the five hundred dollar uninsured motor vehicle fee so you can drive legally.  Just remember that if you are ever in an accident an you are at fault then you are responsible for paying all costs and damages yourself.  This could be detrimental to you and your family, so think on it hard before choosing to opt out on car insurance in VA.   Enter your zip code above to find out if comparison quotes can save you money.

Auto Insurance Quotes for Motorcycles In Virginia

The lure of riding a motorcycle on the open road is strong especially on a sunny spring day with a slight breeze.  Operation of the motorcycle is a special challenge for the driver since hands, legs, and sometimes the whole body is required to steer and balance the vehicle.   Owners of motorcycles in Virginia must attend to the practical details of maintenance, special licensing and obtaining appropriate state minimum coverage insurance.  The required license level in Virginia to operate a motorcycle is a Class M designation.

One of the most common reasons that a motorcycle owner does not have appropriate insurance is because he or she believes that the bike is covered under some other policy.   For example,   a young man may have a car which has been included for years on his parent’s policy and be unaware that the parent did not add the motorcycle to the coverage as well.     A biker may feel that if he has insurance coverage for his own car that any additional ‘smaller’ vehicles will be covered automatically.   Or he may have come into Virginia from another state and not registered the vehicle after the relocation.   Finally,   the issue of cost for the insurance might be low priority on the owner’s list of financial needs.    None of these situations would be a defense to citations and suspensions resulting from failure to have state minimum coverage if the license plate were checked or there was a collision.

State minimum auto insurance coverage in Virginia requires that a company licensed to do business issue a policy which covers at least  $25,000 for Death or bodily injury to one person;  $50,000 for Death or bodily injury to more than one person;  and $20,000 for Damage to property $20,000 other than that belonging to the vehicle owner.    Many credible companies provide policies which are cheap and readily available.

Other concerns should be addressed by the motorcyclist as well. Helmets are a subject of controversy in many states but Virginia does not allow any choice in the matter of wearing an approved helmet.   Motorcycle drivers and their passengers must wear a helmet which is approved by one of the three national standard settings organizations:   Snell Memorial Foundation, the American Standards Institute, Inc. or the United States Department of Transportation. The use of helmets has been demonstrated statistically to reduce brain injury, death and vision impairment. Statistics regarding these incidents can be found on the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle website and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Gloves,   long sleeved shirts or jackets, heavy duty pants, and appropriate shoes can be lifesavers to motorcyclists.    When a bike is ‘laid down’ in the road (meaning that it has been tipped over onto one side) the rider can suffer abrasions, road burn, and lacerations.   Proper clothing can reduce this risk.   Further, if no helmet is worn or it does not have a face shield, the rider can be hit with road debris, insects, and objects thrown from other moving vehicles. Visors, sunglasses, and safety glasses can all decrease the risk of injury.

Being visible at the right time could make the difference of a near miss by another vehicle and being severely injured or killed. Footwear, however, should not be chosen for color since sturdy, full boots are safer and protect feet and ankles.    Sandals, flip flops, and sneakers with laces which might dangle and be caught up in the moving vehicle parts are all unsafe. Care should be taken with all aspects of vehicle operation since the driver and passengers are directly exposed to the elements.

Using the motorcycle safely should be paired with having it properly insured.   You want to meet the legal requirements but also protect yourself and others in the event of a crash and insurance may not be as expensive as you think.  Put your zip code in the space at the top of this web page and you will get three competitive quotes for an auto insurance policy in Virginia which meets the needs of a Virginia motorcycle driver and also meets your budget,   Now is the time to compare and feel more confident that you can head out onto the open road with the maximum degree of safety.

Virginia Auto Insurance Quotes For Mature Drivers

The Commonwealth of Virginia has a compassionate name for drivers who have reached the age of sixty years or over – ‘Silver Drivers.’    This is a respectful term which does not denigrate the person but recognizes that mature drivers are often less safe and many should not be licensed to drive even though they may have spotless histories of thirty or forty safe driving years.   Frequently these drivers do not have updated Virginia car insurance coverage and the maintenance on their vehicles may be sporadic.

Why should mature drivers be a concern?   Isn’t it true that teens and young drivers cause the most accidents and receive the highest number of citations?   Yes, that is a fact, but the teen and youthful driver will improve over time.   Young people need ‘seasoning’ and experience in order to become better drivers.   Unfortunately, the mature driver is in a different learning curve.   This list contains some of the issues;

1.   The senior may have declining faculties, such as diminished vision or hearing.   Certainly the loss of peripheral vision is a real concern among the aging population.

2. Many, if not most, seniors are taking medications on a regular basis which may impact on their concentration, skill level, and comprehension.

3. As individuals age, they often lose the ability to ‘multi-task’ so a mature person may be more distracted by a cell phone,  pedestrian, or other occupant of the vehicle than a driver who in their forties might be.

Indications that the skills of a mature individual should be reviewed include:

* stopping at green lights,

* ignoring directional signs (including stop signs),

* leaving turn signals active after the need has passed,

* making traffic changes without signaling,

* having difficulty finding the controls in the vehicle (especially the gas and brake pedals)

* Losing track of the location of their car in parking lots (more than the average adult, of course) and

* Becoming lost while driving.

What steps should be taken by family or other concerned individuals?   First, if medications are involved, those should be reviewed with the senior and the health care provider to determine if any are causing the loss of skills or memory.   Avoiding the medication dose before driving may be a simple solution to the risk.   Encouraging the senior to take a defensive driving course to update their knowledge is a good step.   Seniors may be resistant to wearing their seat belts but must be compelled to do so.   Often, they have older model cars which may not have good airbag design or may lack airbags altogether.   Seniors often do not handle high traffic, complex roadway instructions, left hand turns, or backing up their vehicle.  If possible, plans should be made so that travel involves as few of these problem areas as feasible.

What is done if the senior does have a problem and is unwilling to discuss or handle it?  A private report can be made to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles to request an assessment by the Medical Advisory Board.   This review process is internal to the Virginia DMV and occurs privately with confidential records.   If no problem is found, then the senior’s status is unchanged.    If a problem is discerns, then the DMV will restrict the license or withdraw it altogether.

Virginia auto insurance companies play a role in monitoring seniors as well.   If there are traffic citations, accidents or law enforcement warning, any of these could trigger a determination within the insurance company that coverage will not be available to the senior.   Heartless as that may seem,   insurance companies evaluate the risk that the specific driver will cause future problems in order to extend or withdraw coverage.   This is a protection for the other drivers on the road as well.

Obtaining your insurance coverage at any age should involve a reputable car insurance company in Virginia, one licensed to do business in Virginia, and one which issues policies at a reasonable cost.

Cost is determined by many factors, but an easy one on which to obtain information.   Put your zip code into the space provided above and you will receive information on various costs and companies which should meet your needs.   At any age, knowledge of the available options concerning insurance can make you a safer, more prepared driver.

Virginia Auto Insurance Quotes For Teen Drivers

Being a teenager with a new Virginia driver’s license makes the young person feel that he or she has joined the ranks of adults and received a passport to freedom.   Use of a car implies social freedom, the ability to impress others just by cruising past, and the right to make important lifestyle choices.  Few teens think of their car as a weapon on wheels, but they should not.   More teens die and are injured in single vehicle collisions than other types of accidents.   Major causes are lack of sleep, failure to use seat belts, speed, risk taking, and alcohol use.

AutoInsuranceInVirginiaVirginia has a zero tolerance law regarding teens and alcohol use since the legal age for alcohol purchase and consumption is 21 years.   If a teen is tested for BAC (blood alcohol concentration) they may record up to .02 without penalty as that level can occur from the use of cold medications,   other dietary consumption, or general production of the test markers within the average teenage body.

However,   higher readings than .02 can cause the loss of license, arrest, possible jail time and huge fines.   Furthermore, most car insurance policies in Virginia exclude responsibility for payment of damages caused while the vehicle is being used in violation of the law.    Arrest for drunk driving by a teen would be a prime example of the violation which could be used by an insurance company to void coverage.

Teens may violate good sense and the rules of Virginia highways by putting too many persons into a vehicle, failing to use seatbelts, changing music,   using cell phones or writing text messages, eating, reading, grooming themselves or others, and wearing inappropriate or no shoes.   Each of these factors increases the danger.   Lack of sleep can amplify other problems and teens tend to function on the least amount of sleep they can manage. Another risk factor for teens is the persons with whom they associate.   Passengers who are drunk, high, or overly excited

Car insurance in Virginia should not be viewed as a burden or low priority expense.   As with many things in life, insurance costs you money for premiums with hopes that it would never be used – but if needed, you would certainly want the policy limits to be adequate and usable.    What would be the cost?   Of course, cost varies by driving history, the amount and type of insurance you wish to obtain, and your location.

Please put your zip code into the box at the top of this web page and you will see three or more competitive Virginia car insurance quotes from businesses approved to do business in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This simple act can provide information to assist you in making an informed choice.

Auto Insurance Quotes In Virginia – Secure Your Drivers License

Most people in the United States have probably known someone who claimed to have a fake driver’s license.   Usually, the fake was obtained so that an underage person could purchase alcoholic beverages or gain admission to adult events.   However, with identity theft on the rise,   use of these fraudulent documents has become a nationwide concern.   The Commonwealth of Virginia has some of the most stringent laws regarding eligibility for driver’s licenses, maintaining insurance, and treatment of adult intoxicated offenders.   Not surprisingly, the production of the physical driver’s license and the procedures to prove the existence of state mandated minimum auto insurance coverage in Virginia have both been modernized to deter fraud.

Virginia now produces driver’s license cards which have state-of-the-art security features.   Some lettering is raised and can be felt by rubbing a finger across the surface.   Part of this lettering is black in color and part clear.   The cards are no longer old fashioned laminated cardboard or credit card like plastic.   The cards are created from a polycarbonate composite which is criss-crossed with fine lines, micro-lettering and other features which cannot be reproduced by general purpose printers or other card extruders.   The data is not printed on the surface of the card but is engraved by laser with overlapping characters and patterns.   In the past, one of the features which ‘permitted’ fraud was the fact that the photos were on the surface of the driver’s license and could be peeled away for replacement with someone else’s picture.    This is no longer possible with Virginia driver’s licenses since the new technology embeds the photos as part of the card itself.   To remove the picture the card would have to be incised.    In addition to the driver’s color picture, there is also a clear space inside the card so that a black and white image can be viewed from either the front or back in a holographic manner.

Virginia provides these high tech cards for children as well.   Child identification cards are available to children who have not reached the age years of 15 who can be officially identified by official documents such as a certified birth certificate or passport.   The cost is reasonable at $10.00 each and the card expires at the end of the child’s birthday month on each age divisible by 5.   A great deal can be said for having proper identification for your child (especially adopted children), but the important aspect of this discussion is that Virginia has made special efforts to protect the identification document itself.

Protecting the driver’s documentation of their state mandated insurance coverage has been a more difficult task.   The proof of coverage documents is issued by various insurance companies (often after internet purchase) and there is no consistency in the color, substance, or structure of the insurance cards.   Therefore, Virginia has verification procedures which are independent of the communication between the insurance company and the policy holder/vehicle owner.   By state law, insurance companies must electronically transmit information to Virginia when a policy is created, terminated or suspended.   Thus,   law enforcement personnel, Department of Motor Vehicle staff, and Courts can verify the status of insurance coverage without even speaking to the auto owner.   This may seem to have little bearing on defeating potential fraud when someone forges a proof of insurance card to carry in their vehicle.  The reality is that the physical card is no longer the best proof of automobile insurance coverage in Virginia.   Law enforcement agents might ask for the insurance card if there is a collision or checkpoint stop, but computer verification is available and would be used to confirm status.

Having state mandated insurance coverage is important for a variety of reasons – one of the most essential of which is that the Commonwealth of Virginia can verify that coverage when needed.    Being able to rely that the driver’s license cards and insurance documents are not faked is a valuable service provided by Virginia.

Everyone should carry appropriate insurance, particularly since it is mandatory and can be easily verified through Internet access by state authorities.   If you are uncertain that you have appropriate or cost effective insurance coverage, then please put your zip code into the box at the top of this page.   The costs of comparable coverage from several companies will be displayed.   Knowledgeable drivers make for safer drivers.   Use the above quote system to find the most advantageous coverage and be confident that you have the best, most cost effective Virginia car insurance policy for use in operating your vehicle.