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Intricacies Of The Cost Of Virginia Car Insurance For Teen Drivers

The major reason why teenagers in the state of Virginia are at the highest risk of insurance is because even a single accident can raise insurance rates for them very quickly. However, all is not lost because there are ways for teenagers to get a reduction in Virginia auto insurance requirements by obeying road rules and using good judgment when in command of a motor vehicle. Teens usually have to pay double the amount $1,300 per year for auto insurance which is the amount for an average driver in Virginia.

CarInsuranceinVirginiaVirginia insurance requirements

Only bodily injury and property damage liability coverage is provided by minimum Virginia insurance as stated by the Virginia department of insurance. $25,000 property damage liability is the bare minimum amount that every driver must carry to cover damages caused to another person’s property. For all people injured in an accident, this amount should come up to $500,000. Usually, for teens in Virginia, average insurance should cover additional collision and comprehensive coverage but this should only be done keeping in mind that the cost as premiums would surely become very pricey with these additions. These Virginia auto insurance requirements might seem troublesome but they are only designed to deter fatal behavior from happening, the type that leads people to buy such insurance plans.

Virginia graduated driver program

A new program in Virginia that gradually gets teens onto roads with decent amount of experience is the graduated driver program. This program helps teenagers in getting the necessary skills to be top notch driver keeping in mind all the rules and regulations by providing them privileges as they learn and mature. The program does state though that a fully licensed and insured driver must accompany the one with the permit.

Quickly changing costs

$510 for 6 months is going to be the average cost for a teenager requiring liability coverage in Virginia, but minor incidents can drive these costs up by a significant amount. $1,300 would be the costs for only having a single speeding ticket, $1,400 would be the cost if a single auto incident in on the record. A combination of both of these can have a heavy impact on the pocket by raising this cost to around $1,600 for half a year.

Keeping a lid on these costs

There are several ways for teenagers to reduce their costs associated with Virginia auto insurance requirements. Maintaining a grade point average of 3.0 will result in student discount for insurance. Taking a voluntary driver safety course can also go well with insurance companies as they provide discounts for having these learning experiences. Depending on whichever package suits you best, the amount that you pay to the company for fixing your car can be reduced by having little premium or vice versa. Doing away with collision and comprehensive charges can reduce your overall cost.

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