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Know The Importats Points About Virginia Auto Insurance Laws

Virginia traffic laws are pretty straightforward and easy to follow. Once you learn them it will mean a lot in keeping your premiums low. The lines that follow give an overview on some of the basic traffic laws and their correlation to the car insurance premiums.

Traffic and insurance laws in Virginia are pretty straightforward to follow and easy to learn, once you get to know them. The better you understand them the more you can follow them and avoid getting tickets as well as participating in accidents. The less traffic tickets and car accidents the better your driver’s record and the better your driver’s records the cheaper your auto insurance premiums. If you are low income earner or you simply value your hard earned dollars you will value that a lot and will learn those laws. Here follow the basic traffic and driving laws and their correlation with the car insurance in Virginia.

DUI Laws

Driving under the influence in Virginia is not easily taken and the consequences, like in most states, can be pretty harsh. Anyone who has blood alcohol level over 0.08% can be charged with driving under the influence. Anyone that refuses to be submitted to a test risks suspension of his driver’s license for a period from seven days to one year. In addition to the alcohol test the officer can give you a test for illegal narcotic or any combination of drugs that you might have in your body. Aside the penalties and the risk of imprisonment you will adversely affect your premiums. Your rates will grow up to a level that you won’t be able to afford to pay them or even if you can pay them it would be pretty hard to find an insurance company that will want to make you a policy. Therefore, if you want to find affordable policy simply forget about alcohol or other drugs when driving.

Cell phone laws

As in most states Virginia have implemented laws to limit the use of mobile phones while driving your vehicle. Drivers under the age of 18 are prohibited from any use of their mobile devices while driving, while others can still use their mobile devices for calling but not for texting or emailing. Emailing and texting are considered as primary offense; meaning that you can be pulled over by an officer just because of that, regardless if you have not violated any other law. On the other hand if you are school bus driver the law says that you are prohibited to use your mobile device during the transportation of the children. This law is for the protection of the children that are transported with those buses. Even though that emailing and texting won’t raise your premiums as DUI in VA would it could still make a difference, just enough to make you not eligible for a small group of discounts which you would have the right to otherwise.

Other Virginia laws

Most of the drivers, when driving in some place new, are concerned about the speed limit. The highest speed limit is Virginia is 65 miles per hour, allowed when going through rural areas and on interstate highways. If you are driving in a business, school, or residential area you need to keep your speed no more than 25 miles per hour. While these are only some of the traffic laws, there are plenty of others that the state of Virginia obligates you to follow. These laws are important because they strongly affect your premiums and you can’t expect them to be low if you don’t follow them. For more information on the other traffic and car insurance laws in Virginia you need to contact the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. Their official web site is the perfect place to obtain any information related to those laws

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