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Top Tips To Obtain Cheap Auto Insurance In Virginia

How to find cheap car insurance in Virginia is the number one question for many people that are still struggling with the effects of the recession. Nowadays, the internet is full of people that offer different tips and recommendations how to lower your premiums, what to do, what to ask, what not to do, and all in order to find affordable auto insurance. However, eve so that most of the people have good intentions plenty of those advices are pretty lame and don’t make big difference. Here follow some of the most effective tips on how to get the lowest possible car insurance premiums in the state of Virginia.

CheapAutoInsuranceInVirginiaFirst of all you need to talk to your insurance agent about your driver’s record. Nothing affects more your premiums than what is written in that record. If you have some traffic violations or car accidents from your past he needs to tell you after which period they can be erased so they won’t affect your premiums any more. Your insurance agent should be able to tell you that. There is no reason for you to keep on paying for the mistakes you did as a young driver.  If you manage to stay out of troubles while on the road for certain period your record will be cleaned and your premiums will drop.

You also need to talk to your agent about your age and how it affects your premiums. Drivers over the age of 65 and under the age of 25 are likely to pay more than any other age group. Those senior drivers in average pay more because there is a bigger chance they to experience some health issue that impair their driving, while the younger under 25 age drivers pay for their lack of driver’s experience. The only positive thing is that they eligible for various discounts. For an example, the senior drivers over 25 can get a discount if they pass a defense driving course in VA. As far as the younger drivers they can get a discount if they maintain a good grade point average or/and if they pass some driving course as well. However, not every company can give them a discount for their driving course because they are not obligated by state law as with the older drivers. Regardless, of that plenty of insurers grant a discount to the drivers that can prove that they have passed such course.

Your marital status and your profession also affect your cheap car insurance premiums in VA as well. The insurance companies have statistics that prove that married people are less involved in car accidents than unmarried people. They strongly believe that marriage make people to behave more responsibly in life, on the roads included. The result of that thinking is lower premiums. Many companies also grant lower premiums to people that work as police officers, serve in the army, fire-fighters, emergency medical technicians and teachers. That is their way to show some social responsibility and get back something to the community.

In addition to all that you can get discount if your car has safety features, you don’t make frequent claims, you stay with one company for a longer period, and you pay your premiums in full.

But all won’t matter much if you don’t get multiple free quotes. All you need to do is to enter your zip on the top of this page and compare quotes. There is no reason to overpay your car insurance more than you need. Do that and you will see how low the car insurance in Virginia can help you.

What You Have To Know About DWI in Virginia

When it comes to car insurance in Virginia, one of the worst things that can happen to you is to be charged for driving under the influence. Even though that most of the people know that drinking and driving is by default a bad idea, driving with alcohol in our blood system has happened even to the best of us. Perhaps not too often or too much but just enough to be pulled by the police questioned and tested for alcohol. Here follow an overview on how to behave, how the police officers approach this matter, the DUI laws, your rights, your obligations and what that can mean to your car insurance premiums.

Giveaways signs for DUI

Here follows a list of signs that help the officers to detect drunk drivers on the highways. The list is sum of symptoms of probabilities that the person behind the wheel is driving under the influence of alcohol. This list is derived from a research made by the National Highway Traffic Administration:

–              Weaving

–              Drifting

–              Wide turns

–              Swerving

–              Delayed response to traffic signals

–              Appearing to be drunk

–              Following too closely

–              Speed more than 10 mph below the limit

–              Straddling center of lane marker

–              Stopping without any cause or need

–              Almost striking an object or vehicle

–              Headlights off

–              Decelerating or accelerating rapidly

–              Turning illegally or abruptly

On the other hand incidental speeding is not seen as a symptom of DWI, but as quicker reflexes and judgment, often seen by the officers as a sign of sobriety.

What to say if asked by the police officer if you have been drinking?

If it’s late night it’s highly likely that the police officer will ask you that question. If you had few drinks you have the right not to answer that question. The Fifth Amendment gives you the right not to answer questions that incriminate you. Something like: “I would like to speak to my attorney before I answer that” should be the best thing to say. But, if you had only one or two beers you can tell the officer about that. That won’t incriminate you because one or two beers won’t show on the BAC test and it may explain your alcohol breath. However, you need to know that in the State of Virginia if pulled by a police office and asked to do a BAC test you must take it. Otherwise you risk an arrest and an automatic suspension of your driver’s license for at least seven months.

Signs and symptoms that you might be driving under the influence

Here is a list of signs and symptoms of driving under the influence that the police officers are taught at the academies. Very often they apply that knowledge in practice.

–              Inability to follow directions

–              rumpled, disorderly clothing

–              Swaying/instability on feet

–              Red, watery, glassy and/or bloodshot eyes

–              Odor of alcohol on breath

–              Leaning on car for support

–              Combative, argumentative, jovial or other “inappropriate” attitude

–              Staggering when exiting vehicle

–              Slurred speech

–              Disorientation as to time and place

–              Fumbling with wallet trying to get license

–              Failure to comprehend the officer’s questions

–              Stumbling while walking

–              Swaying/instability on feet

–              Inability to follow directions

–              Flushed face

What if asked to do a field sobriety test?

You can be asked to perform all sorts of field sobriety tests by the police officers. Test such as finger to nose, alphabet recitation, modified attention or position, fingers to thumbs, hand pat, one leg stand, etc. Most of the police officers will ask you to do few tests before they make their mind. However, unlike the breath test you are not obligated by the law to do take any field sobriety test. The police officers ask for such tests if your BAC is below the minimum and they still suspect that you are under the influence of alcohol. Therefore, polite refusal is highly recommended action.

Self-representation or a lawyer

Self-representation is not recommendable course of action even that you can do it if you like. But, considering how complex area is driving while intoxicated that is not a popular move. The best course of action is if you hire an attorney that is specialized in this area and that has plenty of experience in handling DWI cases. A reputable DWI lawyer can review your case for potential defects such as maintenance records and calibration for the breath machine, suppress evidence, have blood samples independently analyzed, find expert witness for your trial and eventually negotiate reduced sentence or lesser charge.

What about sentencing enhancement?

This can mean much bigger trouble for you if certain facts exist. The most serious is if this is not your first conviction for similar or the same offense within ten years’ time period.  Other types of sentencing enhancement may include:

–              You had a child in your car while driving intoxicated

–              There was iVAury or property damage

–              The driver had a CDL

–              The defendant is under twenty one

In addition to that you need to be aware that in case of a serious bodily iVAury cause by your DWI elevates the offense to a felony. In case of death the charge can elevate to manslaughter or even murder charge.

What if you are convicted of DWI?

In such case you will need to pay $1.000 a year surcharge for a period of three years. The surcharges can be paid at monthly rates of $83 per month for thirty six months.

What about the risk of doing jail time?

Most of the convicted DWI drivers do community service programs instead of actual jail time. (1)

What about the “Ten year rule”?

This means that a ten years old DWI conviction does not count as a prior conviction if charged for DWI again. The main point is that DWI driver will not receive sentencing enhancement if his previous DWI conviction is older than ten or more years.

Regardless whether you are convicted for DWI or no, there is one more thing that you can do in order to get the lowest possible care premiums. Enter your zip above on this page and see how much you can save on your car insurance in Virginia. That is the most effective way to find the best and cheapest car insurance company on the territory of Virginia.

27 Random Facts About Driving Under the Influence in Virginia

Virginia car insurance and DUI Laws in Virginia are not the most popular discussion themes in the Garden State. Most of the people prefer to talk more about the Nets or such topics regardless that it is something that affects them greatly. Of course it gets boring talking about that after a while even if such conversation is started. Not to mention that it hurts some people to talk about that, especially if they are caught and convicted for driving while intoxicated. The fines are not that hurts them the most but what the conviction does to their car insurance premiums. Here follow some interesting fact and statistics on that topic.

AutoInsuranceInVirginia–              According to official statistics, every 40 minutes someone is killed as a result of driving whie intoxicated.

–              DWI is the cause for around one third of all traffic fatalities in the US.

–              Roughly three out of ten Americans will be in some way involved in an alcohol related traffic accident in some point of their life.

–              In 2007 over 1.4 million of drivers in the United States were arrested for DWI of alcohol or narcotics. This is just one percentage of the around 159 million self-reported episodes of driving intoxicated in 2007.

–              The DWI law in all U.S. States says that a driver can be considered legally drunk when her or his blood alcohol content is at least 0.08 grams per deciliter or above.  For a grown man that weighs around 170 pounds to reach that level needs to consume four drinks in 60 minutes while a woman that weighs around 140 pounds needs to have at least three drinks in one hour on an empty stomach.

–              In order the human body to completely eliminate alcohol from its system it needs around six hours to achieve that. That is if the blood alcohol level is 0.08%.

–              With some people 0.02% BAC can significantly affect their driving ability and response time. The odds to crash into something largely increase after 0.05% and rise even more after 0.08%.

–              It’s a known fact that the alcohol dilutes in the water volume of the human body in order to go through it. The vital organs such as the brain are very vulnerable to its effects.

–              Driver who has consumed no alcohol has 11 times less chances to be involved in a traffic accident than a driver who has BAC of 0.08%.

–              Around 75% of all fatal traffic car accidents in which drunk driver is involved happen between midnight and 3 a.m.

–              In 2007, 50% of all drunk drivers involved in fatal car accidents had a BAC level that was 0.15%, almost twice of the allowed limit.

–              There is a much bigger chance to be tested for alcohol during the night than during the day. During 2007, 36% of the drivers that were involved in night time fatal car accidents were legally drunk as oppose to only 9% of the drivers during daytime crashes.

–              Motorcycle drivers are the most common type of drivers that are involved in fatal drunk driving accidents. In 2007, around 27% of all accidents included drunken motorcycle driver.

–              Around 75% of the drunk drivers involved in fatal car accidents don’t have their safety belts on.

–              According to a research, in average every first time DWI offender has driven around 80 times before being arrested.

–              There are twice as more chances for alcohol related car accident to occur during the weekend than during the week. 15% of the drivers involved in fatal car accidents during the week are legally drunk while around 31% are legally drunk on the weekend.

–              Other than alcohol, cocaine and marijuana are the most common illegal drugs involved in fatal car accidents. In most of the cases they are used in combination with alcohol.

–              DWI and DUI are the most common acronyms used by the authorities to describe drunken driving. DWI stands for driving while intoxicated while DUI stands for driving under the influence and can refer to use of other substances such as illegal drugs.

–              According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration beer is the most common beverage involved in fatal traffic accidents as well as in DWI arrests.

–                 There is 50% bigger chance men to be involved in driving while intoxicated or in a fatal car accident than women.

–              All of the states in the country have the same zero tolerance law for drivers under the age of 21.

–              In 2006, around 20% of all sixteen to twenty year old drivers that were killed in motor vehicle car accidents were legally drunk.

–              Candice Lightner formed Mothers against Drunk Driving in 1980 in Irving, Texas. That is one of the most famous political action groups fighting alcohol impaired driving. She started the organization after her daughter was a victim in a traffic accident caused by a drunken driver.

–              New York has the least amount of drunken driving fatalities in the country, with 2.06 per 100.000 residents.

–              Wyoming has the most fatalities as a result of DUI driving, with 13 drunken driving fatalities per 100.000 residents every year.

–              The deadliest drunken driving car accident in the history of the United States happened in 1988 in Kentucky when a drunken driver that had 0.24 BAC level caused an accident with a school bus. As a result of the crash 27 people were killed, from which most of them were children, and additional 34 were injured.

–              There was a study that showed that 50% to 75% of all drunk drivers that have suspended licenses because of DWI continued driving regardless of that.

Aside the terrible things that driving under influence can cause it can make the car premiums reach record high levels as well. If you once made the mistake and you drove your car while intoxicated it does not mean that you are not entitle of finding the lowest possible premiums. If you are interested in that just enter your zip above on this page and you compare offers from companies offering Virginia car insurance. Try it, it’s free and effective.

What Drivers Of All Ages Need To Know About Virginia Car Insurance

A majority of people these days have no idea what car insurance in Virginia is all about although they have purchased it for themselves. It is because of this particular ignorance that they do not understand the basic privileges that they are entitled to. Moreover, this is the reason why they get duped by auto insurance companies. There is a plethora of thing that drivers all around VA need to know about. Knowing these things is not only going to help them deal in a better manner with car insurance companies, but would additionally allow them to acquire affordable auto insurance coverage in VA.

Cancel the old one and purchase a new one

As a car insurance holder, you have the right to purchase a new insurance and cancel out on your old one anytime that you want. Auto insurance laws in Virginia basically deems it necessary for your car insurance companies to abide by your request. The insurance companies often forgot to mention that because they don’t like such deals. This can come handy if you find a better and cheaper coverage and you want to get rid of your old insurer. If that is the case you have every right to do so and no insurer has the right to legally do something about it.

What are the fees of your agent?

It is extremely important for you to acquire details about the fees that you would have to pay to your agent. There are a plethora of auto insurance agencies out there that basically permit their agents to charge their clients with additional fees for services like faxing, mailing, photocopying. It is necessary for the agent to give you a schedule of fees in his office. If you think that he is overcharging you than you probably need to look for another insurance agent. But, prior to moving on, make sure that you consider the fees of the other agent as well. That way you can be 100% sure that your agent is overcharging you or not. In addition to that you can also check if the insurance company has some additional fees that are not included in the annual premium for which you are not aware of that can increase the sum that you need to pay.

Have you lately been in any car accidents?

A majority of car insurance companies tend to turn down drivers that have lately been in car accidents and/or traffic violations. However, that does not mean that you won’t find one that will accept you as a client. The reason for that is because many companies with low premiums have underwriting standards. If you keep on trying you will eventually find one. It’s highly likely that some of the companies that have higher premiums will have you as their client. In case you still can’t find any company to make you a car insurance policy you can ask for a policy from the Virginia Automobile Insurance Plan. Any licensed insurance agent that works on the territory of the state of Virginia can ask in your name for such policy. This policy should be your last resort because it costs much more than the ones made from the private companies.

Your right to remain silent

When you go to an insurance agent you are not obligated to tell him if you have some traffic violation or car accident that is really old. According to an act in 1974 you have the right not to mention that, that is if a long period of time has passed since then. There is no reason why not to take advantage of that act, especially if you have some traffic violation that you did as a teenager. There is no reason why to pay now for your teenage mistakes. That can help you keep your premiums to a more reasonable level. On the other hand if the insurance agent knows about it you better be prepared for high premiums.

Limited right to a lawsuit does not mean no right to a lawsuit. Most of the people understand the word limited as no right even so it means that there are cases when you can sue the party that caused the accident. Limited right to a lawsuit means that you can sue someone only in some of the following cases: loss of body part, loss of fetus, significant scarring, significant disfigurement, permanent injury or death.

Defensive driving courses and the discounts you would receive

Every insurer is obligated to award you a discount if you have passed the defensive driving course. All you need to do is to provide a written proof that you have passed the course and you can have lower premiums. Also, the Virginia law says that every person of 55 years of age or older that passes the motor vehicle accident prevention course automatically should be given a reduction in premiums. How much the reduction will be is determined by each insurer. Once you pass the course you can have reduced premiums in the next three years. Therefore, knowing that you need to ask around if you want to know which insurance company in the state of Virginia gives the biggest reductions.

Frequent claims and their impact

Frequent claims can skyrocket your premiums as well even if it’s not your fault for the accident. They won’t speak about that openly but that’s exactly what they will do. They will look to you as an increased risk and you can say good bye to your low premiums. The fact that you have clean driving record, that it’s not your fault for the accident, that your car is equipped with the latest safety features, that you passed the defensive driving course won’t do you much good. Your premiums will be still pretty high compared prior to your claims. The best way to deal with that is not to make claims for every little thing. If you want to keep your premiums low you need to pay for some smaller damages from your own pocket.

One more thing that most insurance companies rarely tell their clients is that they can get free quotes from a great number of companies and that it can be easily done. If you truly wish to acquire the cheapest car insurance in Virginia just enter your zip above on this page and wait a while. For only short period you will be able to choose from great deal of offers from some of the best insurers in the state.

Essence of Getting The Best Car Insurance In VA

In the state of Virginia in the year 2009, 2,878 car accidents were unfortunately put out on display. But hopefully, those people would have been covered by car insurance in VA, considering the obligation that someone cannot receive a license plate without any sort of minimum insurance. Virginia entails the following minimum insurance coverage: Bodily injury/death of one person $25k; Bodily injury/death of two or more persons $50k; Property damage $20k. This essential coverage is frequently submitted as 25/50/20 coverage with 25/50 UM restrictions. If for any reason liability insurance coverage on your vehicle is canceled or expires during the registration stage, you have three options. You can either reinsure the automobile, reimburse the uninsured automobile payment, or you can give up the car’s license plate to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).

According to car insurance in VA, if your vehicle is uninsured or your payment fee is not paid to the UMV, you’re driving and car registration rights will be suspended. In order to restore everything, you must pay a five hundred dollar constitutional charge and complete a file for Financial Insurance Responsibility Certificate (SR-22) with the DMV for three years. You must also pay a reinstatement payment if it is relevant. In order to verify your vehicle insurance coverage you have to go through the Insurance Verification Program. Insurance providers present the DMV with constant electronic information updates about information of insured vehicles and their descriptions when they are canceled. They also add and write a brand new coverage for the vehicles that are registered in Virginia. The Virginia DMV matches up vehicle registration information on file at the DMV in order to suitably insure motor vehicles.

If there is no insurance located, the DMV will have to tell the owner of the vehicle to provide the liability insurance information that is needed in order to have verification. Car Insurance in VA follows a Tort system. This means that if someone is in the wrong when found in an accident then that person’s insurance company has the responsibility to pay for all of the damages. The details of a tort system should be known to drivers since they differ in every state. Virginia state laws need minimum insured/underinsured motorist coverage of $25k in order to assist in protecting against damages to the driver and their passengers. $50k per accident is needed for any physical wound that was caused by the uninsured and/or underinsured driver. You are able to decide on the Minimum State Required package or can decide on advanced liability boundaries. You can also decide on other features that help better suit yourself. The insurance agents are always available to their customers if they need assistance or if they just want to talk to someone about their insurance.

Car Insurance in Virginia has many laws and requirements to follow when it comes to DUI, Teen Driving, Auto Theft Statistics, Auto Insurance Rate Trends, etc. But, all of the information needed in order to understand these laws and requirements can be in your hands by looking online for a suitable insurance company or if you already have one, to just call anytime needed.  To get cheaper rates and a better policy today, enter your zip code above to see comparable policies in your area.

Choosing the Best Provider and Car Insurance In VA

In order for a driver to receive their car tags or labels, they have one responsibility. They must be one hundred percent positive that their vehicle is being covered by meeting the state regulations regarding minimum insurance limits.  Insurance must be carried on all operable vehicles that are on the road. The insurance carrier needs to be licenses in the state to be able to write a policy for you.  Getting car insurance in VA is an easy process. You just need to make sure you get a policy that works with your circumstances. The Commonwealth of Virginia requires twenty-five thousand for bodily injury, twenty-five thousand for additional persons and property damage liability in the amount of twenty thousand. If liability insurance coverage with a vehicle come to an end or is called off during the scheduling stage, either reinsure the automobile, pay the uninsured motor vehicle payment or give up your license plates to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).

Car Insurance in VA has many obligations and laws to follow while on the road. There are many laws such as DUI (driving under the influence), Virginia Teen Driving Laws, Virginia Auto Insurance Rate Estimates, Virginia Auto Theft Statistics, and Virginia Auto Insurance Rate Trends. Driving under the influence has many consequences such as mandatory jail verdicts and also a heavy amount of fines to pay. On top of the minimum insurance policy you will have to follow, if you are an offender of a DUI, you will put yourself in insurance jeopardy. The DUI is put on your record and the insurance payments will become very expensive because of the extra coverage obtained by the driver. There is also the additional cost that is connected to you being a high risk driver. Because of the DUI conviction being put onto your record, car insurance in VA might become somewhat trickier to obtain. But specific companies in Virginia can supply FR-44 insurance. FR-44 insurance is proof given to the DMV that coverage has been paid for by the required driver.

The required driver is accountable when paying for the necessary insurance coverage and having the FR-44 filed by their insurance company. If the DMV, for whatever reason is not given, the needed FR-44 when the driver’s new policy is subjected or while the present policy is renewed, it is confirmed that the person will be suspended to drive, register vehicles in Virginia, and obtaining decals in Virginia. The driver’s insurance carrier gives information to the DMV with constant electronic updates and the vehicle report when they withdraw, insert, or write down new coverage used for automobiles registered in Virginia.

DMV keeps an eye on insurance coverage by using an Insurance Verification Program. The DMV confirms that motor vehicles are appropriately insured by matching up vehicle registration information and putting it on file at the DMV; with liability information submitted from the driver and also the vehicle sent out to the DMV by the insurance carrier. Virginia DMV entails the automobile possessor to supply the liability insurance information to the DMV for confirmation if no insurance is found.  If you would like to save money or change your policy, enter your zip code at the top of the page to get direct comparison quotes that could get you better coverage for a cheaper price.

How Fast and Easy Getting Car Insurance In Virginia Could Be

Car insurance is a big issue and a required one for most people.  If you live in Virginia, getting car insurance in VA can be as easy as just logging on the net and entering information.  The state of Virginia has some minimum requirements for car insurance such as Bodily injury or death of one person for $25k, Bodily injury or death of two or more persons for $50k, and Property damage for $20k. If you would like to drive while being uninsured, you must pay a five hundred dollar fee to the DMV which will allow for you to drive an uninsured vehicle and expires with your registration and must be paid at renewal. As you all know, insurance is essential in case you get into a car accident or something else happens to your car.

CheapCarInsuranceInVirginiaOwning a car in different states means different rules and different laws in the state you are insured. If you own a car and are currently living in the state of Virginia, you must always have proof of insurance or DMV at all times. If you are caught without either of these, your vehicle and registration for driving may be suspended for a very long time. To regain your registration again, you will be required to pay the five hundred dollar DMV fee and file for a Financial Insurance Responsibility Certificate with the DMV for a three year period. You may also have to pay a reinstatement fee before the suspension over your vehicle’s registration can be lifted from your history. This is why you should always keep your insurance proof inside your car’s glove compartment. You are also allowed to exclude a single member of the household from your insurance policy or the insurance company may be allowed to exclude the driver themselves if they know about a driver’s bad driving history and high risks.  You must always read and understand all of the rules of a car insurance insurance policy in VA before you put your pen to the paper and sign it.

There are many exclusions and exceptions, and you don’t want to get yourself into trouble later.  In Virginia, there are also rules regarding insurance lapses. When your insurance lapses the registration period, you must re-insure your vehicle as quickly as possible. If not, you can either pay the 500 dollar fee or you can surrender your license plates. You must not try to get away with not paying. The Virginia DMV has access to your insurance coverage status with their Insurance Verification Program. The insurance companies all provide the DMV with electronic updates on the insured as well as a description of the vehicle that they own if their insurance has lapsed or been cancelled.

When you register your vehicle you are required to continuously pay your insurance month by month and cover your financial responsibility. If you do not pay, your driver’s license and registration can be confiscated as well as your license plates. A 500 dollar fee may also apply. As you can see, you need car insurance to keep you safe, healthy and so that you don’t suffer any consequences. Listed above, are some of the Insurance laws and policies about Virginia car insurance.  Enter your zip code above to compare other policies to your current one.

How Driving Uninsured Can Cost You Money

If you need car insurance in VA, there are many reputable agencies available that can match you to the best policy that meets your needs.  An insurance agent should be able to analyze what exact coverage amounts you need based on the information that you provide.  It is much better to be over insured than underinsured.  It could be the difference between you being homeless or not one day if you ever have an accident.

In the common wealth of Virginia, the rules and requirements are actually much milder than in other areas of the country.  With Car insurance in VA, there is a requirement for insurance but you also have the ability to not have insurance if you want to pay a fee and take full responsibility for yourself and your actions.  This is a really bad idea for anyone.  The cost of a standard insurance premium depends on your driving record and the vehicle you are insuring of course but on average, it usually no more than 900 to 1000 dollars per year unless you are paying high risk rates.   The cost to be able to drive without insurance is 500 dollar fee payable to the DMV.  It is not worth the difference of 500 dollars per year to end up in bankruptcy if you ever have an accident and someone sues you.

Everyone that gets auto insurance in VA has a minimum set of standards to go by.  Those minimum amounts are twenty thousand for property damage, twenty five thousand for a single person injury and 50 thousand for two or more person injured or dead.  Even if you do have this minimum coverage that the state requires, it would not cover you fully if a serious accident occurred.  If you had an accident and someone had to have multiple surgeries that cost more than the amounts you are insured for then it would be your responsibility to pay the difference between what the insurance pays and what the actual costs are.  With soaring medical costs today, fifty thousand dollars would not even be a drop in the bucket for what some surgeries cost.  It’s much better to have as much insurance as you can reasonably afford to protect yourself and your loved ones.

The people that do not comply with the law in Virginia are dealt with accordingly.  They are very strict about their standards and if you don’t comply with them you can be jailed, have your license suspended or be subject to hefty fines with no questions asked.  They do not tolerate non-compliance where auto insurance is concerned.  If you want to better your coverage limits or if you just want to see what other options are available to you at a reasonable price then enter your zip code above to get comparable quotes.  It never hurts to check out other companies and make sure you are getting the best deal.  It is very possible that you could actually get better coverage amounts for a lesser price than what you currently pay for just the standard minimums.

Virginia Car Insurance Laws And Regulations

Are you curious about the laws and regulations concerning car insurance in VA?  If you are an automobile driver living in the state of Virginia, it is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with these regulations and laws.  After all, ignorance of the law is not a plea that will help you get out of a ticket or other serious trouble.  Below are some of the mandatory auto insurance laws for the state of Virginia.

In Virginia, you must pay to keep a license plate current on your vehicle.  This means you will be charged a fee annually to certify that your vehicle has the minimum requirements for VA auto insurance.  You will need to visit a tag agency and provide proof of insurance when purchasing a new decal.  If you do not currently have insurance then you must pay a fee of up to $500 for operating an uninsured motor vehicle.  This fee, otherwise known as a UMV fee, will not afford you insurance of any kind for your automobile.  It just simply permits the driver to operate an uninsured automobile at his own peril.

If you are looking for insurance, you need to be aware that the minimum requirements in the state of Virginia are $20,000 for property damage, $25,000 for death or bodily harm for one person, and $50,000 for death or bodily harm for two people.  This vehicle insurance requirement also relates to operators of antique vehicles too.  Having insurance is not the only obligation however.  You must have proof of insurance, or proof of UMV, in your vehicle at all times while driving.  Being caught driving without the proper insurance identification could cause your registration and driving privileges to be suspended.  You are required pay a statutory fee of $500 to be reinstated.  That is not all you will have to do though.  It is also mandatory that you file a SR-22, better known as a Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate for three years with the DMV and another reinstatement fee may be required.

Car insurance in VA is serious business.  To avoid breaking any other laws, make sure that your insurance carrier is certified to conduct business in Virginia.  The insurance company you choose must underwrite all their own auto insurance policies.  It is advisable to check into the background of any insurance company you may choose to insure your vehicle.  You need to be sure that they follow the laws and regulations for car insurance in VA.

You will need to be aware of rental insurance requirements as well.   If you are in Virginia on business and need transportation, you will need to familiarize yourself with the rental requirements concerning insurance.  It is illegal, in the state of Virginia to operate any auto that is not insured.  This also applies to rental cars.  Just keep in mind the auto insurance policies in VA and make sure you pay for adequate coverage on any rental cars you may be driving.  It is possible that your credit card will cover this, but be sure to check with the company that issued the credit card to be positive of their coverage.  If they do not cover auto rental insurance, you may want to purchase it from the rental company.  To check direct comparable quotes for your car insurance in VA policy, enter your zip code in the field above to get quick results.

How Comparing Quotes Can Help in Obtaining Car Insurance in VA

Do you live in the State of Virginia and have enough car insurance coverage to meet your needs?  Most people know they have to have car insurance and take out a policy but if you ask them they usually have no idea what their coverage amounts are.   Car insurance in VA is required by State law for most motor vehicles.  Getting car insurance in VA is easily obtained by shopping online for comparison quotes.  Nearly every state in the U.S. is required to carry some form of insurance or another.  Virginia is unique because they actually offer their residents and opt out clause which many states do not.

The Commonwealth of Virginia does require proof of car insurance in VA before issuing a license plate, but they allow drivers to choose to instead pay a $500 fee if they wish to drive an uninsured vehicle at their own risk.  Considering the insurance coverage required in Virginia is $25,000 in case of injury or death of one other person, $50,000 if two or more people are injured or killed and $20,000 for property damage, the risk that the drivers who choose to just pay the $500 are taking is obviously a considerable one.  The drivers who choose that option receive no sort of coverage or benefit for their $500, other than being allowed to drive without insurance.

Driving without Virginia auto insurance is a dangerous game.  If you are involved in an accident and it is deemed to be your fault, and you have no car insurance then you could be in for some serious problems.  This is especially true if you hurt someone with them requiring a lot of medical attention or if there is a fatality involved.  Without insurance, you could be sued for every penny you have if the damages are exceptional.  That means potentially losing everything to your name. When the fee is $500 to be able to drive uninsured it seems silly to go without the insurance when $500 is a substantial amount towards the yearly premium amount.  Losing everything you own is not worth the two or three hundred dollars different it would cost you per year.

Make sure proof of insurance is always kept safe in your vehicle.  If you are stopped then you need to be able to show it to the officer or serious penalties will arise.  If you do not have insurance then you had better be able to show that you paid the fee required to opt out.  The commonwealth of Virginia is not lax in their policies and they are very strict about deadline with those who break the law according.  If you question whether your VA car insurance is enough or if you are just looking for cheaper monthly payment amounts then enter your zip code above.  Multiple comparison rates for your area will be shown. It is always a good idea to comparison shop and get the best bang for your buck that you possibly can.  Be wise and be informed to protect your interests.