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Right of Every Car Insurance Driver To Own Car Insurance in Virginia

As a car owner an obviously covered by automobile insurance, there are certain issues of interest concerning car insurance that you have to be aware of.  As a consumer of insurance products, whether gotten from Virginia cheap car insurance, you have your rights. Most importantly you have to be aware of these rights to be able to benefit from them.

In Virginia, the law stipulates that any insurance company that refuses to issue you an insurance certificate should be able to explain to you their reasons for refusal. Most often, the car owner will have to ask for the reason for refusal. This might lead to them discovering that they were refused insurance cover due to incorrect information held by the insurer. This gives you the right to ask for all the information held by the company on you. If you find any information you deem incorrect, you will be given the chance to correct this.

Under the law of Virginia, it is strictly prohibited for an insurer to refuse to provide insurance cover because of the following reasons. The person asking to be insured has been refused coverage by another insurance company. The insurance company refused coverage due to; the person’s age, sex, color, race, marital status, ancestry, national origin and lawful occupation. If the reason for refusal is none other than those stated above, then it is illegal.

After getting a car insurance coverage through a Virginia cheap car insurance company, after sixty days or more, your policy cannot be cancelled for the duration of the contract unless under  certain conditions like those that follow. You have failed to pay the premium.

If your insurer intends to give you a non renewal on your policy, this should be done at least 45 days before the end date of the said policy. This should be done in writing stating the reason and date of termination. The reason for nonrenewal cannot be any of the following. A person’s age, race, color, national origin or lawful occupation is not a viable reason.  Accidents that happened at least forty eight months before the person’s forthcoming policy anniversary cannot be considered.  Any claims you may have made on previous polices provided there was enough proof to back the claims.

It is your right as a holder of a Virginia cheap car insurance policy to benefit from any promises linked to accidents. If your insurer is trying to play hard to get, you can make them pay. For claims of $3500 you can file and claim the company doubles the amount plus enough money to cover the attorney’s fees and other expenses. If the claim is above the said amount, you can file and recover the money owed plus any accrued interest, attorney’s fees plus other expenses. The key to ensuring that you don’t fall into the hands of such two faced companies is to get the best quotes. This you can do by typing your zip code in the box above and clicking compare.