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Five Lessons For Teen Drivers To Learn About Paying Low Car Insurance Premiums in Virginia

Most of the underage drivers don’t take car insurance in Virginia so seriously because mainly their parents are the ones that pay for it. Later when they start to pay their own insurance coverage they realize how much it costs and wonder how that can be. If you are a teenage driver and you don’t want to find yourself in such situation here follow five great tips from people that pay low car insurance premiums.

5. Alcohol is the worst enemy to car insurance premiums

This is probably the most important advice that you can get on how to keep your car insurance premiums low. If you are under 21, your BAC maximum limit is 0.01%. Everything beyond that and you can be charged with DUI. The DUI Laws in Virginia are pretty strict when it comes to under age drivers that drive under the influence. Even if you had only half a beer and the police officers doesn’t like how you drive and suspects that your motor sensors are affected you can still be charged with DUI. You can even be fined if you allow your drunken friend to drive instead of you. The fine and the suspension of your driver’s license is not the worst thing that can happen, but the effect on your car insurance. It will make it pretty high for a really long period.

4. Add an adult with clean driver’s record to your car insurance as a second driver

If you can keep away from alcohol you can do yourself a favor and add an adult driver with clean driver’s record to your car insurance policy as a second driver. The insurers will surely award you a discount on that account. Second driver for the insurers means that two people drive the car and that one of them is more trustworthy. For you that translates into a discount. Just make sure whoever you add as a second driver to have a clean driver’s record.

3. Drive less (keep it below 10.000 miles)

The insurance company’s logic is the less time you are driving the fewer chances for some sort of traffic accident. If you are underage driver you probably drive less than 10.000 miles which qualifies you for a discount. Anyway, when you are talking to the people that work in the insurance company you need to point that so they can take it in account when they make your premiums.

2. Take the defensive driving course

Anyone who passes the defensive driving course, underage drivers included, is eligible for a discount. That is if you pass the course at an educational center approved by the Virginia Motor Vehicles Commission. The insurance companies that work on the territory of Virginia are obligated by a state law to do so.

1. Get free quotes

This is recommendable for any age group of drivers and it can save you a lot of money. If you are teenage driver and you pay your coverage from your own allowance or from what you earn from your part time job, you will appreciate that very much. All you need to do is to go online and get free quotes from which you can later find the lowest. If you are interest you can do that right away, just enter your zip above on this page and you can get multiple free quotes from some of the cheapest car insurance companies in Virginia.