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Familiarizing with the Virginia Car Insurance Rules in Virginia

Car Insurance in VA is no different from the car insurance required in any other state.  Or is it?  As with most states, there are terms that will differ one from the other.  There are laws that need to be uphold for the safety of all drivers.  If you have been driving in Virginia without knowledge of these laws, you may want to familiarize yourself.  It is always a good idea to be aware of laws and regulations for states that you are visiting or in which you currently reside.

The list of reasons why insurance is not required is short.  It starts with non-registered nonoperational vehicles, which you would not be driving anyway, off highway vehicles, and Uninsured Motorists proof.  Those that choose not to pay for insurance must have their vehicle registered to show they opt out on insurance coverage.  The fee for this is $500.  Please be aware that if you choose not to insure your care and pay the fee, you are still liable for any damage incurred if you are in a car accident.

Paying the fee for an Uninsured Motor Vehicle, does not cover any damages.  It is a risk you choose to take when driving uninsured.  You will also have to pay this same fee every year when your registration is due unless you have proof of insurance.  Keep in mind that this fee is currently $500 but may go up at the digression of the state.  The State of Virginia recommends, in their Consumer Auto Insurance Guide, that you purchase car insurance for your protection.

There are rules and regulations that need to be followed concerning car insurance in VA.  The first thing you should do is find a reputable insurance company.  Before you do this, brush up on the regulations and information concerning insurance coverage for the state of Virginia.  Familiarize yourself with that amount of coverage and liability you will need.  Currently the state of Virginia requires liability insurance coverage to be as follows; $20,000 for damage to property, $50,000 for two person bodily harm, and $25,000 for single bodily harm.

The lack of car insurance in VA comes with penalties.  Even if you are currently insured but you do not have a copy of the proof of insurance or it has lapsed, you face a possible ticket or warrant against your driving record.  Let us say you are stopped by an officer of the law, proof of insurance is one of the first things they are going to ask you to provide.  If you are caught without insurance you face some severe penalties such as revocation and restriction of your license and vehicle registration.  You cannot get your car registered to drive again until you have provided them with a current proof of insurance.  That is not including any fines you will have to pay or fees incurred to reinstate your registration.  It can really hit the pocketbook hard.  So before you decide you do not need car insurance, think long and hard and do some research about local laws and requirements for automobiles.  It pays to be a smart shopper.  Enter your zip code above to get instant comparable quotes for your district.