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Facts and Stats for Driving While Intoxicated in Virginia

Almost every resident in VA associates DWI with car insurance in Virginia. No one speaks about the fines or the penalties that follow with it but the increase of the premiums. Also, rarely who speaks about the real dangers of it and what has happens to too many people every year, especially to the young drivers who are often part of many DWI accidents. The hardest thing is to capture the attention of the young drivers so they know the full weight on DWI. Simply talking to them often doesn’t bring too many results. However, if you are a young driver here is an interesting approach to the matter. The best advice you can get on driving while intoxicated is don’t do it. Each of the tips below is carefully selected to help teachers and parents who want to alert the young drivers to the dangers of DWI. Here follow some pretty interesting facts and statistics that can help them get the picture on what it really means to drive while intoxicated.

Alcohol related automobile accidents and different age groups

•             < 16 years old: 10.4%

•             16-24 years of age: 25.5%

•             25-44 years of age: 31.5%

•             45-64 years of age: 20.5%

•             > 64 years of age: 10.2%

Who is most at risk?

At all levels of BAC, there is a much greater risk for a young driver to be involved in some type of a crash than an older person. According to a statistic from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, among drivers that were involved in fatal crashes in 2009, more than one out of every three was between 21 and 25 years of age. That is around 34% of all age groups. That is a number that speaks a lot about young drivers and how serious they take DWI and DUI laws in Virginia.

More facts & stats on driving under influence

–              In any given day, in the United States only, 32 people die in motor vehicle accidents in which driver under the influence of alcohol was involved. That makes an average of one death on every 45 minutes.

–              50% to 75% of the drivers with suspended licenses as a result of DWI keep on driving regardless of that.

–              In average, every first time drunken driving offender has driven around eighty seven times prior to his or her arrest.

–              Every year, more than $51 billion is the average cost of alcohol-related crashes.

–              In 2008 11,773 people dies in car accidents in which a person that was driving under the influence of alcohol was involved.

If these statistics were not scary enough you need to take a look at the premiums that drivers caught driving while intoxicated pay. Everyone knows that Virginia car insurance rates are one of the highest in the country and if you add to that the DWI effect on them than you better be earning pretty well if you want to be able to afford your coverage. But, considering your circumstances caught DWI or not, it doesn’t mean that you can get the lowest possible rates. All you need to do is to get as much as possible free quotes. Just enter your zip above and you can compare quotes from great number of insurers.