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Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes in Virginia

Operation of a motor vehicle in Virginia requires that the owner have obtained insurance coverage from an approved company and maintain that coverage throughout the time the auto, truck, motorcycle or other type of vehicle is used in the State.     Having this insurance coverage in place is a per-requisite for the issuance of a vehicle license plate.  Termination of coverage without using one of the other approved non-insurance methods will require that the owner of the vehicle surrender the license plate to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Read on and you will know more tips on how to make use of auto insurance quotes Virginia effectively.

AutoInsuranceInVirginiaVirginia requires minimum insurance coverage as follows:

Death or bodily injury to one person $25,000

Death or bodily injury to more than one person $50,000

Damage to property $20,000

As an alternative to obtaining this insurance coverage, a person can deposit a fee of $500.00 with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles which allows the operation of the uninsured auto – but which is not insurance.   A driver would still be responsible for the payment of all damages which might be caused by and damage or collision.  Further, when the vehicle registration expires, in order to renew the registration for a new interval, an additional $500 Uninsured Motor Vehicle (UMV) fee must be paid.  Clearly, having the state minimum insurance coverage is a better financial choice.

There are alternatives for businesses to having auto insurance coverage, such as the use of surety bonds and commercial self insurance plans, but these options are very expensive unless a large company or fleet of vehicles is involved.   When insuring one or two vehicles, it is more logical to have cheaper, verifiable, clearly understood coverage.  That type of automobile insurance is best obtained through a reputable insurance company.   Comparing auto insurance coverage quotes from several companies can provide excellent information about the details and costs of any policy.

Virginia penalizes the owner of a vehicle which is operated without state minimum coverage or payment of the UMV fee by suspending the driving and vehicle registration.   Reinstatement will usually require:  payment of a mandatory $500 fine, filing an SR-22 (Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate)  for three years,  and payment of any additional reinstatement fees which may be required.

How would Virginia know that the insurance was cancelled or expired?    Actually there are a number of ways:

1. Insurance companies must electronically report to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles when a policy is created, cancelled, or suspended.   This information is available to the Department Clerks when a vehicle registration needs to be examined.

2. When any accident or collision occurs the law enforcement personnel will check the status of the insurance — and issue citations or arrests if necessary.

3. Any individual may choose to report an incident or accident where the police were not called and this report may trigger an examination of the insurance status.   Such reports are submitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles by spectators, involved passengers or drivers, or anyone else who has concerns about the sobriety, health or ability of the driver involved.   This reporting program is one means by which aged or ill drivers are monitored for safe habits and to determine if they meet the state of Virginia requirements for operating a vehicle.

4. Finally, and very commonly, there may be checkpoints set up by law enforcement for verification of operator’s license and insurance coverage.

Each of these situations can have unfortunate consequences for the uninsured vehicle owner, any of which can be avoided by procuring the state minimum coverage from a reputable insurance company.   Obtaining quotes for the best insurance coverage is not complicated.  Just enter your zip code in the box at the top of this page and you will receive information on at least three competing companies and their costs.    Compare the auto insurance quotes Virginia and you may realize that having insurance is a necessity in operating a vehicle in Virginia.