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Top 5 Ways For Teenagers To Lower Their Auto Insurance Premium

In terms of Virginia car insurance, there are a plethora of factors that have the ability to both increase and decrease the premiums that you have to pay. A plethora of the drivers out there these days tend to think that they are number one drivers, but the thing is that most of us still feel the pain of being teenage drivers and having to pay more for the same car than our crazy friend who lives in our neighborhood. The bad news aside, there are a variety of options that are going to play a major role in influencing the premium that you would have to pay. A few of them in general are:

1. Defense driving courses

The best part about taking defense driving courses is that it would be necessary by law for insurance companies to give you a discount. However, it would be necessary for you to prove that you have actually completed the course.

2. Don’t pick up way too many insurance companies

Loyalty is always rewarded when it comes to holding to one car insurance company for more years. The fact of the matter is that they spend top dollars in advertisement and they know that. They also know that it costs much less to keep their customers than continuously investing in advertising. That is why they give great discounts to their loyal clients. If you stick with one company for a longer period you will be surprised how low your VA car insurance premium can be and it will be really hard for you to find a cheaper policy in case you decide to leave them because of some reason.

3. Making upfront payments

If you truly wish to acquire some of the best discounts by top notch providers, it is best for you to make upfront payments, instead of opting to pay on a monthly basis. If you have the money this can save you a good amount of money. Even if you want to switch companies they are obligated to refund you the money for the days that you won’t be under their coverage.

4. Decrease your mileage

A major impact is made over your premiums by the yearly mileage that you get to cover. The best part is that if you reduce it, any auto insurance company in Virginia would be willing to give you a discount for it. For an example if you start using public transport more frequently you can reduce your yearly mileage and qualify for a discount. According to the insurers logic the less time you spend on the road there is a much smaller chance for some sort of traffic accident. It makes sense and if possible in your case you can take advantage of that.

5. Give ample consideration to your credit score

Credit scores are generally taken in to consideration by insurers in order to assess how risky your case really is. For this reason, it is extremely important for you to make sure that you keep a strict eye on your credit score so that you are not required to pay huge amounts in terms of your car insurance premiums.

Mentioned above are some amazing tips that would make it extremely easy for you to cut down the premiums that you have to pay. However, if you truly want to pay the lowest possible premiums you need to get as many free quotes as possible. You can do that this very moment, all you need to do is to enter your zip above on this page and you will have free quotes from a great number of vehicle insurance companies in Virginia.

How Your Credit Score Can Influence Your Insurance Premium

Car owners who decide to get a Virginia cheap car insurance should also be aware of the implications their credit score might have on their premium.  While your credit report is a detailed account of all your financial history, past payments, failed payments, demand for credits, respect of payments, outstanding depths, the credit score is a single number that represents everything in the credit report.

Fortunately for insurance companies, they have been able to show proof that a there is a link between a person’s credit score and their likelihood of filing a claim. Credit scores are calculated by assigning numerical figures to each part of the credit report and then applying a mathematical algorithm to get the score. Different insurers associate different importance to certain aspects thus they will customize the credit score rating to meet with their goals.

Some companies will use your credit score to underwrite your policy. At the time you send in your application, you should be notified that your credit score will be consulted in the process. They should also make you aware that you have a right to ask for your report to be updated at least once during the premium year. It is also the insured person’s right to question any doubtful information. Note that by federal law, the insurance company does not need your permission in order for them to get your credit rating.

Insurance companies may use your credit rating to determine the amount of premium you will pay. A high rating could results in lower premium. For those with no credit history, insurance companies have a number of options. They could treat such people on a neutral basis that is, assuming an average rating. They could simply ignore the credit rating as a basis for underwriting. They can also underwrite such persons according to their company policy. In as much as an insurance company has the right to refuse anybody insurance coverage based on their credit score, it cannot issue a nonrenewal on the same grounds. Any action taken by a Virginia cheap car insurance company base in part or whole on your credit score, they are obliged to tell you the basis for the decision or at least let you know that you can ask for this information. Factors that are not to be consider when calculating credit scores include, zip code, race, income, gender and ethnic group.

Anybody can order their credit report for free from any of the three nationwide consumer reporting companies once in a year. This is a provision of the law. When ever in doubts, you can contact the Bureau of Insurance for more clarifications. For those who wish to file a claim, they may do so through writing, fax, email or directly on the Bureau of Insurance’s website. However, it is important you try to sort out things with your insurer before contacting the bureau.

The essence of Virginia cheap car insurance is to enable car owners get the best out of their coverage. You are encourage to put in your zip code above and click compare to get an idea of the possible quotes you should expect in your area.

Right of Every Car Insurance Driver To Own Car Insurance in Virginia

As a car owner an obviously covered by automobile insurance, there are certain issues of interest concerning car insurance that you have to be aware of.  As a consumer of insurance products, whether gotten from Virginia cheap car insurance, you have your rights. Most importantly you have to be aware of these rights to be able to benefit from them.

In Virginia, the law stipulates that any insurance company that refuses to issue you an insurance certificate should be able to explain to you their reasons for refusal. Most often, the car owner will have to ask for the reason for refusal. This might lead to them discovering that they were refused insurance cover due to incorrect information held by the insurer. This gives you the right to ask for all the information held by the company on you. If you find any information you deem incorrect, you will be given the chance to correct this.

Under the law of Virginia, it is strictly prohibited for an insurer to refuse to provide insurance cover because of the following reasons. The person asking to be insured has been refused coverage by another insurance company. The insurance company refused coverage due to; the person’s age, sex, color, race, marital status, ancestry, national origin and lawful occupation. If the reason for refusal is none other than those stated above, then it is illegal.

After getting a car insurance coverage through a Virginia cheap car insurance company, after sixty days or more, your policy cannot be cancelled for the duration of the contract unless under  certain conditions like those that follow. You have failed to pay the premium.

If your insurer intends to give you a non renewal on your policy, this should be done at least 45 days before the end date of the said policy. This should be done in writing stating the reason and date of termination. The reason for nonrenewal cannot be any of the following. A person’s age, race, color, national origin or lawful occupation is not a viable reason.  Accidents that happened at least forty eight months before the person’s forthcoming policy anniversary cannot be considered.  Any claims you may have made on previous polices provided there was enough proof to back the claims.

It is your right as a holder of a Virginia cheap car insurance policy to benefit from any promises linked to accidents. If your insurer is trying to play hard to get, you can make them pay. For claims of $3500 you can file and claim the company doubles the amount plus enough money to cover the attorney’s fees and other expenses. If the claim is above the said amount, you can file and recover the money owed plus any accrued interest, attorney’s fees plus other expenses. The key to ensuring that you don’t fall into the hands of such two faced companies is to get the best quotes. This you can do by typing your zip code in the box above and clicking compare.

How to Ensure You Get the Right Quotes When Getting Car Insurance

It is an undisputed fact that insurance premium can be expensive. Nonetheless, when thinking of getting insurance cover, price although important, should not be the focus. With Virginia cheap car insurance available price might not be a problem. However, it is important to get quotes from different companies reflecting a combination of quality and price tailored for your insurance needs.

To be able to get the right quote at the right price, you should be able to know what you intend to buy. This means that you should have a good idea of the types of policies available and what they mean to a car owner. If you have a clear idea about what you want, you will be able to communicate it to the prospective insurers to ensure you get the best quotes for your needs. This will also ensure that you don’t get what you don’t need. To make things easier for yourself, you could jot down the necessary points on a piece of paper before you make contact with any company. This will help to make sure all the relevant points are covered and nothing of importance is left out.

After explaining clearly to the insurance company what your needs are, ask if any quotes you will be receiving will be for six months or a year. Most insurance companies have insurance policies that are renewable after six months. However it is more prudent to buy a year’s premium as a shorter period might mean you could face the risk of higher premiums at the end of the six months period. There are different premium payment plans but each one may attract a different service fee that will be added to the premium. There are premium finance companies that you could use to finance your premiums. Premium finance however comes with service fees and interest. All these extra costs should be taken into account when comparing quotes from different Virginia cheap car insurance companies.

To further ensure you are getting a fair quote, you could use the Virginia’s Bureau of Insurance brochure that you could is used to sample car insurance premiums. A copy of this brochure can be gotten from the Bureau’s website. You will probably receive many quotes from as many companies as you requested. Make sure that the companies from which you receive these quotes are allowed to operate in the commonwealth of Virginia. Nonetheless, no matter how many quotes you receive, you should be able to narrow them down to two or three based on best price.

Try to establish these companies’ financial stability, policyholder service and possibly their effectiveness at handling claims. You could do research on these companies and customer reviews on the internet are the first place to start. On the other hand any friends or family members who have had to deal with these Virginia cheap car insurance companies at anytime might give useful information. If after all this you are still in doubt, by putting your zip code in the box, you will be able to have access to free quotes and be able to compare offers from different companies.

Top Tips You Can Do When Your Car Insurance is About to Lapse

Lapsing of Virginia car insurance policy is something that most drivers in Virginia would never wish to experience. Lapsing of your car insurance simply means that you cannot enjoy driving your favorite car unless your policy is reinstated. Actually, you must obtain a new insurance policy. A driver who is caught by Virginia authorities driving without valid car insurance policy is subject to heavy fines and severe penalties. This being the case, driving around in Virginia with a lapsed car insurance policy is actually not worthy taking a chance. Most drivers are always at a loss on what they should do when their car insurance lapses and this article aims to send some light on this trying scenario for Virginia drivers.

Actually, car insurance policy in Virginia is designed to lapse after sometime depending on the insurance agreement. When this happens, the best solution is to contact your last car insurance firm that insured your car. Reinstatement process of lapsed car insurance policy is relatively simple depending on the nature of the lapse of your auto insurance policy. For instance, if the lapse of your car insurance policy is short, meaning that its not more than 2-4 days, policy reinstatement is simple with little or no complications. However, in cases where the lapse is more than the above stated duration, chances are that your insurance policy will not be reinstated instantly. In this case, searching for a new carrier offering low priced Virginia car insurance quotes is highly recommended.

If you prefer to buy a new Virginia car insurance policy, having a prior coverage for the past 12 months can attract great reductions and discounts on your new car insurance. To enjoy this and other benefits associated with having a valid insurance cover at the time your insurance lapses, you will be required to have relevant information about your prior insurance coverage such as a billing statement or your policy number and perhaps an evidence of your last insurance declaration. You will need to contact Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles to get a driving record which may be asked for by the insurance firm in case you are targeting discounted car insurance quotes. Since car insurers in Virginia treats drivers who are uninsured in a different manner, comparing a few quotes from different offers is important. This not only helps you get the lowest car insurance rates but also the best insurance for your car.

When your car insurance is in a lapsed status, it’s worthy to remember that your car is not covered by any insurance required by the state of Virginia. This means that you are not required to drive your car until your insurance is restored. The best way to shop for a new quote is viewing various Virginia car insurance offers over the internet. This way, you are guaranteed of securing a new cover when at the comfort of your home. Online insurance companies only requires a few details such as VIN number and your license number and thereafter provides you with a new car insurance cover instantly. Driving when your insurance cover has lapsed can lead to suspension of your license registration and negatively affect your driving record not forgetting the high fines applicable. In addition, if you suffer an accident when your car insurance has elapsed, it may be very challenging to pay back bodily injuries or any vehicle damage from your own savings.

Essentially, application for a new car insurance policy can be rather frustrating and time consuming for busy Virginia drivers. Everyone has valuable ways of spending their precious time and reinstatement process should be as simple as possible. This is where a great insurance website comes in by helping you shop for the best insurance quotes in Virginia offered by the most reputable insurance companies. You can easily request for free insurance quote by simply typing your zip code at the space provided at the top of the page and in a short span of time, you can view the lowest Virginia insurance rates and payments to make your car insured again.

Although it’s highly recommended that you establish a good relationship with your insurer and retain him when reinstating your insurance policy, some scenarios may require you to consider being covered by another car insurer in Virginia. A lapsed Virginia car insurance may provide you with a lucrative opportunity of finding lower insurance rates. However, each scenario of lapsed car insurance is different from the other and requires comparison of different rates and other benefits not available in your prior insurance coverage. You should also make wise insurance decisions such as on lowering your insurance premium and change in your insurance limits on property damage and bodily injuries.

Useful Information About Car Insurance in Virginia For Senior Drivers

Seniors car insurance in Virginia is amazingly inexpensive. Seniors Virginia car insurance is relatively cheap since older drivers pose less risk to Virginia insurers as they drive less and are more careful. Senior drivers enjoy discounted insurance offers than drivers of a younger age. In fact, senior Virginia drivers aged 65 years and above can enjoy great auto insurance discounts that may be high as 20%. However, this largely depends on the specific Virginia insurer as each insurance company has different insurance policies from another. With such surprisingly discounted insurance rates, this translates to great savings on Virginia auto insurance that can add up to hundreds of dollars in a year.

AutoInsuranceInVirginiaA common car insurance discount offered to Va senior drivers is the popular driving course known as “55 alive” which is available in various AARP local offices in Virginia. This driving course aims at impacting relevant knowledge to Virginia senior drivers on various issues such as road safety and helping them understand the features of the vehicles they drive. Naturally, drivers would be required to check the availability, details and the dates but in most cases, this car insurance discount may be as high as 10%. This means that taking the course is worthy every senior driver’s time and effort in order to enjoy the discounted Virginia car insurance prices. However, not every Virginia insurer will include the driving course discount in the policy but may offer other discounts of the same nature.

Essentially, the most challenging issue faced by senior drivers is risking the cancellation of their policy as a result of at-fault accidents or being convicted for violating moving rules. Despite the fact that insurance companies offer underwriting guidelines that are highly flexible, the companies tend to focus their attention mostly on senior drivers rather than young and middle aged drivers. In fact, if a senior driver has various at-fault car accidents in a period of three years, rates on his insurance policy are likely to be increased substantially. This is followed by loss of discounts and other accompanying insurance surcharges.

Another factor that plays a major role in Virginia senior drivers’ car insurance is the health of the senior driver. This determines whether the auto insurer will actually allow him to drive or not as well as the insurance rates likely to be charged on the policy. Senior drivers aged above 70 years are required by many insurance companies to provide a note from the doctor showing their driving fitness. Where the senior driver is not able to provide this, the insurer can exclude the driving privileges included in the policy.

Shopping for affordable Virginia auto insurance covers can be a bit challenging for the old drivers. However, by entering your zip code at the above provided space at the top of the page, you can easily compare senior drivers insurance rates from the best and reputable Va insurers. You can view varying options and make online applications from large and big Virginia insurance companies that guarantee you very cheap car insurance quotes.

Va senior drivers can apply various methods and strategies to insulate themselves from the risk of having their policies cancelled.  Having a good driving record by avoiding moving violations and at-fault accidents can eliminate the risk of the policy being cancelled or being denied discounts on Virginia car insurance prices for senior drivers. Also, senior drivers can mitigate the risk by driving more cautiously and slower. Avoiding driving in locations that one is not familiar with is of great help to senior drivers which may help them enjoy great insurance discounts and offers.

Best Tips on Getting Luxury Car Insurance

Luxury car insurance options are highly preferred by drivers who own luxury and expensive cars. Luxury Virginia car insurance options prevents the insurance price from tripling when you add the price of the vehicle. However, insurance premiums for highly expensive cars that are of ultra value are not as high as most car owners tend to think as few insurers offer highly competitive rates for luxury cars. Since not every Va insurance company specialize in offering insurance policies on ultra expensive cars, it’s important to shop for various quotes from different insurers so that you can make comparisons. You can start your search on big companies such as travelers and Geico.

There are various factors that determine the premiums you pay for insuring your luxury car. Naturally the major determinants are the model of your car, the value and the make of the car. For instance, luxury cars such as a Delorean may attract high insurance rates similar to payment of loan mortgages. Luckily, most people have lesser expensive cars that are not likely to attract such high rates. In Virginia, insurance prices on certain cars such as BMW 750Li, Mercedes SL63 AMG, SL65 AMG and S65 AMG are higher as these cars are regarded as some of the most expensive cars. However, insurance rates on such cars are prone to change year after year so it’s essential to conduct an intense search on the actual insurance payments for various luxury cars from time to time. Virginia car insurance cost for luxury cars can also influenced by changes made by the manufacturer on the given car model.

Price charged by Virginia insurers on luxury cars is also affected by the condition and the age of the car. Other factors that also play a part are such as the miles that the car has already covered, driving record of the principle car driver and how often the car owner uses the car. All these will determine how much insurance premiums the car owner pays for the car insurance. For expensive cars in Virginia, car insurers recommend that the car owners should have a garage that is well secured and if possible, it should be installed with modern security systems. Car owners who prefer to have their luxury cars housed in a different address should make this known to the insurance broker or the agent.

Owners of luxury cars should make sure that they select the right insurance coverage for their car. The most ideal comprehensive car insurance benefit is essentially the ‘’stated value” insurance benefit. However, this luxury insurance cover is essentially the most expensive type of insurance. Insurance deductible options allow luxury car owners to control their insurance premiums to a larger extent. Higher priced automobiles enable Virginia car owners to select deductibles that are higher unlike in other vehicles that are relatively low priced. However, insurance limit on liability is definitely similar as in other vehicles you own. For instance, if your liability limit on bodily injuries states $250 000, this should apply on other extra cars that you may opt to buy. An insurance umbrella that offers extra protection for your homes, autos and boats should as well be considered. You can easily find competitive insurance rates on your luxury car by inserting your zip code at the box above and getting a quote that offers you value for your money and from a credible Va insurance company.

Before you purchase a luxury Virginia car insurance cover, it’s advisable to view the approximated insurance rates as determined by liability limits and deductibles. This also helps you determine how such a cover is likely to affect the prices of your other vehicles and see if it is advantageous to have all your cars insured by the same insurer. Bundling all your car insurance needs in one company may attract great discounts and other insurance incentives.

Auto Insurance Quotes In Virginia For Senior Citizens

The Commonwealth of Virginia has a compassionate name for drivers who have reached the age of sixty years or over or what others may call ‘Silver Drivers.’  This is a respectful term which does not denigrate the person but recognizes that mature drivers are often less safe and many should not be licensed to drive even though they may have spotless histories of thirty or forty safe driving years. Frequently, these drivers do not have updated Virginia auto insurance coverage and the maintenance on their vehicles may be sporadic.

Why should mature drivers be a concern? Isn’t it true that teens and young drivers cause the most accidents and receive the highest number of citations? Yes, that is a fact but the teen and youthful driver will improve over time. Young people need ‘seasoning’ and experience in order to become better drivers. Unfortunately, the mature driver is in a different learning curve. This list contains some of the issues:

CheapCarInsuranceQuoteInVirginia1.   The senior may have declining faculties such as diminished vision or hearing. Certainly, the loss of peripheral vision is a real concern among the aging population.

2. Many, if not most seniors are taking medications on a regular basis which may impact on their concentration, skill level, and comprehension.

3. As individuals age, they often lose the ability to ‘multi-task’ so a mature person may be more distracted by a cell phone, pedestrian or other occupant of the vehicle than a driver who in their forties might be.

Indications that the skills of a mature individual should be reviewed include:

* stopping at green lights,

* ignoring directional signs (including stop signs),

* leaving turn signals active after the need has passed,

* making traffic changes without signaling,

* having difficulty finding the controls in the vehicle (especially the gas and brake pedals)

* Losing track of the location of their car in parking lots (more than the average adult, of course) and

* Becoming lost while driving.

What steps should be taken by family or other concerned individuals? First, if medications are involved, those should be reviewed with the senior and the health care provider to determine if any are causing the loss of skills or memory. Avoiding the medication dose before driving may be a simple solution to the risk. Encouraging the senior to take a defensive driving course to update their knowledge is a good step. Seniors may be resistant to wearing their seat belts but must be compelled to do so. Often, they have older model cars which may not have good airbag design or may lack airbags altogether. Seniors often do not handle high traffic, complex roadway instructions, left hand turns, or backing up their vehicle. If possible, plans should be made so that travel involves as few of these problem areas as feasible.

What is done if the senior does have a problem and is unwilling to discuss or handle it? A private report can be made to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles to request an assessment by the Medical Advisory Board. This review process is internal to the Virginia DMV and occurs privately with confidential records. If no problem is found, then the senior’s status is unchanged. If a problem is discerns, then the DMV will restrict the license or withdraw it altogether.

Insurance companies play a role in monitoring seniors as well. If there are traffic citations, accidents or law enforcement warning, any of these could trigger a determination within the VA auto insurance company that coverage will not be available to the senior. Heartless as that may seem, insurance companies evaluate the risk that the specific driver will cause future problems in order to extend or withdraw coverage.  This is a protection for the other drivers on the road as well.


Obtaining your insurance coverage at any age should involve a reputable Virginia vehicle insurance company, one licensed to do business in Virginia, and one which issues policies at a reasonable cost. Cost is determined by many factors but an easy one on which to obtain information. Put your zip code into the space provided above and you will receive information on various costs and companies which should meet your needs. At any age, knowledge of the available options concerning insurance can make you a safer, more prepared driver.

Special Issues of Traffic Violations For Virginia Drivers Under The Age of 18

The steps for a teen to get a learner’s permit and then a license involve education, supervised driving, and passing a written and on-the-road examination in Virginia. The special effort to educate does not cease there.

Demerit points are the penalties given for infraction by teens of the Virginia laws regarding operation of their cars on the roadway. Demerits are assigned for speeding, excessive or reckless lane changes, and moving violations of any kind. Accumulation of demerit points by a teen under age 18 (including for seatbelt and child restraint rules) will cause automatic loss of license.  The first requirement will be completion of a Driver Improvement Clinic. If that is not done within 90 days, then the teen’s license will be suspended by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles until the program is completed.

Incurring the second demerit point (including for seatbelt and child restraint rules) while under the age of 18 will cause an automatic license suspension for 90 days. A restricted permit to drive to work or school may potentially be obtained after petition to Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. This restricted license is discretionary. Most teens will be walking at this point until the suspension ends.

After a third demerit point (including seatbelt and child restraint rules) for an act committed while the teen had not yet reached the eighteenth birthday, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles will revoke your permit or license for one year or until you reach age 18,  whichever is longer.

Teens can receive 5 safe driving points if they take and voluntarily complete a Driver Improvement Course, however those point would not be available if the course were required by VA Department of Motor Vehicles or a Court. Please note:  Virginia does not accept online courses as equivalent to the driver improvement clinic. Attendance at a classroom course is required.

What has not been spoken of during this review of the penalties for under 18 drivers in Virginia is that their ability to be covered by insurance has become more remote and expensive with each demerit.   Costs of insuring a single driver under age 25 are high but those costs escalate when there have been demerits, accidents or citations from another jurisdiction. Parents often pay the VA car insurance costs for these young drivers, therefore they should be diligent in supervising the teen long after the driver’s license has been issued. Costs for insuring a reckless, speed driven teen is often so high that the expense alone requires that the teen come off the parents’ policy, and is therefore uninsured. Being in a collision with an uninsured teen driver with a suspended license can be a horrific experience.   Your own auto insurance should be your security in a time such as this.   If you want to have coverage to pay for damages done to you, your passengers and your own vehicle, you should at least have your own coverage on which to rely.

Put your zip code in the block at the top of this page and receive information on cheap, competitive rates by some Virginia car insurance companies approved to transact business in Virginia. This information will give you a starting point to be able to make wise insurance decisions.